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Jan 20, 2011
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Hey guys i found this and thought that this may work for infuse. I have heard that notifications has a delay on some apps like facebook and some other programs. I have not tested this for infuse since i no longer have but thought id throw it out here! :) Enjoy!
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Hi everyone,

Do you have delayed push notifications with Gtalk, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc?

This app its for you!

A lot of users already solved their problems thanks to this little app.

This app will fix the delayed push notifications, that some users may notice, for EVERY app.

* The problem:
To properly work, the push notifications need a long running connection ( a tcp connection on the port 5228 ) between your phone and the google servers. What happen is that for some users the wifi router or the mobile carrier can close this connection after some time of inactivity ( tcp idle timeout ). Thats the reason why you will have no push notifications untill this connection get re-enstabilished by android. GTalk have a keep-alive mechanism thats send an heartbeat network packet to mantain the push notifications connection open, the problem is that this heartbeat interval is to high for some users, in fact by default it occurs every 15 minutes on wifi or every 28 minutes on 3G!

* The solution:
This app shorten the gtalk keep-alive interval (also called Heartbeat Interval) to an user configurable value in order to avoid delayed push notifications for EVERY app that use push. In order to update the gtalk heartbeat interval, this app requires ROOT and must run at phone boot.
The recommended value is 5 minutes, its should be enough short for everyone.
This app does NOT drain battery in background, its only run once at boot time to set the gtalk heartbeat interval and stops the google service framework so that the new value can be used.

* Gtalk Monitor
To check what I'm talking about open the dialer, and dial this code *#*#TALK#*#*, scroll down and search for the Heartbeat Interval.

* Notice:
This app is tested on a Galaxy Nexus, if you notice problem on your device, don't rate bad, just email me and I will try my best to make it work for you. Anyway I'm NOT responsible to anything bad this app can do to your device (nothing bad should happen, but you know, I need to warn you)

* Restore the default heartbeat value
If you have problems or you dont need this app, uninstall it and reboot your device. Thats all.
In the extremely rare case something is wrong, go into Settings->Application->All and clear data for the app Google Services Framework (or remove and add again your google account).


Please, if there are problems dont rate bad, send me an email or post the problem in this thread and I'll answer you as soon as possible.


Version 2.0, 2013/02/06 :
- Completely redesigned interface
- Removed ads banners, please consider a donation to support the development of this app
- Improved SU commands thanks to SuperSU guidelines

Version 1.3, 2013/01/31 :
- New: If needed the heartbeat is also updated everytime the phone connects to wifi or 3g

Version 1.2, 2013/01/24 :
- Improve: detection of errors while updating the hearbeat
- Fix: crash on some devices starting Gtalk Monitor

Version 1.1, 2013/01/24 :
- Fix: admob banner

Version 1.0, 2013/01/23 :
- First release