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[APP] Samsung Video Editor APK!

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Senior Member
Aug 5, 2009
Not bad. I might try it out. Android needs this to be formidable with the other OS's out there. I think Google left it up to all the handset manufacturers and didnt think it was important enough to have, however I think it is.


ok, here's a sample of video editor's export...
All done from my unrooted Samsung Galaxy S i9000
I recorded at 720x480, exported at same resolution.
movie is only 6Mb for 52sec, so the quality degrades (?) Looks fine on the phone, though!

firts bit has the sepia effect, second bit is a still image (plank) third bit is without effect applied tot it, last bit has grayscale effect applied.
some things I son't like about the app:
- can't add titles to movie (no type tool)
-transitions work but not on a moving image (it just freezes the last/first frame as a still image and then applies the transition)
-you can add a soundtrack, but it does not replace the original soundtrack but adds it to the recorded sound.
-export is vague! it seems to hang on 90%, but apparently does work...

some things I like:
+well it's an editor! and it works!


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May 30, 2009
Kansas City, MO
Does anybody know how to make it point towards a different folder? I have tons of videos on my external_sd, but it looks as if it will only pull video from the internal DCIM folder.

Edit: What folder is it actually pulling from? I looked in the DCIM folder and none of the video files I am seeing in the video editor match up to the ones I am seeing in the DCIM folder.
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Feb 13, 2011
this doesn't have TOO much functionality, but its better than nothing! the only other video editing option is vidtrim that can be found in the market, and you guessed it, you can only trim videos..great app. Thankyou!

-Samsung Fascinate


Senior Member
Feb 13, 2011
actually Greenfieldan, im running a 2.2 froyo custom rom and i am not running touch wiz, and this app works phenominal, you should try it!
-Samsung Fascinate


Senior Member
Jan 8, 2008
It works well on my Vibrant with the Team Whiskey Bionix-V 1.2 Gingerbread Edition ROM, which, as I understand it, lacks TouchWiz. It's more or less just copy/paste clips together with PowerPoint-ish transitions.

Point is it works.

Awesome, that implies it should be able to work on other devices - need to find some devs who know how to explore this sort of thing.

newbies :cool:.......TW ROM has Touchwiz......the only thing it doesn't have is the launcher.....


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Feb 2, 2010
For those that have it working can you pastebin your /system/lib directory? I looked at an old vibrant froyo rom I had and can't tell what library it's looking for.


New member
Jan 18, 2011
Whoa. Never seen one app request for every single Android permission. That's a LOT of permissions for a video editor.

yaeh, I was wondering also... I mean why a video editor needs personal information (browser history and bookmarks, read calendar data, read contact data, read user defined directory, write browser history and bookmarks, write calendar and contact data), Services that cost you money (directly call phone numbers, send sms messages) location (coarse and fine), your messages (edit and read sms, mms, modify gmail, read gmail, receive sms, receive wap),... your accounts (use authentication credentials of an account)... and that is not even half of it... any idea?

Sean Hicks

Senior Member
Oct 24, 2010
not great

I really wish this worked properly. I can do most of the edits, however when exporting the video once finished, the app just closes its self without any error msgs or fcs. too bad. Epic4g/froyo/rooted


Senior Member
Jul 12, 2006
Seems to only see one of my six videos even though they are all MP4s - even stranger it's not the one that is the only one to show a thumbnail in Gallery. No idea what it's up to :confused:


Senior Member
Sep 1, 2010
Tried this on my rooted stock froyo Epic, worked fine until I added transition effects, which causes it to force close. Also stutters when going from clip to clip. with no music or effects on. Hopefully someone can figure this out! It has potential for sure.

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    Samsung has released a new Video Editor app for its Galaxy S phones - you can get a pretty detailed walkthrough here: http://zomgitscj.com/2011/02/08/zom...ged-video-editor-for-your-android-2-2-device/


    Here's the APK: http://www.multiupload.com/SBINJ599VZ and here: http://www.box.net/shared/gz54eltud9

    I tried installing on my HTC G2 with Root Explorer and got a simple 'Application Not Installed' response - anyone know why?

    Any developers want to help try to port this to work on all phones? It *does* seem to require v2.2 Froyo (which I have).
    is this a new release of the video editor?
    bugs fixed?
    I downloaded it about a week ago from samsung apps, and the editor fails on export every time.
    Whoa. Never seen one app request for every single Android permission. That's a LOT of permissions for a video editor.
    can't install in my Karbonn A9+ T_T