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  • Jan 19, 2013
    I got a chance to try out xperiacle's SOM v2.0 (Google Play). It's definitely an improved version from v1.3, with enhanced features like pen type selection, neater UI and animation, activation and notification options, option to see previously saved note, etc. However I notice a slight delay when waking the phone with home/power button, which I also noticed from the other app. Maybe most of you don't mind to have that delay but I still think v1.3 is perfect for my Note 3. Anyway, support the dev :good:
    PS: When v2.0 was first initialized, I don't know how but my previously saved action notes were deleted. So guys take note of that and do a backup of your notes before installing v2.0 from Google Play.

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    Hi for me older notes are still there in v2.0 and delay is minimum as possible for me. less then a second not much all times.
    App is really snappier and faster to launch like original screen off memo. gives much better options which is great.
    best was hide all top bar to make extended display. That was neat.
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    Feb 4, 2012
    Hi for me older notes are still there in v2.0 and delay is minimum as possible for me. less then a second not much all times.
    App is really snappier and fasrer to launch like original screen off memo. gives much better options which is great.
    best was hide all top bar to make extended display. That was neat.
    It's actually my previously saved action memos rather than notes. Yes, I forgot to mention the extended display. To press back button to bring out the bottom navigation menu is a little bit awkward the first time. :good:
    Edit: It turns out there are SNoteData and SnoteData folders in /sdcard, so there's confusion there.

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    May 10, 2009
    I also just upgraded to the play store version, but I do have some complaints.

    device administrator is now mandatory, I really don't want that.
    I use note buddy for launching and locking(to avoid lockscreen incompatibility), so an option to disable automatic actions and device administrator requirement would be nice.

    and the buttons don't hide by themselves.
    whenever the app opens I need to press the fullscreen button to make it hide the buttons, it would be nice if there was an option to always start with the buttons hidden.

    I'd also like it if drawing with the s-pen button pressed would erase, but I don't know if that's possible.
    alternatively it should be possible to let us toggle between pen and eraser by tapping while holding the button, most apps seem to treat this as a regular long-press.

    and the eraser function is inconsistent.
    using the eraser tool erases using the "new" method which deletes an entire line/scribble, but using the eraser side on the aftermarket S-Pen or a compatible wacom stylus will draw a wide black line to simulate the "old" eraser.


    Oct 8, 2012
    It works good on my note 4 (n910g) but the screen won't turn off if I reattach the spen, instead it unlocks the phone. Android 5.0.1 - am using swipe mode to unlock screen.

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    is your screen goes off once u reattach the spen or it unlocks the screen instead ?

    No it gets locked/goes black/ turn off once I save/discard the note. I've tested with fingerprint and pattern and password lock not sure about the swipe

    Robin Son

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    Nov 9, 2014
    Make sure you have air commend set to off....or none. Make sure you have at least swipe for unlocking screen..some require a pattern. Also, make sure with spen inserted you install v3 of som and open it and after say 10 seconds close the app. Open settings/security and make sure screen off memo and Note buddy are both device administratiors (ticked boxes on each) then close out of everything and wait about 10 seconds or so, then pull out the S Pen and see if it brings up the screen off memo. It should. Then, if you use nobody and have it activated you can set it to turn the screen back off when you insert the F pen. This is how my setup is and it works flawlessly every time. It sounds like a lot to do but the entire setup process literally takes about 1 minute if that. Good luck and report back so if it doesn't work we can continue to help until you get it working properly but it does work you're probably just missing a simple step is all.


    Thanks for your help faslane:highfive:, with out your answer i would just said it didn't work and moved on.

    T-Mobile note 4 running SOKP Rom with SpenCommand / v1.3 Screen off Memo / Note Buddy Pro ..........

    thanks Xperiacle for giving us this
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    May 8, 2014
    I have the 2.0 version from the play store, but the only thing I don't like us that it saves the notes as images as well. Is there a way to turn the settings off?

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    Oct 22, 2015
    Annoying issue

    Good time of day!
    Thank you so much for the great app! It was the one that made me decide to go on N4 instead of N5.

    I've found a not-so-minor issue:
    While screen ignores finger touches, "Back" and "Menu" buttons are still active. And the hand leans exactly on the "Back" button. This often discards the not without warning.

    Is it possible to disable buttons or catch and ignore "Back" button events?

    Thank you in advance!


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    Feb 4, 2012


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      It's been a while but here is another app I would like to share with those still using the Note 3 like me while waiting for the Note 6 perhaps.

      Screen Off Memo is a feature I like on the Note 5 and so I decided to make one for my Note 3. I have not held a Note 5 yet so I don't know how the screen off memo works except what I saw on video reviews so the app may not be as perfect but it works for what I need it for. Any feedback would be welcome.

      UPDATE - 21 Sept 2015
      - fixed some issues with spen detachment starting the app even when unlocked
      - toned the brightness of the icons as well as the pen strokes to reduce glare and offer more readability
      - fixed issue with pen thickness in the v1.2 (some users like it thicker - I might include some settings to set user prefs in the future)
      - adding new notes will trigger separate notification

      Hopefully the issue specially on the Note 4/Edge has been solved.

      Screen Off Memo version 1.3 can be downloaded below.

      Install and RUN at least once from the app drawer so the app will be registered for the broadcast action when spen is detached. To enable the app to lock the screen when spen is attached, you must activate/enable it in Settings>Security>Device Administrator.

      Based on user feedback I have retained the simplicity of the app. Just added ability to add new memo. Changed some icons for simpler ones. Cleaned up the code a bit to make it run faster and as little footprint as possible. Added option to turn off screen when pen is attached. And of course, it would now run on most Note devices (API 19 & above).

      The app would also run on other Galaxy devices without spen but only when launched from the app drawer. But I am trying to find a way to trigger on the lockscreen maybe via a floating button but still a work in progress. I may work on it if there is demand but otherwise might just focus on the Note series.

      At the moment I am testing an immersive mode version where no virtual buttons on the screen... just a whole screen of black space to doodle on and using sensors to toggle pen and eraser or the toolbar. Still a work in progress though but we'll see....

      Anyway have fun and still your suggestions are welcome. But please keep the thread on topic.

      It is a free app but please don't redistribute it nor modify it for redistribution. I don't mind if you include it in a ROM as long as the info page is intact.

      Credits: BIG THANKS to @and2, @swiss420 and some others I don't know their xda usernames for their support. :)
      I never expected it will be quite useful to a lot of users. I initially just wanted to use it on the Note 3 (because that is the only device I have) initially just to get feedback but on the next update it should work on all Note devices on kitkat and lollipop. No need to edit build.prop. :) It may even work on the Galaxy S series using finger but it may be pointless as there is no way to trigger it on lockscreen. On the S6 Edge/Edge+ maybe can be launched from the edge panel when screen is off.

      I made some additions like ability to create new memo once you saved the previous one. But I am still deciding if I will add the ability to save as action memo, snote file, or image file. Also I am deciding if it will be wise to include the ability to select pen type, pen color or width, eraser type or width whatever. Also maybe the ability to open saved memos on the lockscreen itself. But then again, Screen Off Memo is supposed to be simple so might as well be simple. What do you think? Voice your opinions so I can make up my mind what to include/not include in the app.
      who wants to try SOM on Note4 - please go MOD EDIT

      So you just took the liberty to decompile my app and remove the restrictions I built in it, then open a thread of your own distributing my (but now becomes "your") repackaged app? How cool is that! And then come to my thread to direct users to your newly open thread? How even cooler is that!

      There is a good reason why I put restrictions in the app. As it is an initial release, I want to get feedback from fellow note 3 users as the note 3 is the device I am developing on to see which works and which doesn't.

      And I think I made myself clear when I said the next version will support other note devices with some of the features that users suggested. It may have been taking longer for the update but I too have a life outside of xda which I have to work on.

      Now I am slightly reluctant to release the next version.
      Just uploaded version 1.3 that fixes some issues encountered by a lot of Note 4 users. It contains other fixes and minor additions which you can read in the OP. Download is in the first post. Hopefully I did not miss something again.
      @xperiacle man you are amazing. I just installed and it works like a charm. [emoji106]

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