[APP][QVGA][23Sep09]Manila 2D v2.0 build 19191432 from HTC Mega + Other Cabs

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Jul 22, 2010
hey hi every 1 sorry if this question is already posted....I have ver 2 of manilla 2d everything works fine on my samsung omnia lite but there is no program tab is there any way i can add it and also is there any way to port manilla 3d on a wqvga device for omnia thanks in advance.....

hi, can someone makes a fix.cab which set opera as broswer??
enother question XD why the temperature indicator in the home clock is cut by the time???


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Nov 4, 2010
I need some help.
I have it all working on touch diamond 2 but need someone to rewrite htchomesetting.xml for me so it shows in 240x400 res.

I tried it myself and every time it makes manila not to work:(


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Nov 4, 2010
Is there a 240x400 version?


I got it to work perfectly on WQVGA 240x400 just by editing some settings.
Great work on this APP !!

There is one problem though:
Seems like i need to make a background image in widgets a bit longer.
The problem is i have no idea how is the "bubbles" called :))
Can someone help?

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Jun 1, 2010
ansewr qs

hi guys... i'll answer all ur questions afew days later
untill that :1-does anyone know how to run v1919 on 6.5.5? with cooking it works but for a rom that doesn't have manila, it doesn't work
2-what is the last version of manila 2D? (there was 2020!) can ant one link it or newer version?


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Sep 1, 2008
hi, can someone makes a fix.cab which set opera as broswer??
enother question XD why the temperature indicator in the home clock is cut by the time???
- there is tutorial on 1st post how to change default browser
- I guess your system use custom fonts

Also guys I'm not able to provide any support anymore to this thread since I don't have any Windows mobile device left. My old HTC Polaris is running on Android now. So if you have any questions just post it here or use search, don't PM me because I probably won't answer.

Good luck,



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May 21, 2010
Im using LG KS20.
I installed manila 19191432 successfully and all tabs are working normally.
However, I find it lags when I am scrolling from tabs to tabs.

Normally, if I keep touching the screen and scrolling, the background will be grey and will be a big icon on the screen (such as "HOME", "PEOPLE", "SETTING").

Then after I stop scrolling and stop touching the screen, the grey background with a big icon will disapper and it will enter the tab I stop on.

But with this version of manilia, suppose I keep touching the screen and scrolling, if I scroll through some tabs (such as "PHOTO", "MUSIC", "PEOPLE"), the grey background with icon will disappear and it will enter the tab being touched by my finger in a very short moment and turn to "the grey background with icon" again. If my finger stay at this position, it will loop(Grey bg -> enter tab -> Grey bg -> enter tab ......) unless I stop touching the screen.

That's the cause of the lag.
I tried the manila 1919 and 2016 in WM6.5 and WM6.1. ( I used the patched one)
But same problem happens.

Also, this problem won't happen in manila 1917.
Is there any fix?

P.S. Sorry for my poor English :(

One more question
Is there any extra cab that I should install after I installed the manila to run notification, menu, messenge box enhencement?

Big Thanks!
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Apr 23, 2009
I'm keeping this thread alive for the people out there who still use their QVGA devices..

M2D is now called Sense 2.0 by HTC.

I have two archives that I have uploaded in which I have accumulated the latest Sense packages for cooking.

The tan skin will give you full landscape support and I have already made it so Opera is the default for the internet tab.

The first is the essentials for cooking a fully working Sense ROM:

Click Here

Here is a screen shot of what is included:


The other archive is the latest packages from the last Mega (Touch 2) ROM/Update:

Click Here

Here is a screen shot of what is included in this archive:




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Oct 18, 2009
I have weather information on the home page of the Manila version of HTC 2DManila 2.0.19191432.04 do (but in the climate-related information makes it!)
After beating the home page updates (weather) with the message I'm facing no whither data available!
While long ago this problem did not exist in this software.
Whether you have been so?
Where is the problem?


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Dec 3, 2010
Hey there,

I've installed this version on my phone, Windows Mobile 6.5.3.
Seems to work fine and very fast (China phone, Hisilicon K3 360MHz, 128MB RAM), but I get no text. My WM is in Brazilian-Portuguese. I've got an translation, but looks like I don't know how to install. It was a ZIP that I think I was supposed to extract it to my phone's windows folder.
Files included in the ZIP:
- AudioManager.exe.0409.mui
- Camera.exe.0409.mui
- CommManager.exe.0409.mui
- HTCAlbum.exe.0409.mui
- Manila2D.exe.0409.mui
- YouTube.exe.0409.mui

Before copying files, I had shut down the Manila2D. I've also installed the SDKCERTS.cab and some certificates, included in another language pack ("svenska"). I didn't had luck in that. The Manila works great, though.

