[APP/THEME][ROOT] OPFPControl — Custom Fingerprint Icons and Colors

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    This is a follow-up to my System UI mod for the international 6T. This one, however, doesn't require a modded SystemUI.apk and should work on all OOS versions. This version depends on RROs to change the icons and such, so a reboot is usually needed every time something is changed. This also means that it will last through system updates, and is much easier to uninstall.

    Standard disclaimers apply: I'm not responsible if this messes something up.


    More screenshots are available on the XDA Labs listing.

    Download it here: https://labs.xda-developers.com/store/app/tk.zwander.opfpcontrol
    Source code: https://github.com/zacharee/OPFPControl
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    Hey everyone.

    It's been a while but there's a new release available: version 7. This release brings compatibility for devices running Android 11.

    It's been tested on a OnePlus 8T on OOS 11, but it should work on any Android 11 ROM that uses the proper image names for the fingerprint icon.

    Thanks to @osm0sis for testing.
    Version 5 has been released.

    I've made some changes and tested it on Android 10, and I haven't run into any crashes or issues. If there is a crash, I'll need an actual log or at least steps to reproduce.
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