[APP] Shopping Cart v 5.3 available now!

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Digital Outcast

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Jul 26, 2006
Woodstock, GA
** version 5.3 available now! **


  • You no longer need to uninstall previous version(s) before installing the latest version!
  • If you have AppToDate you can use that to update the application to the latest version!
  • This requires .NET compact flash 3.5!
  • This supports Windows Mobile 6, 6.1 and 6.5.
  • Supported resolutions are 240x320, 320x320, 240x400, 480x640 and 480x800 in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • Downloads are in post 2 or you can use AppToDate to update it.
  • If you create your own language files please upload them to this thread so I can include them with the application!

  • Add language support for configuration utility and save/open/browse dialogs. Currently only the main application supports alternate languages.
  • Possibly adding price information option per item (this would toggle-able by a setting).
  • Possibly adding finger gesture recognition for different things.
  • Possibly adding SMS support.
  • Possibly adding Today plugin.
  • Possibly add D-pad support.
Version 5.3:

New features:

  • Shopping Cart Companion - You can use this tiny application to easily create and manage lists (both standard and master lists) from your PC and transfer them directly to your device.

  • Optimized code greatly for larger lists. Opening a large list, e.g. 40 items per tab over 3 tabs opens in 5 seconds instead of 30. This has a huge impact on older / slower devices.
Version 5.2:

New features:

  • Shopping lists now have the typical elastic rebound effect when a list is scrolled beyond the beginning or end of a list.

  • The position of a shopping list no longer automatically scrolls to the top of the list if you click an entry that is below the "first page" of the list.
Version 5.1:

New features:

  • Save As menu option for new lists.
  • New setting to save a new list automatically.
  • New option under Settings/General/SIP. Show automatically when entering: Enabled, Enabled in Portrait Only, Disabled.

  • Exporting all marked items of a master list to a regular list doesn't work when using "mark all items".
  • Exiting from the master list without saving or anything says that the user tried to save the masterlist as a regular list.
  • Various errors with save dialogs not appearing and files not being saved.
Version 5.0:

NOTE: You will have to uninstall the previous version because of the name change! Otherwise you will have both applications installed!

New features

  • Landscape for all supported resolutions. This is currently only within the main application screen, not the settings screen, save/open screens, etc.
  • New initial GUI upon start of application (enabled or disabled by a setting)- a "home" screen with more intuitive quick-launch buttons to access application features.
  • New option on long-press-hold over an item - copy item text to input field.
  • Language files included have been updated with the new entry above and need to be translated. When you do, please upload them to this thread.
  • A new setting to prompt a user to overwrite an existing saved cart rather than just doing it.
  • Application will be renamed to "Digicast Solutions' Shopping Cart" from "cRaCKwHoRe's Shopping Cart"

  • Intermittent application errors / crashes when deleting / duplicating items / opening and closing SIP.
  • Application not remembering last opened list.
  • Saving a list sometimes doesn't actually save it. This is fixed.
  • I am trying to prevent where a list of items scrolls back to the top if you are scrolled down and click an item.
Version 4.2:

  • Scrolling issue resolved.
  • Inability to add new categories/tabs resolved.
  • Resampled and resized images thanks to aiiro.
Version 4.1:

  • Opening a saved master list would cause an error. This has been fixed.
  • Installing the latest version of Shopping Cart will no longer overwrite your customized application settings with the default ones. They are now saved between versions.
  • Adjusted size of item container on different resolutions so that all items can be seen completely when you have a larger list.

  • Still trying to duplicate the "scrolling" issue affecting some users so that I can fix it...
Version 4.0:
New features:

  • Duplicate item (context item)
  • Rename item (context item)
  • Move item up/down (context item)
  • Check / uncheck item (context item)
  • Rename tab (context item)
  • Rename tab (menu item)
  • Add tab (menu item)
  • Delete all items (menu item)
  • Sort list (menu items)
  • Addition of master list functionality
  • Addition of Help screen
  • Addition of AppToDate support
  • Changed application installation location and registry location to "Shopping Cart" instead of "Shopping Cart v x.x" for compatibility with Sashimi and AppToDate
  • New setting for prompting user to clear cart
  • New setting to disable single-clicking an item to check/uncheck it. Disabling it requires a tap+hold and select from a context menu to check/uncheck an item.

