[APP]Touch InCall Screen Tweak v1.2.0 - Updated 3 Sep 09 - Battery Drain Fix

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Welcome to the Touch InCall Screen Tweak thread. This app is a collaboration between 600GOL (of changeScreen fame) and Steve Pritchard (of the lesser StartTomTom fame).

Release notes are in the second post.

What does it do?
The purpose of the application is to switch on your screen during a call if you don't have it against your ear. This is useful if you need to enter digits for voicemail or telephone banking, etc. The screen will be switched off if the phone is against your ear (since v1.0.10 this will include as you a making a call, as well as during the call). From v1.0.11 if you put the phone face down, it will switch off the screen, and turn on the Speakerphone (from v1.0.19 this is now an option).

How does it work?
The application, once installed, doesn't actually run until you make or receive a call, so it won't impact normal performance of the phone. When you are in a call, the application runs, and monitors the orientation of the phone, and will switch the screen on if the phone has been in your hand for around half a second or so. If you put the screen against your ear, the screen will go off again. You can repeat this cycle as many times as you like.

So it doesn't use the light sensor then?
From v1.0.6 it DOES use the light sense to detect if it is against your ear. This is really a double check to back up the orientation. It doesn't use it to determine if it's away from your ear because the sensor doesn't seem to work when the screen is off, so it's of no use for switching the screen back on.

Will it work with my Phone?
This app is only compatible with Windows Mobile based HTC phones. It is developed and tested on a HTC Touch Pro, but should function on Touch Diamond and Touch HD models, although it looks as though non-TP models don't use their light sensors during a call, so Diamond and HD owners might want to disable the use of the sensor using the config app. It is not compatible with Android based phones, e.g. HTC Hero, or with Samsung phones, including the Omnia i900.

You can install the application from the attached cab file. You need to soft reset after installation for the application to work.

The second post in this thread will contain release information. Please resist the urge to tell everybody that you are downloading and trying the software by posting to this thread. By all means let us know if it works for you, along with what ROM you are using, and obviously let us know if you have any problems.


600GOL and Steve.

If you would like to consider making a donation, it is by no means necessary, but it is appreciated.

Many thanks to Hilaireg who has taken the time to provide a user manual, and Kitchen packages for TICST.

The files available for download:

- TICST Manual v1.1.3.pdf.zip - User Manual
- Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak v1.2.0.CAB - Regular installation CAB
- Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak v1.2.0 with UC.CAB - CAB for inclusion in UC startup installations
- Marzens_TouchInCallScreenTweak_1_2_0_0.zip - Visual Kitchen OEM Package
- PACKAGE_Marzens_TouchInCallScreenTweak_1_2_0_0.zip - Legacy Kitchen OEM Package


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[size=+1]Release Notes[/size]

The logging option is provided for people who find they have problems with odd behaviour. The log file will be written to the Touch_InCall_Screen_Tweak.txt in the root of your device. It will get pretty big, pretty quick so if you make/receive lots of calls the best idea might be to switch it on for a short while, use the phone, make a copy of the log file to upload to this thread, and then switch it off if you are filling up your storage space.

3 Sep 2009 - v1.2.0 - Bugfix Update
- This version addresses a bug that has been around for a while, but has been difficult to track down. It appears that an early beta introduced an excessive battery drain for some users, and this has now been tracked down, and addressed.

6 Aug 2009 - v1.1.3 - Update
It's been a while, but this minor update has the following changes:
- Fixes a bug with the "switch off after Bluetooth" call function.
- Fixes a bug which caused the left soft key to be pressed at the end of a call.
- The "switch off for Bluetooth", and "switch off after Bluetooth" facilities (which switch the screen off during, and after a bluetooth headset based call respectively) are now applicable to wired headset calls too.

31 May 2009 - v1.1.2 - Update
This version includes an option to turn off the AutoDeviceLock during a call, as described in this post, for better compatibility with SPB Mobile Shell 3.

21 May 2009 - v1.1.1 - Update
This version fixes a bug with the "Ignore first screen off" function. This bug is most noticeable in the situation where the phone canvas/utility/whatever turns the screen off before TICST gets the chance to. This version has been tested with PhonEx from IconSoft, and works as long as you switch ON the screen off during conversation facility.

