[APP] [UPDATED 2009-04-01].CommMgrPro. Automatic profiling tool (GSM Cell)

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May 27, 2005

Did you have a countdown timer set or something? :D

Anyway I am not sure Danny wants to bother any more, maybe too busy. He hasn't even answered my pagings (over messengers) for a long time.


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Oct 3, 2006
I ve been very busy with my "regular job" but I ve been working in CMP for Android some months. The goal is the same but the way is wider.
1) The device broadcast notifications. eg. time or date changed, position changed, battery level changed, wifi changed state, calendar apointment active, phone ringing, incomming email, etc, etc, etc

2) The user create rules with those conditions. eg. If current day is monday, between 4 and 6" and I am near home (radius) and battery level is > 75 and ...and .... and....or.... or....

3) When a rule is matched it can execute:
3.1) An individual action. eg, send an email, turn on flight mode, mute speaker....
3.2) A profile. This is simply a group of individual actions. So you can device your profiles: Home-night, home-day, job, etc

Well, I would like know which notifications are interesting to you. eg (date, time, position, battery level, state of a radio device, etc)
And...the actions you would like to execute (disable connections, turn wifi on, etc etc)

The link for android version is
I guess we should discuss in that thread because this is a windows mobile thread

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    Disabled images are used int two situations:
    1) When the device hasnt this hardware or the is problem comunicating with it. For example: It the device hasnt wifi or bluetooth or 3G then the button will be disabled.
    2) Connections disabled. The user cant stablish connections...
    ...however profile switching based on a Location into a determined time frame doesn't work for me...

    At the university i've add a time frame from 8.30 to 13.30 with "vibrate" mode.. but at 8.31 CMP still show "university-default" and not "University-Lesson"...
    No way to change the profile... also if at 8.31 i close & re-open CMP, it always sets to university-default.

    I am beginning to think that there are errors in my database... (all ok with errors check)
    In that case the are a problem in your database, sure. Now I ve to go out but can you send me your database? I will look for a problem in it. Very soon will be ready the utilities for export/import to/from XML so you will be able to see/edit all the data. (places, lacs, cells, schedules, actions....).