[APP][PORT][6.0+] Lenovo SNAPit Camera 5.8.53 for All devices

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Aug 10, 2017
OnePlus 7 Pro
lenovo snapit camera not working in crdroid android pie on LENOVO P2

in crdroid android pie rom for lenovo p2, snapit camera is not working , i have tried flashing the zip and also simply app but nothing works ...firstly not opening crashing only and if by any chance opened, then only black screen ..i have tried it after enabling camera to api and also before enabling ...please tell any solution to use lenovo p2's snapit camera in pie roms....like crdroid ....


Jan 29, 2015
Roma Italy

not working for android pie 9.0 rom
I have a Lenovo P2 a242 I have installed the Snapit Camera version5.8.8.170216.64fcf15_super_default_row this app has completely overwritten the original default camera of the mo Lenovo P2 .... right away it worked wonderfully better photos with camera behind, but all of a sudden days ago I realize that the front does not focus you see everything blurred in any video call, selfie and frontal photos .... I installed other cameras but all give me the same blur and the same app as integrated for all ... that is 'all the apks with the camera I install always go to implement the damn Snapit and the same blur ...... I state that I also removed the tempered glass protection thinking it was a condensation on the lens cleaned and cleaned ..... but nothing .... restored at least 5 times at factory settings with the various backups at a distance of months but nothing always integrated Snapit damn ..... I am without root ... after this experience that second me now is the last frontier to uninstall system app permanently (I'm waiting for the unlocking bootloader 15 days that Lenovo from ..... I ask I accept advice from you and from all those who know more than me who read this message like hell I have to solve this blur ...... I apologize for having dwelt .... Hello everyone .... help me sos ................ translated by google

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    Lenovo SNAPit Camera
    All Android Devices

    [CENTER][SIZE="3"][B]#include <disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices,
    dead SD cards,getting fired because the alarm app failed
    * Please do some research before flashing it! 
    * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, 
    * If you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

    Hello people of XDA! After lot of efforts I finally ported the latest Lenovo SNAPit Camera. Actually I initially ported it for my device Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Indian variant. But then I found that my port is working on some other devices also. I don't know whether it will work in your device or not but for me it worked for many devices especially in Redmi Note 4. The camera has a lot of features available in it. Have a look on them. You can see samples and screenshots from HERE

    • Manual mode
    • HDR
    • Art Nightscape
    • Background defocus
    • Panoram selfie
    • Golden years
    • Artistic HDR
    • Portrait Mode
    • 4K recording
    • Beauty optimisations for front camera
    • Fast shutter speed, just like stock MIUI camera
    • Some other ****zz

    What's working
    • Manual mode
    • Flash
    • HDR
    • 4K video recording
    • Front camera beauty optimisations
    • Portrait mode for some devices

    What's not working
    • Panorama
    • Bacground defocus
    • Some other lenovo specific features

    How to install
    • Download Lenovo SNAPit Camer Flashable zip from HERE
    • Boot into Recovery mode
    • Flash the Zip file
    • Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
    • Reboot

    Some guys reported that it is also working for NON-ROOTED users. So, if your are a non-rooted user then just download the zip, extract it and install the apk normally. And see if it is working for you or not.

    Enjoy! If camera gives FC then force stop the app and clear the data of it.

    If you liked my work then do hit thanks button!
    Want to buy me a coffee? You can do it from HERE

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Lenovo SNAPit Camera, App for all devices (see above for details)


    Version Information
    Status: Testing

    Created 2017-05-17
    Last Updated 2017-06-02
    * Initial release
    This is also working on stock lp, and the problems are still there as said in op
    Edit: just by installing apk only
    Yeah! Trying to fix them.

    I am using rn4(mido)
    This app is not working properly
    Rom aicp 10/06 nightly

    Can u tell me the issue? Logs will be much better!

    Could you provide an uninstaller as a flashable zip? I know I can just delete app from priv-apps but I rather have a flashable remover :)
    Ok will provide asap!

    It works on my Moto G4 Plus XT1643 stock ROM. Whoops! Thanks, Arcadius. :)
    Pleasure :)

    Already tested some months ago works like charm on both Moto E2 Root(except some features won't work) and Moto G4 Plus Non rooted
    Great ?

    Can i use on Redmi Note 3 pro with Resurrection Remix 5.8.3 (Android 7.1.2) ?
    Could you provide an uninstaller as a flashable zip? I know I can just delete app from priv-apps but I rather have a flashable remover :)
    Here's mine: https://mega.nz/#!O8EHBSTY!K-G76oBVTBlxrHlpdcoLbUx6VFtppfyKAGRIDnduYBI

    Use at your own risk. It worked for me, but YMMV.