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[APP][ROOT]Change system animations [FRAMEWORK TOOL]

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Jun 7, 2017
Animation changer app.

For changing animation of my android device I'm using an app named “XUIMod” , this works on rooted and xposef framework installed devices.
I'm really happy using it .
Everyone should try this amazing application.

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    Yup guys you can change your system animations:thumbup: via this app u am not the developer I just support this app and would like to share this one with you guys


    This app will make Theming your phone as easy as tapping on a button. The concept is easy:
    You tap the MOD you want, and Framework Tool will apply it for you. Currently there are about 40 functions,such as animations, dialogs, backgrounds and other aspects of your phones or tablets system, but it is in beta state, and more will be added in the next hours, days, weeks, months. Now it is your turn! Take control of your phone and make it fit to your mood and style, use hot features as the possibility to use your own backgrounds (in the Settings application as an example) for the system (3.0+), with just a few taps, and no computer required! This application needs ROOT ACCESS and R/W on /system ! This App can now run on versions below 4.0, BUT all modifications are designed for Android 4.0, so they may not work as intended on versions below that!

    Warning: Framework Tool does change framework files which may not be compatible on some ROMs or devices. Always make a backup before installing and use at your own risk.

    Here's the Link


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    No it just changes system animations it must have happened if you have chosen a heavy animation on a mid end device
    Well I don't think the Gnex is a mid end device... And the only change I made is activity switching to ios sliding.

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    Bad luck then try applying animations again or instead try a reboot I have always used it on a fresh flash so it was never the case for me

    I advice you to use it on a new flash...
    You can also set the speed for animations using Framework Tool, in case you they are to slow for you. On start screen open menu and then you will see.
    Thanks for yor responses guys.
    I don't mean the animation is slow, I mean it takes a lot of time (3 or 4 seconds) to start the animation. Once started, it goes smooth.
    This happens only sometimes. I'm trying to figure if this issue is ROM related (pa 3.1). I'm going back to aokp and try again.


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    Technically, android waits for the app you touched to draw the first image, then animates to it.
    Another thing: You are on Android 4.2 right? Then the changes Framework Tool applies to the framework (in the aspect of app start animation) are "ignored".

    The only impact on performance is if you change the "standard background", if it is very high-res, if will definatly have an impact on performance. :D

    Janis Elfert (dev of Framework Tool)

    PS: As always, if you like my app, make sure to rate it! :)