[APP] [UPDATED 2009-04-01].CommMgrPro. Automatic profiling tool (GSM Cell)

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I cannot seem to get this program to uninstall. I have tried the various tips found on this thread and it just won't go.

1) tried system uninstaller... no go "Says no completely removed"... starts again after re-start
2) Tried to remove startup reference and the registry entries... for some reason the registry entries will not go away. Every re-load of the registry editor shows them as still being there.
3) tried turning off the TF3D home page and unistalling... same as #1
4) reinstalled figuring that it would uninstall the first copy and then install over it.. no go, it failed to uninstall the first copy during install (see #1) and then when i tried to uninstall it after the re-install it failed again (like #1)
UPDATE 5) SKTools did the trick... wow that was tough.

Any ideas?

Don't get the wrong idea, its a great program, I just don't need it. I was testing it on my phone, then installed it on the wifes phone. She spends 8 hrs a day in a building with no signal. So the phone kills its battery transmitting all day trying to find a tower. At home the phone uses approx 2% per hour when not in use (or less). Yet when she goes to work it can kill the battery in less than 8 hours. So we are using this profile switcher to turn off the phone/data functions during the hours she is at work. The great part is that if she leaves work early or takes a day off, as soon as she attempts to make a call it will ask her if she is sure and then turn the phone radio back on. (With the wifes phone things just need to happen, going through a bunch of menus and selecting the right options just to make a call is not allowed)
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Oct 3, 2006
Yesterday I had a dinner with fellows of a company where I worked 10 years ago. One of those persons, a russian woman (Irina), is working currently for Microsoft EU and has a very important job (she is a super boss). We talked about windows 7 mobile and she told me they didnt really know what is doing microsoft about this market segment. They know that they are losing most of the clients and seems they move toward devices multimedia & play &phone. Something like a zune + xbox360 that you can use to make phone calls too, but far of enterprise users. well, whow knows. Anyway many sw companies have freezed their windows mobile projects by now... :)


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Mar 7, 2007
Hi D. Thx for the update, but we are still here on wm, and that imo is still better than android...!

So. Have you stopped updating CMP, and if so, are you going to release some source so someone can take over the number one app for wm.

BTW. i disagree in wp7 is a failure. It will develope when released. It will be hacked. AND we still have wm where I will stay untill a bettet alternative evolves...

Shortly said: We still need CMP and I will gladly pay for a new version....or later on a version in silverlight, hehe... :)


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Sep 15, 2008
Johannesburg, South Africa

Will I be able to use my CommMgrPro license that I got for the original WM version or will I have to buy again?

Does / will the android version work just like the WM version or better?

Hope there is an app soon, couldn't live without CMP...


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Feb 8, 2008
Hello danielherrero

Its this app discontinued on Windows Mobile?

I wanna go and use it again on my HD2.
But its a bit buggy. The programa pops open when nothing is done.

Also the bluetooth plugging seems not to work.
It doenst turn it on or off.

Im running:
Rom: [email protected] 1.72 v3.5 NLD with Cookie


Dec 22, 2009
bandswitch problem

Hi Daniel

Bandswitch will not start after activation on my HD2
I flashed a new nrgz rom ... the latest build and pre installed the app with xda_uc
After I put in the code ... the app said BandSwitch not activated please contact support
Uninstalled - Reinstalled the app - same problem

What to do ??

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    Disabled images are used int two situations:
    1) When the device hasnt this hardware or the is problem comunicating with it. For example: It the device hasnt wifi or bluetooth or 3G then the button will be disabled.
    2) Connections disabled. The user cant stablish connections...
    ...however profile switching based on a Location into a determined time frame doesn't work for me...

    At the university i've add a time frame from 8.30 to 13.30 with "vibrate" mode.. but at 8.31 CMP still show "university-default" and not "University-Lesson"...
    No way to change the profile... also if at 8.31 i close & re-open CMP, it always sets to university-default.

    I am beginning to think that there are errors in my database... (all ok with errors check)
    In that case the are a problem in your database, sure. Now I ve to go out but can you send me your database? I will look for a problem in it. Very soon will be ready the utilities for export/import to/from XML so you will be able to see/edit all the data. (places, lacs, cells, schedules, actions....).