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[app] [privset] [change hidden system settings via overlays] [6.0+] [root]

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    Hi all

    Play Store Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mordred.privset

    Demo video of "Privset" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbjZuhqPGtM

    FIRST OF ALL BIG THANX TO NICHOLAS CHUM (lead developer of Substratum Project which i also participated as contributor) @nicholaschum , i wouldn't have done without his help
    and of course other team mates on Substratum

    What is "Privset"?

    - Privset is an android app which allows users to change non-changeable device-specific system settings through overlaying android framework with help of android's RRO and OMS systems (please look at the above for detailed info)
    It requires ROOT privilege to do that, so your device MUST be *rooted* in order to use the app
    It reads the current status of your system settings and allows you to change it

    How it works?

    - Starting from Android 6.0 Google implemented RRO (runtime-resource-overlays) system into android, what is that? it simply allows changing resources of applications (colors,backgrounds,texts etc.) without touching app itself, if you heard of "Substratum", its an theme engine app which uses the same mechanism to overlay(change) application''s resources so you can change any color,background etc of any app via "Substratum" by installing substratum theme addon apps,
    - RRO system basically swaps new resource values with default ones of application
    - And starting from Android 8 Oreo, Google improved the RRO system and renamed it to OMS (overlay-management-system) OMS is just superior of RRO, both do the same, overlaying(changing) application's resources
    - In the android, there is an system app called "framework-res.apk", framework-res (framework-resources) as the name implies, contains resources of frameworks, What are these resources? System colors(colors.xml), System texts(strings.xml), System settings (config.xml)
    - With the help of RRO and OMS systems we can overlay(change) framework-res app, hence we can change system settings too (config.xml)
    - But how can we use RRO and OMS, you basically need to compile overlay app(so you need PC and android studio) carefully and deploy it into phone,

    Here the Privset automates all the process for you in a phone itself :)
    it reads the current values of the system resources/settings with using android's public APIs (Resources.getSystem())
    and Allows you to edit these resources/settings
    For more info about RRO and OMS you can google it ("android runtime resource overlay" and "android overlay-manager-system")

    WARNING: Read carefully of each setting and change the value according to it carefully,

    - You can also reset your custom settings within app (it simply deletes installed overlay packages(e.g changed system settings)
    - Plus i also added flashable packages into app so you can flash it through Recovery mode of your phone if you encounter any problem

    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Use it at your own risk, I'm not forcing you to install my app so I can't be held responsible for something you willingly do to your device

    As i explained above, Privset uses OMS and RRO overlaying systems which overlay(change) app's resources without touching the app itself, so dont afraid so much :)

    * ROOT is required
    * Only 6.0 Marshmallow and above are supported
    * Rootless mode of Privset for Android 8.0 Oreo will come in next updates hopefully (W.I.P)

    I also added instructions into app for about reporting bugs or requesting features but you can also fill issue and send it through https://github.com/sirmordred/PrivsetIssueTracker

    Plus you can contact me via [email protected]

    Special Notes on "Change Layer Priority" setting:
    -Since Privset uses overlaying mechanism (RRO and OMS) to change system settings, and overlays framework, There might be situation that Privset can conflict with already installed Substratum themes, Some subtratum themes overlay framework too, so after using Privset and changing settings, it may simply not work due to "multiply overlay packages(Substratum/Privset) that target same app (framework)" To fix this situation, you can change priority so Privset's overlay package can take priority against Substratum themes, and so *Only use that setting on this kind of situations* *Do not use it otherwise*

    Enjoy :)
    So maybe we could ask real nice if he would make a version of Privset using the substratum template?

    Or maybe we ask the subs team to add support for overlays generated with a different app?

    Let's tag @sykopompos and see if he can help us get this rolling?

    We haven't released tetherless Andromeda yet and when we do we already plan to extend it to privset to be able to use it

    - 11
    • Switched to common compiler for overlay creation
    • Code cleanup, removed all unnecessary dead codes

    - 10
    • Added fix for compilation issue ("LOG: Overlay apk file is not found, failed") (Hopefully it'll address the issue)
    • Improved overlay system detection logic
    • Added dynamic switch for overlay systems(OMS and RRO)

    - 9.0
    • Fixed some issues on "Save logs" feature
    • Corrected possible misbehaviours on OMS
    • Corrected more typos on text fields

    - From 5.0 to 8.0
    • Implemented Nougat-OMS support (Privset had a support for stock android's OMS system (oreo-oms) since initial release but it didn't have a support for nougat based oms system which is currently used on most popular ROMs like ResurrectionRemix,HydrogenOS etc. but it is supporting Nougat-OMS systems from now on)
    • Implemented dynamic priority switch for OMS systems (for usage look at first post)
    • Fixed possible issues on OMS check function (app is much more solid and robust now)
    • Added more checks against error conditions on app's core functionality (again it's much more solid and robust)
    • Corrected typos on some text fields

    - 5.0
    • Implemented "Search" feature (you can now search specific settings easier)
    • Implemented "List modified settings" feature

    - From 1.0 to 4.0
    • All settings are in alphabetical order now (easier to find setting and manage)
    • Corrected some misbehaviours on Android 8.0 Oreo
    • Fixed some more possible issues
    • Removed settings which can cause possible system instability

    - 1.0
    • Initial release
    This will work on miui?

    it needs to be tested i thought, keep in mind its not %100 guaranteed to work because of OEM's modifications differ from device to device and rom to rom, but i suppose it can work yeah :good:

    Is the op5t supported? I tried changing the 4 way auto rotate of screen but it didn't save after rebooting.

    Some frameworks/settings depend on other non-changeable(static) frameworks code, although i will look into it :good:

    Can I add home button animation like in Pixel device onto aospa?

    i dont know the animation you mentioned but if its controlled through framework, why not ;)

    I'm trying to use in my stock nougat (s7) but it doesn't work... I change a value, touch in run, app ask for root, root garanted, nothing happened... I close the app and open again, changed value is with default value. I tried to restart my phone and try again, nothing :/

    edit: log says "Overlay apk file is not found, failed"

    will look into it ASAP :good:

    Will you be adding the ability to modify values in arrays.xml?

    yeah, i'm also planning to add support for modifying resources of SystemUI :good:

    @sir mordred think I found a typo, pls see screenshot.

    -Status Bar Notification Info Maximum -

    thanx so much, hopefully it will be fixed on next update :good:

    can this add dt2w to RR rom ??
    it says true but dt2w not working

    As i also stated on first post, some frameworks/settings depend on hardware support so even if we change the setting on software, it may not work, thanx :good:

    Can this be used to change LTE/4G status bar icons on Moto Z Play stock ROM?

    it needs to be tested, but i suppose these icons are controlled through /drawables which is not supported on Privset yet, thanx :good:
    @sir mordred any progress?

    Even if you have no idea what this project does... It just has to be absolutely awesome when @osm0sis is looking for an update...