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Apr 29, 2017

I posted a request for a code several weeks ago. I saw the reply which said the codes had been sent. I eagerly checked my pm's but there was nothing there so I posted with that information again on the first of the month. I haven't been able to check on the status until now but still not showing anything. Not sure if I need to do anything else or? Thanks in advance for your help!

me too :(


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Jun 7, 2012
Astral Planet
After using the app for several weeks, I can say that the app have some good and bad things that users can consider before using or even upgrading the plan.

For example, even the ads are not too intrusive (for me), it is still kinda badly executed.
Ads will popup full screen whenever I chose to click on the back button. Even it is easy enough to close, it definitely unnecessary.

The toolbox too, are just bloated features and felt a little bit experimental. It is not needed. IT need to be removed.

Also, after upgrading my account to premium, all normal servers cannot be used. Why is that?
If I click on the connect button, nothing happened.

There are some typos too, like on the activated premium screen, it said 'activited', which obviously supposed to be 'activated'.

But after all that said, the good thing is, the VPN support Netflix, and I have tested it.
Netflix doesn't complain about me being connected to a VPN at all.
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Jul 29, 2015
Oh. May I have a code please. We have here in the country chaos, in an attempt to block the messenger Telegram, the government has already blocked several million IP addresses of the prerogative Google and Amazon .. And it will only get worse .. (google translation)


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Nov 9, 2008
....With Smart VPN unblock websites or app and protect privacy with encrypted VPN.
....and protect fake websites.
Protect Privacy
Tools [/B]
See security issues with tools tab. Control your device for privacy.

...... Smart VPN block the invisible trackers that monitor your online activity.

If you have any suggestion or about problems you can write down on this topic.
We will take care of it immediately on problems and suggestions.

Hi, I do ave several concenrs/questions to you and I'd like to kindly ask for a few words of explanation here.

So, from the first sight, you are not providing any privacy policy here, but you are stating several times that you are protecting the users' privacy.
I believe that this is not 100% accurate, as your apk is just a front end to the data harvesting research being led by Tsukuba University in a pretty similar style to the method developed at Cambridge and used by Cambridge Analytica to harvest the users' data via facebook?

Please let me to explain the concern closer. although you, on your github.io page (which is redirected from Google Play, link here:https://brainlabdev.github.io/smartvpn/privacy.html are claiming that you directly are not harvesting any users data, there is a hint provided that actually all services provided in your frontend apk are originating directly from VPNGate. You are providing the link there, which you have named as "Privacy Policy".

The link, however, redirects to the Tsukuba's University operated VPNGate "about-abuse" page: http://www.vpngate.net/en/about_abuse.aspx, as there is no any privacy policy.

Contrary to anything related with the privacy, this site claims that the users logs will be maintained for at least 3 months by them.
Although the site claims that they do not record any packet data, there is no regulation or reference (in terms of real privacy policy) which would govern them to not to.
The whole project target/research aim is not disclosed there either.

The Project forum is so well maintained and focused on the matter that although it provides some useful information (for example this threadhttp://forum.vpngate.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=60340 from where we could learn how to hire the best hookers in Bangalore, most important for project leader information, perhaps) - it is not disclosing the real aim beside the users data harvesting either.

Please excuse my suspicions, but in the shade of the Cambridge Analytica case, I do somehow believe that given for free VPN is not free in our highly commercialised world, but is being paid by users with their data.

Therefore, I would appreciate if you could assure me and others by confirming that you are giving the free codes from the deep of your heart, the whole project aim is a charity (including the payment for serwers and bandwith) of a very rich sponsor.

Thanks in advance and have a lovely afternoon.
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    Saled app
    Please delete
    Thanks a lot.
    Can i have a redeem code please

    Hey! Thanks for interesting. I'm fixing now subscription section.
    I will reedeem code for you. Thanks!
    Also, I'm really waiting your suggestion or bugs...

    Have a nice day.
    Can i have a redeem code please
    May I get a code? Thank you!!

    would be great if I could get a code :) cheers

    Would also like a code, thank you

    Great app. Can I have a redeem code ? Thanks

    Hey I have good news for us.

    Today, I generated new promo codes.

    So, I will share with us again..
    This is one pathetic thread!! A moderator really needs to intervene here.

    Support the devs you bunch of cheapskates and stop asking for promo codes. There is nothing on this thread to do with the app its disgusting and every user that doesn't want to support development look elsewhere.

    What has happened to XDA?
    A place once useful for devs has turned into just another app store.
    This isn't a place to get free stuff its a place to help developers with there firmware and apps. If you want free stuff look elsewhere. If you don't want to support the devs look elsewhere. If you have no contribution towards the development of this app go someplace else. If you don't want to give a review or help with bugs than look somewhere else.

    The promo feature of the app needs to be removed in order to get this thread back on track.

    I literally can't find a single thing in the last 5 pages that has anything got to do with this app its disgusting.

    And to everyone here you can't find a VPN service that's free so just get over it and buy it or just don't use it.

    Sometimes we face situations that our principles do not apply and this is what I see by reading your post.

    What happened to XDA shouldn`t be a subject to discuss in this thread either but let me explain my point.

    As long as the OP doesn`t bother I guess there is nothing much to do, it`s his application and his thread and will be hard to understand this until one develops something and shares it around. Lets keep it civil and decently and not to let the anger blinding us, this is the last thing we want to happen .

    I wouldn`t recommend people to go "someplace else" as long as this forum is trying to cover as much as possible regarding Android, "free stuffs " or paid stuffs as per rules been always welcomed here.

    And yes, your point on free VPN might be valid and you always can open a topic on it, no need to do that on someone`s else thread.

    Hope you understand.
    Enjoy the forums !
    Dan - forum moderator
    @Brainlab please check your inbox
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