[APP] TCPMP Finger friendly !Update! 26/02/2010

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Can this play the movie FULL Screen?

I have just installed this and could not found any way to make the movie play in FULL Screen :confused:

I have seen similar question in this thread but could not find any reply :(.
Can some one please point to the answer, if available?


Edit: Got it: when playing if we click/tap on the play area it make FULL screen. But it lose the quality :(.
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Jul 15, 2007
Fullscreen controls plugin in DirectDraw overlay mode for TCPMP

Let's introduce a small plugin for TCPMP for fullscreen controls in DirectDraw overlay mode. But only one skin is ready: for the left landscape orientation 480x800. Tested on the current version of TCPMP (Finger friendly). Installing: just copy fsoverlay.plg and fsoverlay folder to TCPMP directory.


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