[APP][PREVIEW]TouchReader - Touch Scroll Text Reader [UPDATE 08/11/09]

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Jul 13, 2008
UPDATED, see 2nd post for more details.

Touch Reader is a text file reader that has touch scroll.

This program is still in early development, and is not very pretty at all! (Hey, i'm a programmer, not an artist)
There will be a new version with UI improvements soon.

This program is written in C++ using just the win32 and GDI interfaces, so it should not require any libraries, and should work on any windows mobile/pocketPC version (Although i might have to re-compile it against a different SDK, let me know if it works.)

It will work on any screen size, although on larger screens, the text and buttons get too small at the moment (i'm working on it).

- Save/resume last position of files.
- Adjustable font size
- Show percentage and line number
- Goto line/percent
- Kinetic scroll (as in flick and it keeps going)
- Optimisation (Draw to buffers)

Planned for future:
- Graphics in UI (ie. skinning of buttons, etc.)
- Chapter index, goto chapter
- Unicode/multibyte file support
- More file format support

There is one known bug that I will NOT fix:
If a word is too large to fit on the screen in one line, it is just clipped, not cut and wrapped.

I have also attached the Win32 binary if you want to just take a look without putting it on your phone.


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Jul 13, 2008
Update 8/11/09
- Moved menu to bottom
- Enlarged buttons
- Enlarged file list
- Fixed Exit button problem when resizing (switching to landscape/portrait)
- Fixed issue with scrollbar
- Fixed issue with file list when resizing (items going off the bottom of the list)
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