  • Application now shifts/resizes when SIP is displayed so you can see everything (may add a setting for this, what do you guys think?)
  • Lots of new language items so language files will have to be edited
  • Tweaked some code and fixed a few memory leaks to make application faster overall
  • Saved lists are now automatically saved as Unicode files to preserve special characters.
Version 3.1:
New features:

  • Multiple resolution support - now currently 480x800, 480x640, 320x320, 240x400, 240x320. I only have a 480x800 device but on my emulators everything looks fine on the other resolutions. Let me know what you find!
  • Included updated/new language files posted to thread into cab file.

  • Saved cart being opened in reverse.
Version 3.0:
New features:

  • Multiple resolution support - currently 480x800, 320x320, 240x320. More coming...
  • Functionality to remove an entry altogether.
  • Tabbed cart lists to separate shopping carts for different stores.
  • Custom/enhanced save/open/browse dialogs. Default Windows Mobile ones are awful.
  • Context menus.
  • New configuration utility to change application settings, rather than modifying the registry.
  • Numerous new user-configurable settings and options via configuration utility.
  • Saving a list now retains the marked/unmarked status of a list when it is saved and re-imported.
  • New menu item(s) to check / uncheck all items in the cart list at once.

  • Slow scrolling issue.
  • Rearrange status and item list columns so longer items don't display over or behind the status checkbox.
  • Unicode character display issues with language files.
  • Labels no longer cut off in different languages.

  • Changed checked-item image to green checkmark to match "Manila" styling.
  • There are 15 language files now included, thanks to all the contributors for making the changes from the previous version. Old language files are not compatible with this release and will cause an issue when the application loads if you try to use one.
  • Had to temporarily remove color and strikethrough options for compatibility. :( Will try to add this back in for next release.
Version 2.1:

  • Fix startup issue for alternate language roms.
  • Remove scrollbars but still allow scrolling, to be more like other touch-sensitive scrolling applications.
  • Ability to customize the color of checked / unchecked items if MultiColorFonts is enabled.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Moved application settings into registry rather than .xml file.


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Digital Outcast

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Jul 26, 2006
Woodstock, GA

The files are below. Shopping Cart Companion needs to be extracted. It requires .NET 3.5 framework on your computer.

Also, here is a link to all the .NET 3.5 compact framework installation files.

You specifically need to have:

NETCFv35.Messages.XX.wm.cab (where XX indicates your phone's language)
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Feb 16, 2008
Hi thanks, that's really cool. I will use it as a to do list (I had raised this question a while back). It's not quite as good as getting it as a front page tab, but it will suit me fine. Cheers! :)


Mar 13, 2009
Fantastic, thank you.

Just last week I was thinking that it would be better to have a program that I could easy mark off what I have got. Now it is here. Cool



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Jan 7, 2008
Looking mighty fine crack ;). Lol @ forgetting cab file in first post.



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May 19, 2008
Hey just tried this and on QVGA and it works but it seems that the spacing is slightly out compared to yours on the WVGA? Have a look

Apart from that all seems good!


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Dec 2, 2008
A while back I wrote a very basic utility where I could write a shopping list and use it on my phone to go shopping with rather than taking a piece of paper and a pen with me. I got tired of forgetting stuff LOL! I use it every time I go to the store. I just thought I would share it with you all.

You can manually type in items to add to the shopping list or you can type up a list in Notepad or something similar. If you want to import a list in the application just save the file as a text file with each entry separated by a carriage return (new line / Enter) and copy it to your device. Then, in the application click File and Open and browse to where you copied the .txt file.

When you tap an item (click it) it toggles strikethrough text style, in effect marking it as found :)

Attached are a few screenies.

I'm open to suggestions as far as modification and such. It is designed for and works for the Touch HD as far as resolution is concerned. I don't know about other devices as I haven't tested it on any as I have no others.

Also, it requires .NET compact flash 3.5.

I like it :)

How about I help you with designing some graphics for this? It's functional as it is, I'd just like to see it a bit prettier :)


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Dec 29, 2005
saw your announcement in Dutty's area, and got it. Work like a charm, man, thanks. I have been looking for a super simple one like this for long :)