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[APP] Samsung Video Editor APK!

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Senior Member
Jun 13, 2012
Cannot believe that the S3 doesnt come with a video editor!!

I just took delivery of an S3 replacement for my S2 and how dissappointed am I that this brilliant app no longer comes with the phone. I simply cannot believe that Samsung have dropped it. I have scoured far and wide for a replacement but they are either too expensive or they are more complicated than a basic user needs.

The great thing about this app was that it came free and didnt carry advertising and it was really easy for someone who didnt know much about video to use.

I am not a developer and so dont really belong here but followed a link from a reply in an S3 forum. Please if anyone knows of a suitable replacement app for video/movie maker/editor (I think it went by a few names) then please let me know where it can be found

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    Samsung has released a new Video Editor app for its Galaxy S phones - you can get a pretty detailed walkthrough here: http://zomgitscj.com/2011/02/08/zom...ged-video-editor-for-your-android-2-2-device/


    Here's the APK: http://www.multiupload.com/SBINJ599VZ and here: http://www.box.net/shared/gz54eltud9

    I tried installing on my HTC G2 with Root Explorer and got a simple 'Application Not Installed' response - anyone know why?

    Any developers want to help try to port this to work on all phones? It *does* seem to require v2.2 Froyo (which I have).
    is this a new release of the video editor?
    bugs fixed?
    I downloaded it about a week ago from samsung apps, and the editor fails on export every time.
    Whoa. Never seen one app request for every single Android permission. That's a LOT of permissions for a video editor.
    can't install in my Karbonn A9+ T_T