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Jul 16, 2022
Hello, Pixel 6A only supports 60Hz. This is a limitation that no app can bypass.

Hello, your device's screen only supports 60Hz, this is a hardware limitation and no app can change that. The modes are provided by your devices, if 30Hz is not shown it is because it is not supported.

Hello, sorry for the issue! Check this message please https://t.me/SmartHertz/1537.
Thanks Naprzod, have followed the instructions from the telegram post on my OnePlus 10 pro and they did work. Still haven't checked with the other devices.
Hopefully there will be an easier way to do it in the future, otherwise thanks for your help and the work gone into this app.


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Jul 13, 2011
I bought this app for my Oneplus 7T Pro (Oxygen OS 12.1) but unfortunately it drains battery. In standby (9 hours night sleep) the battery drains 11-12% with SH running and 2-3% without SH. Hope the developer finds a fix or uses an alternate way to run, like ADB procedure of Galaxy Max Hz app that does not drain battery.


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Nov 1, 2010
Hi, I tried to install it on Realme GT2 Pro with Android 13 nonRoot. Unfortunatly the switcher is greyed out in the accessability settings. Is there a fix for that? Thanks for help.



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Nov 9, 2012
The home screen (default launcher) on my Oneplus 7T Pro stays at 90hz when SmartHertz is running (even when system is set to 60hz). Only when I uninstall SmartHertz, it goes 60hz. Why does this happen?

I can not select the launcher app in SmartHertz either. Its missing from the apps list. My system launcher app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.oneplus.launcher&hl=en_IN&gl=US
Lancher is now availableo on latest update
I bought this app for my Oneplus 7T Pro (Oxygen OS 12.1) but unfortunately it drains battery. In standby (9 hours night sleep) the battery drains 11-12% with SH running and 2-3% without SH. Hope the developer finds a fix or uses an alternate way to run, like ADB procedure of Galaxy Max Hz app that does not drain battery.
The application does not run nothing at all when the phone is on stand by, no event is received if you are not switching apps so it won't do a thing. It is imposible it is wasting more battery on stand by.
Stay away from this app.
Hi, please share your reason behind your comment so every user can understand and benefit from your suggestion.


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Nov 9, 2022
Can you help me sir? I already paid but after reinstalling the unrooted version it can't detect my payment.


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Jan 8, 2023
I can't buy this app, because it's not available in Play Store anymore. And my phone is not Rooted🙁. Please help me to buy this app.


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Jan 8, 2023
It sounds like SmartHertz is an Android app that allows users to change the display refresh rate of their device. The refresh rate is the number of times per second that the display is updated with new image data. A higher refresh rate can result in a smoother and more responsive visual experience, but it can also use more battery power. Some devices may offer the option to adjust the refresh rate in the device's settings, but an app like SmartHertz could provide more granular control and allow users to switch between different refresh rates on the fly. In order to use the app, the user's device must be rooted or have root access. This allows the app to make system-level changes that would not be possible without root privileges.


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Dec 5, 2016
This app is huge! My Moto Edge 30 Fusion ramp up to 144hz while in full brightness and keeps it 120hz in YouTube Facebook Instagram which is insane. Now i have control
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    SmartHertz allows you to take control of your display refresh rate.

    • Assign refresh rate per application
    • Assign refresh rate per category
    • Categories are automatically generated
    • Applications are automatically added to categories
    • Lower the refresh rate on low battery
    • Lower the refresh rate when device is locked (useful for ambient display)
    • QS toggle to switch the refresh rate
    • Free trial


    • Android 11+
    • OxygenOS 10+


    • Rooted device or OxygenOS 10/11: Just download the application on play store and follow the instructions.​

    • Non root:
      1. Install the apk provided here. Ignore the check for update alert!​
    To buy the application on non-root version:
    1. Uninstall it​
    2. Download the application on play store (this version won't work)
    3. Buy the license​
    4. Uninstall the application​
    5. Install the apk you downloaded before

    I will work on another way of buying the license but is not a priority now.​

    How to test it:

    Go to Settings -> Developer Options and enable "Show refresh rate". The number should change accordingly to what you have set on the app.

    To enable Developer Options, go to Settings -> System -> About phone. Now tap build number several times until it is enabled.


    If the application is not working, try going into settings and set refresh method to "Forced".

    Join Telegram Group!

    I hope you like it!
    Whaouooo your apps is just amazing, i buy it now.

    I have test for each apps with fps rate on screen (in dev settings) and it work perfectly, 60 > 120

    I advise to purpose an option for show FPS on screen ;)

    Congrat !
    Thanks a lot, it's really nice to know it is useful for someone out there!

    I am really busy trying to make it work on as many device as possible, but I will definitely keep the suggestion in mind for the future!

    For now, I will add the developer setting in the description so everyone can test it properly.
    Just released beta version on play store with multiple refresh modes now!
    Works fine on KOSP A12, OnePlus 7 Pro. Nice to see this working on Custom Roms since arter97s AutoHZ only works on OOS. Ty
    indeed nice app, tested on MIUI MMX A12 MIUI 13 Beta, works flawlessly. Bought you a coffee right away! thanks
    perhaps in future updates 90hz as an option would be good dont know if its possible. keep the great work