P.S.: Also, I can't install the Dshow cab - it gives an error around 90%. Someone told me about some ZIP containing the necessary DLL's and the registry file. If someone can link me to it, would be nice, too.

Thanks for the attention and I'm awaiting for an answer :)

NVM the DShow bug, I've got the turnaround: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=5003284&highlight=dshow#post5003284

I've fixed it. Just changed all filenames that had "0409" on the name, related to the Manila and on the \windows\ folder to "0416" (My country code.)
If anyone need fixing on that, check here: Country codes for Windows Mobile
Use the LCIDHex
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Jul 1, 2009
YEP :) ... just got home last night and double checked it... Works!

For anyone else who has Sprint (or any other carrier that doesn't use ArcSoft and actually has a descent picmail program on thier phone) this is the fix to get your new sms button working on the messaging tab of M2D...

Add this reg...

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ArcSoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\UI]

Simply add that string value to that UI key and presto your new sms button will work!

P.S. - This works in the old M2D as well if your button is not working (can't remember which version/update I was using at the time when I needed this fix)

Search and ye shall find, thanks man, spent a few weeks looking for this one :)


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Feb 4, 2011
is it possible to resize this? to say the screen res of a palm pro?

or is there a more friendly .cab version that i could use that would give me the proper sizing?


Oct 24, 2010
when will full screen player beable to playback videos?(sorry 4 my bad english, it`s `coz i`m from russi)a


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Feb 22, 2010
Do anyone get working weather on Home tab without MortScript fix on HTC Kaiser?

(I od wan't MortScript fix, because it using weather tab)

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    Looky what I Found! HTC 2DManila 2.0.19191432.04.Patched for 6.1

    Hey all. I was looking through an old thumb drive looking for s2u2 stuff and you'll never guess what I found......WWWAAAAAIIIT foooor it...........
    HTC 2DManila 2.0.19191432.04.Patched for 6.1.
    I was trolling the web at my local campus library one day and arbitrarily saving things I MIGHT try on my NEW Mogul "In The FUTURE". Well, wouldn't ya know it.
    One of the things I happened to collect on my little keychain drive was the VERY Patched m2d for 6.1 that I've been searching all over the globe so veeeery hard to find. :) I've since, flashed ALee's 6.5 on the ole Mogul and have been setting it up/customizing it for the past week. lol I may go back to 6.1, who knows. But I'm kinda enjoyin transparent task/softkey bars and glass flip clocks and such. lol Any way, If any one ELSE has been on a Holy Grail QUEST for this damned file like I have, I've posted it for ya HERE. If ya dl it please Just HIT the THANKS button.
    cause believe me, I DOUBT you'll find it any where ELSE upon planet Earth anymore. lol (plus I tossed in a coupla extra goodies with it too. enjoy.)
    And Please, before installing, READ the READ ME file. Gracias. Thanks to WhiteAlien who I originally got this from via the link on this Very site several years ago. lol Also, thx to silymore who I think provided said patched manila in the first place. Also conflipper and Of course Da G for making this ALL possible, to begin with. Peace. - The Jackal
    And i have this registry entries to start notificationmanager service

    Good luck in experiments

    Can you explain how to do the same with HTCMenu?
    I know. Somebody is claiming ownership to DMCA of these cabs and mediafire meanwhile shut down my links.
    I know. Somebody is claiming ownership to DMCA of these cabs and mediafire meanwhile shut down my links.
    I don't like to swear, and hardly ever do, but that same Freakin' person did the same thing to one of my YouTube Videos. One I Personally recorded! I think they are just trying to wreak havoc, or are trying to advertise their company name or something. It's frustrating, because there's not a lot you can do after it's been pulled. IDIOTS!

    ---------- Post added at 05:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:57 PM ----------

    I just verified this link still works. Grab it quick!

    Nice find thejackalsmark. I re-added some links to files I could find, but unfortunately I couldn't find much from version 1919, have only files from previous Manila version. I'll check more hard drives, maybe somewhere ....