[APP][TOROPLUS][10/12/12] Sprint Diagnostics - PRL Manager - MSL Getter - Other win


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Apr 23, 2007
I got tired of all the *#*#tHiSiSsTuPiD#*#* codes to access all the Sprint diagnostics so I slapped this app together. Works great on our Eos builds and works on Dreams and Shabbys build. Just flash in recovery and win. Let me know what you think.

UPDATE: 10/12/12

For those of you who run Eos, nothing new. Just helping out everybody else who haven't discovered true win yet :highfive:


PRL Manager: No more test.prl crap. Just pick a folder, dump in all your prl's and flash PRL's on the fly. Be sure to report back when Sprint cancels your contract for you!

MSL getter: Just tap to get your MSL code. Simple enough.

USB Diagnostics Mode: With help and motivation from my main man, the cdma guru himself, Autoprime! If you know what this is, you'll already appreciate it.

Hidden Menu: All the good shortcuts like update profile and prl, hands free activiation, data and debug menu, and all that.

NOTE: THIS IS A SYSTEM APPLICATION, NOT A USER APP! Do not try to install like a normal user app. It must be flashed to system/app. This will not work on stock, but who runs stock anyway? Reason being is in order to do some advanced telephony stuff, the app must have android.uid.system permission. Therefore, because it is signed with aosp platform keys, and not oem keys, stock is dead. Should work with any aosp build, assuming the dev has used stock aosp platform keys. Or.... just run Eos, feel our win, problem solved :p

Download Sprint Diagnostics

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Jun 23, 2010
diag mode doesnt work.. wahhhhh :mad: :confused: :( :crying:

the menu shows up obviously.. but it seems purely cosmetic. no flip from PDA to Modem is ever made. I'm probably the only person on earth that wants this feature.. so no worries. But if there's anything I can do to help this progress, lmk. I'll be in ##gn-sprint as usual ;) Might just need to wait until Sprint releases JB for this feature. Samsung AOSP + Diag is quite an issue outside of NS4G and Gnex.


Jun 24, 2010
Delray Beach
Thanks for this tool and for your TeamEos ROM. Been running your nightlies since they dropped and don't plan on switching ;). I have a problem just recently when I try to send an MMS. It won't send (says sending, then times out). Same goes for downloading MMS (says downloading, then of course times out). I always do a full wipe, system, cache etc. Once the problem started I went back to my Nandroid but the problem continued, I then Odined back to stock using Shabbys FC12 tar and let the system update to FD02 but I'm still getting the same error messages.. Its not a problem with this app or the Team Eos ROM. I truly believe its a provisioning issue. I have done the force re-activation with my MSL...and still no joy lol. I apologize in advance for posting here if its incorrect, seemed appropriate given I'm currently running the Eos ROM and obviously you guys have a good knowledge of this kind of thing. Again, thanks for all you guys do!