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Retired Recognized Developer
Jul 16, 2008
Nice application. One question. It doesn't show incoming call(s) & history and so we have to go back to the default phone application to all see incoming calls & history or to delete them. Anyway to show them in your application and allow direct deletion if required.
Thank you.

Sorry for late answer,

incoming calls, history, all the other editable things in people(except a little bit info) cannot be accessed by third party applications, because ms doest provide functions to get them. Also it might be possible to hack them with native functions (which i may try later), but it wont be a market release.

Also, good news everyone is in market and first post has the change log, grab it.

Test the new search mechanism for me and provide me feedback so i can make it default in next release.

Don't forget to support by clicking the ads you interested.

Thank you


New member
Jan 1, 2007
Deadknight, how to switch symbol set on dial pad buttons? Nothing happens when I selecting my language in Theme tab.


Retired Recognized Developer
Jul 16, 2008

After ten days of marketplace submission war, 1.10 is out, sorry for call bug, but marketplace accepted submission with it.

Also on this release i added view limit, it can be defined from settings. It will reduce startup time and first character search time.(which was the problem of listbox) when you scroll bottom it will load remaining contacts based on your view limit.

Also removed location services.

Have fun.


May 16, 2007
i have installed Version 1.10
want change language to german. But there are 2 "X" and no OK Button.
No i dont have german but russion signs on the Startscreen.

Any solotion for me?
(Sorry for my bad English)


Retired Recognized Developer
Jul 16, 2008
(as i understanded from your question)

two x buttons are third party library problem, you can choose left one to save.

Russian character one is theme selection issue use adiliyo or whiteone as theme, or completely disable it from "use default sip" option.

Visual confirmation on combobox, also again third party problem, it shows it like not saved, when you save language it saves it to storage.

I will look at these issues

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    Market Place link is here in case you still haven't seen it.


    thanks dxdy for ms tag

    Smart Dialer For WP7

    Hi, windows phone 7 does not have a smart dialer so i wrote one. It's very simple and efficent.

    I made this application on my spare time(2-3 hours), i'm working on other projects for iphone and android on my company so don't expect miracles.

    Also i couldnt find how to open people hub programatically, if anyone can tell me i can make left-bottom button functional.

    Right buttons, open sms menu.

    Star button is wildcard.

    You can search numbers and contact names.

    Marketplace Link


    If anyone wants to make better picture resources, i can insert them too.

    Btw it's mango only...

    Video Review

    Thanks to the0ne for this video.

    Tested On:
    HD2 (7720)
    Omnia 7 (7720)
    HD7 (7720)
    (Test on your machine and lets add it here :D)

    *Customizable button sizes, text colors,fonts?
    *A secret idea

    After ten days of marketplace submission
    *Fixed crash on call
    *Removed location services
    *Added View Limit (which will burst performance, try 50-100) scrolling will retrieve remaning data.

    *Theme for russian language (credits to SergeAv)
    *Faster search :D
    *Threaded search is enabled by default now
    *Re increased delay duration
    *Fixed light theme bug

    *Fixed resume support and fasten up initialization
    *Editable layout margins for theme buttons
    *Editable background for phone numbers
    *Editable textcolors for phone numbers
    *Fixed contact list refresh (and new config value of 3600, if not updated please update to new one)
    *Fixed search of 0 and 1 character
    *Call history of contact will be deleted if you save
    *Fixed default sip popup after call
    *Fixed lots of small bugs

    *Added languages for smart dialer
    *Search with special characters of Türkçe,Pусский,Svenska,Deutsch,Magyar,ελληνικά,český,Español,한국의,Polski,Việt
    *Speeded up search initialization
    *Speed up search
    *Automatic theme selection on start based on background
    *Fixed error on settings about theme save
    *Changed default theme
    *Added default sip for telephone, editable via settings.
    *Fixed error caused by admob

    *Added call history for outgoing calls
    *Added new theme from weeelzel
    *Fixed contact list disappearing problem after returning from settings
    *Added automatic theme updating from web.(configurable)
    *Fixed ads to use google library
    *Added show/hide button hide functionality
    *Added clear history button
    *Added save contact to sms button when call history contact is not in contact list
    *Changed place of the number text
    *Add context menu to delete call history
    [B][U]Version market from this version)[/U][/B]
    *Fixed crash on airplane mode
    *Fixed light theme character color
    *At last it's in marketplace
    *Fixed obfuscator problem it works now
    *Better error reporting
    *Search result colors name or phone (Color is your theme color)
    *Minor performance increase
    *Changed position of number and star buttons
    *Updated screenshots :D
    *Market link is coming(waiting to be approved)
    *[B]BTTF guys, tested on my hd2 no problems[/B]
    *Added more exception control to avatars(i believe this is an memory issue)
    *Changed application icons
    *Increased speed of searching
    *Buttons have clearer look now
    *Added error reporting (clientside only, not working fully)
    *Added automatic update checking (configurable through settings, one per day)
    *Fixed some minor bugs about avatar loading
    *Added ads to settings page (the won't bother you on main page)
    *Settings page divided to groups
    *This release uses new theme sizes, please use new sizes.
    *Added search on only contacts with phone numbers(this may increase speed on large contact lists, who wants to call a contact without phone number :D)
    *Added theme from [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=2109548"]adiliyo[/URL]
    *Added haptic and sound feedback (Configurable from settings)
    *Added cell operator to title (removed my nickname)
    *xboxmod please fix bluetooth drain
    *Added Theme support (you can send me themes, look at second post)
    ****Added two themes (HtcRest, Metro)
    ****Fixed some glitches on Retro theme
    *Added Settings and About pages
    ****Cache Refresh Duration: This is the duration of the refresh of the contact list cache
    ****Button Delay Duration: This is the wait duration to make smart search after pressing button
    *Version renaming to standarts
    *Fixed some minor issue about searching and cache
    -Next:Call history and statistics (if i have time :D)
    *Fixed scroll issue (one of the worker threads not stopping). This will also increase speed a little bit
    *Fixed avatar loading
    *Added contact cache for faster startup (after install first startup still slow)
    *Inserted more dispatchers for type delays
    *Searching and viewing is faster now.
    *Changed application tile and list icons

    Marketplace Link

    is this the layout


    i'm going to add multilanguage support on next release

    turkish,russian,polish,swedish,german,hungarian added
    can you uninstall and install again? it works on my phone 7720 mango, if problem will exist again i will send you a debug build

    Yep same error after uninstall... reinstall

    I will try on my HD2 a little later... has the 7720 version on it as well. However, as you know slightly different
    Updated to newer version
    Great APP :)
    Working on HD7 Mango

    Feedback and suggestions:
    - It's a little bit slow (contact list over 1000)
    - Haptic & Sound feedback is a must, like this I have to look closely how many times I've pressed wanted number

    i tried to make it to best performance but wp7 limits the performance sorry.
    added haptic and sound feedback enable it from settings update from first post :D