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[APP][RECOMMENDATION] invi: texting - reinvented [18-11-12][]

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Jul 6, 2010
wonderland... soon
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i'm now charged into supporting this thread.

this is a messenger designed to use chatting and media sharing at the same time (like whatsapp, but way better).

pics in the attachements.

App's Description:
invi is the next generation of texting. invi is rich media messaging service. It’s fast, free, fun and beautiful!

Send free messages to your friends on invi across country and internationally using your WiFi or data plan and, for the first time, share beautiful rich media content as full screen images in chat.

No more texting boring links or tiny thumbnails. Add photos, videos and other content from YouTube, Facebook, and other apps directly into your chat and then share them from invi to apps such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

invi is the next generation of texting.

invi highlights:

• FREE messaging! invi works over WiFi or your data plan. You can send as many messages to your invi friends with no cost and no limit, across country and internationally, wherever you are in the world.

• Share beautiful rich media. Interactive content, including videos and pictures are shared as fully interactive widgets in chat.

• Simultaneously view content and chat. Watch a YouTube video with your friend and continue texting.

• Integrated apps including YouTube. Search for videos, photos and other content in chat, to share with your friends.

• Share photos to and from other apps. From your Facebook wall, instantly share photos to your friends on invi. View a picture in your invi chat and easily share to your Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.

• No logging in or out. invi is as simple to use and intuitive as regular texting. You are always connected and will receive a notification when a new invi arrives in your inbox.

• Fully integrated with your phone contacts. Your friends who have invi will automatically show in your invi contacts.

• Personalised Inbox. Choose your own cover photo and quickly fill your inbox with conversations and your friends’ cover photos.

• Choice of themes. Select the white theme or the black theme that saves battery power.

• No ads. invi is all about an amazing user-experience. It's FREE and ad-FREE forever!

invi is in its early stages and we have exciting plans that we want to share with you. Other than the amazing features in development for Android, we're working on getting into cross-platform. iOS is coming soon.

We LOVE to hear from you, welcome feedback and are always happy to support you to get the most of invi in any way we can. Your emails are welcome at [email protected].

You can also follows us on Twitter and Facebook.

Love invi? A 5-star rating and a nice comment will make us smile :)

Playstore link: HERE


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