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[APP] Rboard Theme Manager

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Sep 7, 2021
Hello, I don't know how you can root with Magisk on ColorOS 7, so I used VMOS Pro instead which the max version for it is 7.1, is it possible to backport some or maybe all features of Rboard for only 7.1 or lower if possible? Also VMOS doesn't support SuperSU and Magisk (only Superuser) because RootFS is fake, so if also possible make it support Superuser, if none are this are possible then pls explain to me why so I can research it.


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Dec 17, 2010
My keyboard sounds are gone, even after deleting the magisk module and app, any fix for this?

Edit: I already tried reinstalling Gboard. I'm on MIUI 12.5.14

Edit 2: After rebooting two times everything works now.

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    *require root*

    Rboard Theme Manager

    Manager app for Google Gboard keyboard app.
    Continuation of Magisk module "Rboard themes" with more customizations and themes.

    Rboard Themes are not overlays but just additional themes for Gboard app.

    Downloading themes
    Applying themes
    Deleting themes
    In-app app updater
    Light/Dark for system theme switch (android 10 and above)
    Gboard flags
    3rd party theme repos support
    System Click sounds customization
    Theme/Sound preview
    Crash URL creator
    Search for Themes/Sounds
    Module-less option (less features but will work on coloros)
    Open Source
    Monet and blur for android 12+
    Exporting and importing themes
    And more...


    Download (Github)
    For android 8.0 and up

    For android 12 and up

    How to use
    Make sure you are using ROOTED android 8.0+
    Download and install manager
    Grant root and choose option for module/gboard (gboard version is stored in data of gboard)
    Go to middle button with arrow down called download and pick theme packs you want to download then click fab button to install

    Known bugs
    3 dot icon on search is broken
    MIUI users have to reboot each time they download themes
    Color OS, Realme OS needs to turn off "Use Magisk" in settings to get it working
    App won't work properly if you don't have connection to github
    If you change system theme when menu is opened it will duplicate preview of applied theme
    Crashes on stock nubia rom
    Sounds doesn't work on non AOSP roms


    Telegram channel 📢

    Telegram group 👥

    Source code (Github)
    DerBot7214 (Dev)
    Akos Paha (Dev)
    Awesome realease! Everything working so far (Zenfone 8, Android 11 - ZenUI 8.0).

    Maybe changing the behaviour of selecting ALL themes when choosing a Keyboard Pack.

    Also, isn't there a flag to colorize the NavBar?
    Is it possible to use this app on non-root with ADB commands?
    nope. the "ro." props cannot be added with adb without root. (tried multiple ones still no way for non root version)
    all the themes of the App are already inside gboard.
    then click download icon :)
    then click download icon :)
    Thank you in fact there are so many that we don't know what to choose👍