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[APP][ROOT][2.3+] Chattr Share - Attribute setter via send/share

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Senior Member
Jun 20, 2010
So I love the file explorers we can get in the play store. 99.9 percent of them ROCK and are feature rich. However, one feature i have yet to see is the ability to set attributes (chattr in terminal).

In result to this, i created an app that will allow you to "share" or "send" the file to my app and pick the attribute you wish to apply or remove. Even works in Galleries!

Afraid you might mistakenly delete that perfect selfie or groupie pic? Set it to "immutable" and NOTHING can delete it until you remove the "immutable" attribute! :)

Hope you guys enjoy!

PS: If you get a force close, or when you click "share"/"send" Chattr Share is not an option, please, provide me with a logcat if you get a force close. If you can't select "Chattr Share" after clicking "send"/"share" just tell me what app you are using and i will add compatibility! :)

Please feel free to donate and hit the thanks button! I try to keep all my apps free and rely on donations. Crazy I know :)

I also do not include a donation nag either in some of my apps, so remember to donate if you like it to stay that way! :)


Senior Member
Sep 11, 2011
Really awesome application. Thank you for this. Works well on my Samsung Galaxy SIII running C-Rom 4.4.2 with Quantum Kernel.

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