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[APP][ROOT/SHIZUKU][10+][08/Jul] DarQ: Per-app selectable force dark option for Android 10+

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Jan 26, 2011
Salford, Greater Manchester, UK
Is there a possibility that DarQ could be extended to apply to widgets as well?

If you're doing it without DarQ, could you elaborate on that?
No, Widgets are embedded within apps. You can apply force dark to your launcher, but it may not always work and might cause other issues though.


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Nov 5, 2012
Hi. Not your fault, I know, but does anyone know why Shizuku keeps stopping after a while? I never even reboot my phone and I disabled all battery optimization but it seems some important processes and/or services like shizuku, accessibility or adb wifi get killed after some time
Hi. Not your fault, I know, but does anyone know why Shizuku keeps stopping after a while? I never even reboot my phone and I disabled all battery optimization but it seems some important processes and/or services like shizuku, accessibility or adb wifi get killed after some time
I read from the Shizuku Dev Website link that you may need to set your default USB configuration to certain options (I think most phone models it says to set it to "Charging Only" for my Samsung and other aggressive devices) depending on your model... Nothing was set in stone, but since paying attention to that, I have noticed a pretty consistent trend. The device ALWAYS has been changed from my default USB Setting every time my Shizuku stops. I always try to keep it there, and it has helped IMMENSELY, but still will occasionally somehow change it's own Developer Options settings... par for the course with the Ef Fing Samsung!


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what do you mean? I didn't get it at all about which settings / "general management" thing

i never use any additional profile anyway
In your settings menu, find General Management. Click on it and find Reset & click. Within Reset there is a set of options to choose what you want to reset. Just reset the Settings, you won't lose any apps or media, just have to reconfigure your Settings options & log back into some accounts. It was my last resort short of a factory reset in my case.


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    Surely, there must be some type of CLI shell command that we can input as an alternative to Shizuku?
    No, because Shizuku is a framework that is communicated with. No Shizuku, no run.
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    DarQ provides a per-app selectable force dark option for Android 10 and above.

    It uses a root or Shizuku (ADB) service to apply the theme seamlessly and quickly, without needing an accessibility service.

    DarQ also provides an option to apply the system dark theme (as well as selectable force dark) only after sunset and before sunrise, protecting your eyes when it's most needed.

    Please read the Frequently Asked Questions sections in the app or here for more information and some answers to questions

    Download from GitHub releases

    Source available on GitHub



    Examples of apps with force dark enabled:



    DarQ 2.1 contains a few new features and fixes:
    • Backup and Restore your config to device or the cloud
    • A rewritten Xposed module with the ability to make even more apps work with force dark, including Snapchat and an option (enabled by default) to fix the inverted (black on dark) status bar icon colors.
    • Fixed crashes related to navigation in the app
    • Fixed a crash where requesting root could cause a crash
    • Improved some Material You theming throughout the app
    Please note, if you use the Xposed module currently, your settings may be reset by this update. Read the instructions in this post to workaround this.

    DarQ 2.0 is a complete, from scratch rewrite of DarQ, with a lot of improvements:
    • DarQ 2.0 has an entirely new design, with Material You elements and Monet (wallpaper-based) colours.
    • The ADB script is now gone, and instead Shizuku handles the service on non-root devices. If you don't know what Shizuku is, think of it like a Superuser app for non-root devices. Start Shizuku via ADB on a computer (or even on your phone on Android 11 and above) once per boot, and any app that uses Shizuku can use ADB services.
    • The Accessibility Service has been replaced with a ProcessObserver, using the Shizuku/Root service. This is much quicker than Accessibility, so apps that previously were opening too quick to be supported may now work.
    • Improvements to the auto dark theme at sunrise/sunset to work better on different devices.
    • Improvements to the Xposed module for apps that try to block the use of force dark, preventing them from doing so.
    Version 1.1 is now on XDA Labs. It includes support for Android Q beta 5, and removes support for beta 4. Do not update if you are still on beta 4.

    Why did this take so long for a one line change?
    Yesterday, when beta 5 came out, and I discovered the force dark setprop key had reverted, the first thing I tried was to set it without root. To my surprise, it worked (but this does not mean DarQ works without root now, keep reading).
    However, after modifying the app to not need root and to only allow the auto dark option with root, I released an APK to a few testers. They all reported the same thing: It didn't work without root.
    What actually turned out was that while it worked without root permissions, selinux had to be disabled. As I use Viper4Android on my Pixel, I have selinux disabled (the only current way for it to work on Q), so I didn't notice this during development.
    And so, those modifications took a few hours and were all trashed this evening in favour of a one line change and release. Serves me right for not fully testing it before putting effort into development.

    Version 1.2 is now available on XDA Labs, at long last!

    If you're using ADB (the non-root method), please make sure to download and run the script too.

    Changelog said:
    - DarQ now works without root! Use the ADB script from the XDA thread or GitHub repository to run the required background service to use DarQ without needing to root your device.
    - Fixed root detection
    - Added OxygenOS support
    - Added a search box to the app list
    - Added a filter for system apps (hidden by default) in the app list
    When downloading from XDA labs app or browser, I get a "trouble parsing package" error.
    Thread Cleaned, since it looks like someone is having a bad day, maybe too much quarantine or not enough. Nevertheless, be nice, play nice, or else you will find, yourself quarantined from XDA.

    Carry on.