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[APP Request] DivX over WiFi/LAN

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Senior Member
Mar 13, 2010
Woodland, Wa
Looking for something similar to Rock Payer, or DemoPlayer (another DivX player).

Ive found two Apps that will play DivX, and I've found an app that allows me to explore my Desktop via WiFi from my phone (ES Explorer), and play (compatable) video, but DivX is not compatible.

What I'm looking for is a way to play my DivX movies i have on my desktop, over wifi, to my phone, directly. Without using something like ORB.

What would be ideal would be something like RockPlayer, with a LAN/WiFi explorer built in. Anyone know of such an app?

Both demoPlayer, and Rockplayer, play my DivX stored on my phone GREAT, screen stretch works flawlessly, it plays very good quality etc... But id like to be able to not have to keep the DivX's ON my phone. I have hundreds of movies etc on my computer, and would like to just browse to what i want to watch, and play.

And yes, just over local Lan/WiFi. I don't care about 3G etc... I'm strictly looking for an app that will do this over my local home network. If it in addition to that has 3G or cel streaming fine, but then i think we get into that "Orb" category.
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