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❯ [APP] ❯❯ UNLIMITED Free Fast VPN ❯❯❯ DNS CHANGER with ADBLOCKER (1000+ servers)

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Sep 4, 2010
Hey! Thanks for interesting. I'm fixing now subscription section.
I will reedeem code for you. Thanks!
Also, I'm really waiting your suggestion or bugs...

Have a nice day.

Just downloading now. Looking for to trying it. I have a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited, a second option is awesome.

PM me with a redeem code please. That way it's not posted in the thread and people try and use/re-use it and complaint when it don't work.

Thanks !


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Jun 9, 2013
Omg this is great! vpn and adblock in one app! I use VPN most of the times, can i have a code please?

Also free up ur memory option give me minor crash and its not working (Mate8 running EMUI5)
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Jun 6, 2015
I would like to give this a shot! I'm so interested! Could I have a redeem code? Thanks!
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    Saled app
    Please delete
    Thanks a lot.
    Can i have a redeem code please

    Hey! Thanks for interesting. I'm fixing now subscription section.
    I will reedeem code for you. Thanks!
    Also, I'm really waiting your suggestion or bugs...

    Have a nice day.
    Can i have a redeem code please
    May I get a code? Thank you!!

    would be great if I could get a code :) cheers

    Would also like a code, thank you

    Great app. Can I have a redeem code ? Thanks

    Hey I have good news for us.

    Today, I generated new promo codes.

    So, I will share with us again..
    This is one pathetic thread!! A moderator really needs to intervene here.

    Support the devs you bunch of cheapskates and stop asking for promo codes. There is nothing on this thread to do with the app its disgusting and every user that doesn't want to support development look elsewhere.

    What has happened to XDA?
    A place once useful for devs has turned into just another app store.
    This isn't a place to get free stuff its a place to help developers with there firmware and apps. If you want free stuff look elsewhere. If you don't want to support the devs look elsewhere. If you have no contribution towards the development of this app go someplace else. If you don't want to give a review or help with bugs than look somewhere else.

    The promo feature of the app needs to be removed in order to get this thread back on track.

    I literally can't find a single thing in the last 5 pages that has anything got to do with this app its disgusting.

    And to everyone here you can't find a VPN service that's free so just get over it and buy it or just don't use it.

    Sometimes we face situations that our principles do not apply and this is what I see by reading your post.

    What happened to XDA shouldn`t be a subject to discuss in this thread either but let me explain my point.

    As long as the OP doesn`t bother I guess there is nothing much to do, it`s his application and his thread and will be hard to understand this until one develops something and shares it around. Lets keep it civil and decently and not to let the anger blinding us, this is the last thing we want to happen .

    I wouldn`t recommend people to go "someplace else" as long as this forum is trying to cover as much as possible regarding Android, "free stuffs " or paid stuffs as per rules been always welcomed here.

    And yes, your point on free VPN might be valid and you always can open a topic on it, no need to do that on someone`s else thread.

    Hope you understand.
    Enjoy the forums !
    Dan - forum moderator
    @Brainlab please check your inbox