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[APP] [STOCKR] Get stock buy/sell recommendations and price charts

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Abhriya Roy

Senior Member
Jan 31, 2017
Want to maximize your profits and minimize your losses?

Get daily buy/sell recommendations using StockR. Also, get price charts and past performance history.

StockR provides you with stock recommendations, price charts that help you to get an edge over market movements. Easily refer our stock recommendations and know when to buy or sell a certain stock to maximize your profits. Get insights into what your target stock price should be. Refer to the price charts to gather in-depth knowledge of how the stock has performed in the past! Make your investments grow with StockR!

Download - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=studio.zebro.stockr

Codebase on Github - https://github.com/abhriyaroy/StockR