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(App Update) Moto Display, File Manger, App launcher, Contacts & more -(23 September)

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Jul 23, 2014
New Delhi- India
(App Update) Moto Display, File Manger, App launcher, Contacts & more -(23 September)

Here are the new Apps from oreo for our Z Play(Stock only) !
Compatibility: 7.0+
Soc: Snapdragon only
Custom Rom support: No

Installation Instructions
Install APK as normal APK (These will override on existing APK)

Known Issues
Contacts does not work on some devices
Contacts installs as a separate APK
Moto App does installs on 2016 & some 2017 Devices
FM does not work Z Play

Extra Info
I have tested this on my Moto Z play, Moto G4 running Stock 7.1.1/7.0

App Highlights

Moto Display: (8.0+) (Playstore Version 23 September)
check attachments (Thanks to gyarados025)
-Bug Fixes

-Bug Fixes
-Drive link
-New Oreo Camera Added (28 February)
-Drive link

-New Camera Update (04 April): (v6.2.5.11)
-New Camera Update (06 April): (v6.2.5.12)
-New Camera Update (07 August): (v6.2.14.2)
-Google Lens support
New Camera Update (23 September): (v6.2.14.17)
check attachments
Moto Voice (24 April) (on public demand):
-Extracted from G6 series
-Not tested yet (Kindly Test and revert)

-New Icon
-New Splash Screen
*App crashing on some devices
*Installs as a seperate app
- New build for FC fixes added (19 February)

File Manager:
-New Icon
-UI improvements

Radio FM (Play Store Version 9 April)
-New Icon
*FM doesn't work on Z play

Moto Launcher (28 February):
- New Icon
- Theming

Moto App (on public demand):
-New Icon
-New UI
-New Features added
*not compatible with 2016 models, 2017 models can give it a try

-New Icon
-New UI

Time and weather
-Update for 2016 devices nothing new for 2017 and above

Moto Actions -24 April:
-Play store Version
2 versions available:
For Naugat: v3.068.1.0-N
For Oreo: v4.031.1.2-O
For Oreo: v4.072.1.5-O (10 August)


  • Moto_6.0.63.apk
    16.5 MB · Views: 30,879
  • Equalizer-com.motorola.audiofx-1010056-v01.01.0056.apk
    1.8 MB · Views: 21,176
  • Contacts_1.7.10.apk
    4.8 MB · Views: 17,181
  • TimeWeather.apk
    3.3 MB · Views: 17,470
  • Moto_Display_06.071.4_.apk
    3 MB · Views: 4,534
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Feb 15, 2013
Only tried Moto Display and it works perfectly. Even has unread/read notification dots. Boss.
You are right, all three of them work, they have Target sdk 25 and 24. The new Moto display even let's you answer without unlocking:good:
Only annoyance is that blinking fingerprint icon

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Not that obvious. They do come from an Oreo preview so they could have 8.0 as MinSDK
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Oct 27, 2017
First of all.. Thanks a lot...
Working on Moto G5s plus...
2. Can u plz add more apps...like
New Dialer with Vilte support
Attentive display
New Moto app.......

Contact app installs as separate app not overwrites the already present app


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Jul 10, 2010
Southern Maine / Seacoast NH
So it doesn't work on a Moto Z Droid? I just installed and it still doesn't look any different. I do not see any landscape when I turn my phone sideways. I'm on 7.1.1. if that's important.

It's pretty picky about orientation - seems consistent in my dash mount, but sometimes stays in portrait when I'm holding the phone. This is it though...


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