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Jan 26, 2013
This app is another one of my simple apps, it works for the Sony Ericsson LiveView, its supposed to be a copy of the famous Music Tool, the Metronome, Using Vibrations from the LiveView it has Quite a few B.P.M (beats per minute), and by using other emulators (plus sound copys) i believe i have it stable enough to use daily

Features include:
-Space saving programming (minimal codes used)
-Vibrates the LiveView in the rythem for the beats
-Changable BPM by using the up+down touchpads
-Display that tells current BPM (when changed in-Plugin)
-Defaulted 60 BPM ( 1/second quota)

Downside of app:
-uses liveview battery a little since its using power to vibrate the device from ranges of ~25 - ~200 BPM
-May damage device with consistant vibrations with little-to-no brakes in-between (can happen randomly for any device that has a vibration function in it, so i had to put the disclaimer)
-may cause irritation around ~180 BPM when using an itchy wristband (it did to me, but im sensitive to vibrations, so results may differ)

Have fun with this, as i tried to make it as accurate+satble as my liveview let me =)

Google Play Download Link
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Jan 26, 2013
for all you liveviewers out there that used this app, i uploaded it to my new Google Play Merchant account and changed the OP's link to the google play link;

since this isnt like my motoactvdpi app i most likely wont be needing to give the old link back unless you need an alternitive download if u do not have GooglePlay access and need the APK but heres the link if you all want to download it from there =) Consider it a FINAL version as its working fully as intended, but the same stuff in the OP Still apply sadly,

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