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[APP] Sony Xperia Z2 Walkman + Album + Movies (Updated to latest version) - No Root

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Jan 12, 2011
Tampa Bay
Re:Walkman and Album

Wow I installed these on my Nexus (2013) Rooted and running Kit Kat and they both work great! Thanks for these!! I know this is the Galaxy Note 3 forum but I did a search for these files and this thread came up so I decided to give it a try and it works perfectly so far on my device!
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Jan 12, 2011
Tampa Bay
:D Wow I also installed these on the Lenovo A1000L-F and they work as well aside from the equalizer and the changing of colors but I'm happy that I can actually use the album movie app and the Walkman app on my device ! I strongly dislike the stock apps that Google/OEM provides unless I did not have an alternative... LOL Thanks again for these! Actually my equalizer is working for this app! The background does not alternate colors but I'm okay with that!
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Dec 31, 2011
If anyone is interested I managed to get the Walkman app to change colours according to the album cover, only problem is I am not sure how I did it.
I am on a rooted stock rom with the knox flag 0x0.
I was reading a thread about adding a custom rom without flashing and decided I could use the Walkman and media apps from here:
and simply copy over every file using root explorer.
I ended up having to reflash with Odin the first time but when I did it the second time it worked.

The equalizer doesn't seem to work as I was not very methodical when I did it but it is possible to get it working.

If I get a chance I'll try it again after flashing back to stock and re-rooting so I now exactly what files I transferred, what order and how.

I delete most of the stock Samsung apps when I root so I'll need to do it prior removing anything.

If anyone wants to try themselves feel free just make sure you back up and be prepared to need to reflash if it all goes pear shaped.

Oh yeh I can stream movies via the Sony movie app and pictures from the gallery app from my windows 7 PC too :D


Dec 3, 2012
31 45859923

Does anyone know why Walkman crashes on my Nexus 10?

Album Works great. With the dlna app from another Thread you can even see Pictures from your nas. Movies starts but crashes when I try to play a mp4 file.

Could someone please help me?


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