[App]samsung stock music player for core prime

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    hi :D: We Know There is no stock music player app on core prime :confused:

    so this is samsung stock music player for core prime
    tested on g360h (stock rom 4.4.4) :laugh:

    install it via recovery

    try it and tell me :p
    its now for lollipop. but not tested
    try it and tell me if work with you.
    Sorry for my question, but how i can install this? I'm kinda noob on these things, do i need to have another apk on my telephone? Again, sorry for my ignorance, this music player looks awesome. Thank u in advance:D

    If your phone is rooted and recovery installed? if yes install it via recovery. if not rooted and recovery not installed, root it 1st and install a recovery. then try this.:good: