[APP] SensorScroll v0.7.1 beta [updated 20 May 2009]

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Dec 31, 2008
SensorScroll uses the HTC Touch Diamond/PRO Gesture Wheel to scroll up and down inside windows which allow scrolling (has a scroll bar). It can also emulate key pressing instead of scrolling.

It is in beta stage, please use carefully. All bug reports, fresh ideas and recommendations are welcome.

1. Install the application. It adds shortcut in Programs and in \Windows\Startup folders!
2. Right after installation you can run the application from Programs shortcut to start using it. There is no need for soft reset to have it running for the first time!
3. To use the application open a Window with a vertical scroll bar like Programs or File Explorer and try rotating the scroll sensor clockwise for scroll down and counter clockwise for scroll up. Don't forget to try the touch action too (double tap on the central button to switch on/off and touch the direction keys)
4. To fine tune the application behavior use the SensorScroll Settings application
5. Have fun!
6. To stop, run it again and you will have an option to stop it.

Inside installation folder there is a file named no_process.txt. The file contains a list of process names which will not be affected by the application (or by SensorScroll Settings). It already has some entries like opera, teeter, etc.

The application is freeware :) (and will always stay free)

Known issues:
* Does not work with GScroll ! Both programs act like they have disabled each other.

* Clear the source code and add some comments
* Open the source code if i consider it good enough to be open

Search for new ideas:
We can do something with the rest of the touch sensitive area. I'm collecting ideas. We can use single, double or triple click. Known limitation: you could track press and release coordinates, but cannot track finger movement (at least I don't know how). If you come with a good idea please share it and post a reply. Thanks in advance!

* v0.7.1 (20.05.2009)
- Fixed a nasty bug resulting in SensorScroll working with all programs including those who needs to be ignored
- Temporary removed windows enumeration in SensorScroll Settings. I'll try to put some more complex code to handle poorly working API functions in the next version.

* v0.7 (17.05.2009)
- Fully changed working principles. Should be much more stable and compatible now.
- Added support for screen rotation. Read the manual about the 3 key screen rotation.
- Added support for process identify. Read the manual.
- Added handling of power notifications. Now it should consume almost no CPU when suspended.
- Added support for preventing the device to go to suspended state while using the d-pad
- Added support for vibrate feedback for "touch gestures switch", "screen rotation", "process identify"
- Fixed problem with saving/loading settings with non english versions of windows mobile
- Fixed problem with double tap working not only for the center button, but also in other areas (home, back, call, end call)
- Removed process enumeration in SensorScroll Settings. This caused more problems then it solved.

Full version history can he found here

Old version 0.6 can be found here


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Jul 1, 2007
Thanks. Works well so far. One early issue I noticed upon installing your .cab is my device freezes for no apparent reason. I am also running GScroll, may have something to do with that. I'll try disabling it and report back.


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Feb 13, 2007
Thanks. Works well so far. One early issue I noticed upon installing your .cab is my device freezes for no apparent reason. I am also running GScroll, may have something to do with that. I'll try disabling it and report back.
Confirmed.... Does not play nice nice w/GScroll. After disabbling GScroll it works great unfortunately I need GScroll so I can have the double tap functionality to bring up SecondToday


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Jul 1, 2007
Randomly the program will stop working (not sure if it completely shuts down or if its actually running, but not working). Instead of scrolling the page, it will start to scroll by each item. For example, in the Program menu it will go from app to app.
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Dec 5, 2007
How does this compare with the cabs already out? I mean does it work in EVERY app? I mean I use RRE's Smart Touch Wheel Scroll.cab, but I'll try this one and see if there is any difference. :)


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Jun 16, 2007
Kraize - this works in far more applications. It's really an expansion because you can set it to leave the defaults in place that Diamond Tweaks puts in. The only problem appears to be that it turns off at some points. Not sure what is causing the behavior.


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Jun 7, 2006
San Antonio, Tx
Great App!!! is there any way you could make this scroll through touchflo? Like left 2 right? Always wanted this....lol sorry :D. Anyways thank you!


Jan 19, 2008
SF Bay Area, California
AT&T FUZE Touch Pro unstable

Awesome idea! Installed it on my 1 day old AT&T FUZE and crashed a few times and rebooted the phone once. Hopefully will be fixed soon. HAve the feeling AT&T touch flow 3D is causing the issue.


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Dec 16, 2006
the program chashes at my touch pro after a few minutes and doens´t scoll anymore so i have to exit and restart it again.


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May 31, 2007
hello, is it possible for you to make a version wich moves LEFT <> RIGHT instead of UP <> DOWN ?

I mean to scroll tabs on manilla, to change word when typing a sms cause may big fiingers are to dummy to easily use the left right keys :D

PS : excuse my english, i'm french :p