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Jun 4, 2013
Uhhps .. bad news ! Hopefully there's a way to make it work ... someday ... (ASAP!)

FWIW - I have had issues with consistency where sometimes it works and sometimes not and I think it has something to do with locking. What I have found is that it works fairly reliably as long as the phone isn't locked - which kinda sucks. However, because I use Smart Lock, my phone is usually unlocked in the places I use it most (work and home) and therefore PP works OK. Disclaimer, I am on P3XL and this is only a theory and isn't well tested/proven. Just thought it might help some people struggling in getting reliable notifications.


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Jul 4, 2006
I'm curious how ninja mode is supposed to work on Android 10. For me it won't show any notifications when in ninja mode. Everything else works perfectly.

*edit*: oh man, just tried it on my og pixel xl on android pie with actual ambient display mode & man this app works wonders on pie. such a dumb thing for google to get rid of true ambient display.

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    Introducing Pixel Pulse - a simple app to make your Ambient Display pulse when you have notifications!

    Choose the interval and select the apps you want you to cause your screen to wake.

    Optional paid features let you select different icons and colors for specific apps but the interval and app filter core functionality is all free.


    If you had previously purchased Ambi-Turner, it has been updated for the new permissions, but because it was written for 8.0 and when Google's ambient display worked differently I decided to leave it as it is. You may however transfer your purchase status of Ambient Display to Pixel Pulse using both apps.
    I think this is what people want. A small circle that pulses a color, just like the old led dot. Right now, it's a cool program, but it is over engineered for what a lot of people are going to be looking for. A simple circle that pulses the color that corrasponds with the app would be perfect. The only customizations I would request is custom colors for custom app and circle/dot size. I would pay for that.
    That's an entirely different thing than this app. Pixel Pulse uses your devices ambient display and doesn't turn on your screen or wake your device from doze.

    Drawing custom things would require an overlay on the screen that keeps your device awake. This is bad for battery life.

    nice app. Is there any way, think this has been asked before, to remove the pixel pulse icon from the screen please or r u working on it ? sorry for the impatience :) Happy to buy the app

    Many thanks
    You can hide that yourself by going into the applications notification settings from Android settings menus. Find the pixel pulse running notification channel and hide it.
    There's now an option to be able to swipe to dismiss and double tap to open the app. I'm working on notification actions next.
    There is a possibility that the AOD stays on until the message has been read
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