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[APP][PORT][4.1+]Xperia Z2 Keyboard, Simple Home, Sony Select, MyXperia & Social Life

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Oct 9, 2013
On which device ?

May I know on which device you are trying ?

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I flashed the keyboard, and when i select it in the settings it always force closes.

You might need some framework. Developer can help you better.

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They forgot to mention, for keyboard you need honami framework

If I have to use it in Xperia J , what I have to do ?

Please consider as I am a noob.

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Its works but no emoij support, check it by yourself that your keyboard is changed in Settings/apps/all and tick on Xperia Keyboard.
Read before judge.

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Will it work on Xperia J ?

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    [APP][PORT][4.1+]Xperia Z2 Keyboard, Simple Home, Sony Select, MyXperia & Social Life

    Simple Home from Xperia Z2. Very useful app if you are driving and you are on long road.
    Sony Select from Xperia Z2. Install the latest goodies from Sony.
    Social Life from Xperia Z2. Check Facebook news feed and read news with this app.
    MyXperia from Xperia Z2. Find your lost phone.
    Xperia Keyboard from Xperia Z2.

    Install as normall app or push to /system/app/ with RW R R permissions. For the keyboard use CWM to flash the file.




    Socialife.apk Google Play App







    Thanks to DoomLord for the system dump.
    Thread updated with new apps and keyboard!
    The first "mod" from the Xperia ZU Kit Kat system dump, the charging animation. It looks nice and sleek.


    What's the keyboard update? I see there are some swiftkey and framework files added... So, is there any noticeable difference from 6.2.A or just some "under the hood" changes?

    There Is Nothing New In Keyboard.. :good:
    Can you post some new screenshots with good resolution ? Can I know the version details of each app you listed ?

    What do you mean better resolution? The screenshots are from Xperia P, can't make it better :(

    Keyboard 6.3.A.0.18
    Social Life
    Sony Select 3.0.24
    Simple Home 1.0
    My Xperia 0.0.A.0.48