[APP - ROOT] ParrotMod - Fix the 2013 Nexus 7 touchscreen and auto rotate!

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May 1, 2015
That's would seem like a digitizer problem, this mod works well with the grounding issue when you're not holding the tablet.
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May 3, 2009
Samsung Galaxy Tab A series
Thanks for this I still have my N7 2013 still working rooted using Extended ROM on Android 8.1.0 decided to try this mod as I was having rotation issues, I tried cleaning the cables inside but I was still having rotation issues, but this mod seems to be working, so once again thanks for this.
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Nov 24, 2018
I would love to see this app working again. I'm running Android 10 on my 7 and it doesn't seem to fix the grounding issues with the touch screen.

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    What is ParrotMod?

    This is a mod to greatly improve the touchscreen performance of the 2013 Nexus 7, on ANY rooted ROM, and work around a hardware problem with the gyroscope/accelerometer (auto rotate).

    Updated 1/22/2017 to remove the problematic kernel tweaks, and fix EMI resistance for non-SlimPort mode. Note: I don't own this device anymore.


    ParrotMod was added to @flar2's elementalX kernel.
    See here: https://github.com/flar2/flo


    Important Note

    In order to recalibrate the screen when you switch from holding the tablet (your body acts as electrical ground) to not (ungrounded), try turning the screen off and on again.

    If ParrotMod does not improve the touchscreen at all, it could be that the touchscreen cable is loose inside the tablet. There are YouTube videos on how to fix this, like this popular one:

    The feature fixing the auto rotate bug might not work for everyone. If it doesn't, here is a real hardware fix:

    If you use multiple users on your tablet, ParrotMod's app icon will only show in the primary user. Enable ParrotMod in the primary user, and it will run even when you switch to another user.

    How ParrotMod Works

    The touchscreen is fixed by enabling a mode that is normally only used when HDMI is plugged in that is more resistant to electrical interference, and calibrating the touchscreen each time the screen turns off.

    The auto rotate is fixed by reregistering sensor listeners every time the sensor daemon crashes. I do not know the underlying cause of this issue.
    I just released version 0.9.9, which now automatically calibrates the screen when you plug in or unplug a charger.

    But, before you install it, you should probably delete the file /data/system/framework_atlas.config with a root browser and reboot.
    Sorry. I just switched web hosts. Will fix ASAP

    I fixed it, and released v1.0! with all bugs fixed, however it does NOT have high performance mode because I'm too busy
    Updated 1/22/2017 to fix EMI resistance for non-SlimPort mode (ghost touches). Note: I don't own this device anymore.
    Known bugs

    crash when no root (on N?) Logcat would be helpful!
    when you update supersu, parrotmod does not work and says there is no root until you reboot
    it does not use emicbhdmi after screen turned off & on (need to keep track of whether HDMI_PLUGGED)


    Apparently, there is a VERY RARE incompatibility with some touchscreen firmwares which requires you to reset the firmware before installing ParrotMod. ONLY do this if your touchscreen stops working after installing it.

    (You need fastboot & adb on your computer, Google it)

    1) Plug the tablet into the computer
    2) Turn on the tablet with power & volume down buttons pressed, to enter the bootloader
    3) download the boot-ts.7z from https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/...-works-for-you-regardless-of-updates.2428133/ and extract it to a folder, open command prompt/Terminal, cd to that folder
    4) run: fastboot boot boot-ts10-lock.img
    5) your device will bootloop. just run "adb reboot bootloader" after about 30 seconds to get back to bootloader
    4) run: fastboot boot boot-ts-unlock.img
    5) your device will bootloop. just run "adb reboot" after about 30 seconds and Android should boot up with touch working