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Jul 4, 2006
I'm curious how ninja mode is supposed to work on Android 10. For me it won't show any notifications when in ninja mode. Everything else works perfectly.

I did try it on my og pixel xl on android pie with actual ambient display mode & man this app works wonders on pie. such a dumb thing for google to get rid of true ambient display.


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Oct 31, 2008
São Paulo

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    Introducing Pixel Pulse - a simple app to make your Ambient Display pulse when you have notifications!

    Choose the interval and select the apps you want you to cause your screen to wake.

    Optional paid features let you select different icons and colors for specific apps but the interval and app filter core functionality is all free.


    If you had previously purchased Ambi-Turner, it has been updated for the new permissions, but because it was written for 8.0 and when Google's ambient display worked differently I decided to leave it as it is. You may however transfer your purchase status of Ambient Display to Pixel Pulse using both apps.
    Nice. Bought the app.

    Idea: always pulse when charging (no timeout)

    Thanks for the cool app
    Yes, I have not having a visual confirmation that my phone is charging. Cables come loose sometimes and you'd never know without an LED.

    I'll add that to the list! Hopefully tonight but certainly this weekend.
    Can anyone with experience please give a comparison between this new app vs LED Blinker Pro which sounds like it does the same thing?

    I bought LED Blinker Pro the day before Pixel Pulse came out.
    Haven't had a chance to set it up yet.

    LED Blinker actually turns your screen on by placing a system overlay on top of your lock screen. It will work, but it will use more battery and keep your device from going into Doze.
    I may be able to use the real icons and colors. If so should I just remove the icon customization or would people still find that useful?
    This is awesome. But is there a way you can maybe make the icon only pulse and be custom colors? Without showing the actual notification text? That would be amazing! But bought the paid one and I am using it now looks good on the wireless charger. :good:

    I can certainly add that option
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