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Nov 26, 2011
Colombo,Sri Lanka
Hey everyone KafreekaBoom here.
When I searched Application for a fast and smooth management of sound profiles.I found this app called Smart Volume Control on play store.Before this I have used apps like tasker, locale, audio manager Pro.None of those able to do sound profile management as good as this. So I'm posting it here to share it with all you folks over here

Smart Volume Control +

Here are the some of Features

- fully customizable sound Profiles
- setup Volumes, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile data, Aeroplane mode, Call forwarding, Screen brightness and Ringtone
- mute or raise volume for selected contacts
- switch profiles by Timers, Locations and Calendar events
- Speed volume mode and Headphones mode
- 23 Widgets designed for quick and convenient control from your home screen
- various application and widget skins for perfect harmony with the color and settings of your Android

I'm highly recommend this app If your looking for a Good Sound profile management application

Here is the PlayStore Link :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cz.directservices.SmartVolumeControlPlus
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Mar 13, 2011
Canton, GA
I have that app. My biggest reason for purchasing it was the "silence timer" that would, after a set amount of time, turn your volume back up. Can't get that to work on my S III though. When I set my phone to silent, even using THEIR widget to do so, it doesn't ask when I'd like it to go back up. Yet if I launch a camera app that uses the volume rocker for zooming, the volume timer popup pops up over and over and over. So it definitely needs some work. It's a great start though.