17 May 2009 - v1.1.0 - Update
This version provides a number of new features:

- It will allow the switching between APM and non-APM (Advanced Power Management) mode via the config application. Non-APM will give the better experience, but you may find that your battery runs down quicker in this mode. If the option is greyed out, then you are already running in Non-APM mode, and you can't change it.
- An option to prevent the auto-unlock has been added
- The option to switch the screen off after a Bluetooth call has been added.
- The "Show phone at screen on" option has been changed slightly in that it will attempt to activate the existing instance of cprog.exe, rather than spawning a new one. This will hopefully help some people who were having problems with different dialers - most people won't notice any difference.
- Minor logic alteration to try and prevent too much "flashing" of the screen in some circumstances.

16 Apr 2009 - v1.0.20 - Update
This version provides a couple of new features:

- If the screen is locked with the WM Lock when the app switches the screen on, it will attempt to automatically unlock it.
- The app goes into an override mode if the speakerphone is switched on manually, or if the call type is a video call. NB. This is not the same override mode as if the screen is switched on/off manually, and the override timeout isn't applicable.

8 Apr 2009 - v1.0.19 - Update
This version provides a number of new features:

- More configuration for the use of the Speakerphone. You can define whether putting the phone face down should switch it on, and what action, if any, the phone should take with the Speakerphone when you have it in your hand, i.e. switch it on, off, or take no action.
- The ability to show the phone canvas has an extra option of auto-pressing the left soft key, which should put it into dialpad mode.
- You can define a timeout, in minutes, for the override mode. This option hasn't been tested thoroughly, so feedback would be useful.

7 Apr 2009 - v1.0.18 - Update
This version adds the facility to force the phone canvas to be displayed when the screen switches on. This could be useful if you find that when the screen switches on, you are back at your Today screen.

6 Apr 2009 - v1.0.17 - Includes UC Friendly installer
This version adds the facility to always switch off the screen when you are taking a call via bluetooth.

There is also a UC Friendly installer which doesn't run the config app, or give the option to soft reset after installation. However, please be aware that you will still need to soft reset after the app is installed in order for TICST to function correctly.

2 Apr 2009 - v1.0.16 - AppToDate release
There is no change to the application itself, but the installation now supports AppToDate. Also, the config utility will now try and detect the phone type, and select suitable defaults with regard to ignoring the light sensor, and the first screen-off.

2 Apr 2009 - v1.0.15 (beta) - Consolidated Release
Another Minor release - this version handles sensors that give readings greater than expect more sympathetically. In the past, if a sensor produced a reading higher than expected, it could be misread. This has been corrected. The "Always On" feature has been added. This will keep your screen on all the time, regardless of orientation.

24 Mar 2009 - v1.0.14 (beta) - Consolidated Release
Minor release - this version fixes a bug which stopped the speakerphone from being switched back on. Polling frequency has been increased from 4 to 5 times per second.

21 Mar 2009 - v1.0.13 (beta) - Consolidated Release
Minor release - this version loosens the definition of "face down" for switching the speakerphone on. People having problems getting the speakerphone to come on, should try this version.

21 Mar 2009 - v1.0.12 (beta) - Consolidated Release
This release adds the option to switch the speakerphone off once you put the phone into the "in your hand" position, i.e. when the screen comes back on again. The option is "Switch speakerphone off" in the config utility.

Bug Fix - This version should no longer switch the screen off if making a data connection.

20 Mar 2009 - v1.0.11 (beta) - Consolidated Release
This release adds functionality to switch the screen off, and speakerphone on if you put the phone face down on a flat surface.

[Earlier version release notes have been removed due to post size]
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Oct 13, 2007
Works Great!

Installed on Sprint TouchPro Stock ROM, works great.
maybe in future releases you can make a toggle switch or a small program to enable or disable it


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Nov 11, 2008
Hi -- works great so far! Thanks for this, I know people have been asking for this for some time. I found it works best if you sort of "flick" the phone when you bring it down from your ear to turn the screen back on. It turns on very quickly and responds quite well. So far, in just a few minutes of testing, I really like it. Great job and thank you !!


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Jun 16, 2007
same here. screen stays off. i shake the **** out of the phone..nothing

What ROM are you using? It's just a question of orientation... I just installed it on a Touch HD (stock ROM) and it worked there as well...change the screen orientation and you change he backlight as advertised.