[APP RELEASE][BETA 19](4/9/15) Flowhome Launcher


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Jun 10, 2010


Beta 19:
- Wallpaper support!
- Redesigned and rewritten app search: faster, stronger, better. Try cool stuff like pressing the search key on the keyboard to launch your top search result.
- Open items directly in app from feed. Way faster to get straight to the good stuff for twitter, tumblr, instagram, etc. Long press an item in feed to quickly perform common actions. Check settings to override all this.
- Lots of bug fixes to quick launcher
- A bunch more redesigned stuff to come soon...
Beta 11 update 10/28:
-Transparent statusbar and navbar option!!
- Tumblr!! This is v1 with support for photo, text, link and quote post types. You can like posts too. Reblogging coming soon along with photosets.
- Animated gifs! You kind of can't do tumblr and not do animated gifs, duh.
- big upgrades to the item detail view: offline mode, faster image loading, gifs.
- New photo cropped and custom header image handling. Faster, better, blah blah you get it.
- Even more stuff I can't remember but that is probably awesome.

Hey XDA family, it's been awhile since I've been here. The last time I was here I was sharing with you LunarUi. Now I am back in the android community as I have been working with Larvalabs to design Flowhome. I have the honor of premiering the App here. The app is still in testing phase. We're looking for a great feedback forum such as here

App Description:
Flowhome is a launcher replacement app that allows you to stylish integrate all of your social network feeds and system notifications into one feed which you can like or repost without leaving the app. You can also quickly access information and apps. It is customizable and comes with theme support.

"Less launching, more liking.Your new home is here."

To download go to: http://flowhome.co/

App updates and general info: https://twitter.com/flowhomeapp

P.S if you would like to keep up with me and the flowhome guys here are our links
My dribbble: https://dribbble.com/zramos
Matt Hall: https://twitter.com/matthall2000
larva labs: https://twitter.com/larvalabs
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Nov 17, 2008
It looks awesome so far! Few requests/bugs

-I have a few persisting notifications which shows up on the launcher, anyway to blacklist some of them?
-Apps do not show up when sliding to the left or just tapping the app drawer.
-anyway we can customize the header? Like make it larger?
-custom folders on homescreen and or the app drawer, hiding apps would be awesome as well
-transparent status bar if possible
-hooking to an rss feed if possible.
-"custom square " /" pinnable" for maybe our own photos or weather or music widget

Keep up the great work! Borderline theme is my favorite!
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Aug 9, 2011
- App crashes sometimes on pressing favorite box on homepage or search icon on all apps
- Pressing haptic back button takes me back to my Touchwiz launcher (Galaxy S4 with Custom Rom Samy Deluxe)
- If we swipe right on homescreen card, it removes it without giving an option to undo or at least asking for it. I think undo is best like you delete an email in GMAIL and it gives option to undo.
- Add Google+, LinkedIn cards on homepage.
- Swiping to very bottom the homepage should refresh all apps data
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Jun 10, 2010
Those codes went by pretty fast, I'm not sure but I contacted Matt whether or not he would like more testers. Hopefully he'll let us know soon.

Anyone have any features that they would really like to see or anymore bugs? Report them, I'm sure they'll be very helpful thanks!
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