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Sep 1, 2010
Ann Arbor
Thanks so much for posting the APK. It wouldn't show up in my market since my phone isn't supported. It works just fine though on BravoC
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Garrett 77

May 30, 2010
Unsupported device not working...

Not working on Archos 43. Showed up in market, installed fine, but stops at program running with unsupported device popup. Works great on Nexus One running Cyanogenmod!


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Jan 5, 2011
Installed on Fascinate and also have app working to adjust queue and search for movies, but cannot stream a movie as it says "device not supported".

Guess we'll have to wait for a hack job or our device to be eventually supported.


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Mar 25, 2010
Doesn't work on the G2X

Doesn't work on the G2X running the Gingerbread leak (just quits, doesn't even get to any screen or dialog).

I'll go home and give it a shot with the latest CyanogenMod nightly.
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Apr 19, 2011
works on dell streak with streakdroid 1.90

Streaming works on dell streak with streakdroid 1.90. Two problems the movies play is 2x the normal speed and drains battery like crazy


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Feb 1, 2011
Doesnt work for the Mytouch 4g (Even though it has better specs than more than one phone on that list...) But i called customer support and they said that they eventually would release a working app for EVERY android phone with hardware capable of streaming video smoothly. Also, I pretty much got a direct confirmation of one for the Mytouch 4g very soon.
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Feb 9, 2011
Thanks OP, working on HTC Desire, Oxygen 2.0.3. Nice app, buffering and fast forwarding responds super quick :)


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May 12, 2011
Not working on stock htc thunderbolt, loaded the app I can browse queue and just about everything else just fine. When it comes time to play I get a blank screen and either returned to the queue, or get a DRM notification.

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    Dblfstr has a updated thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1178425 and http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=24720204 Say thanks.


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    Netflix Rotation Enabled Colored apps V1.3

    New Thread here: Netflix-Rotation-Color-V1.3
    <**************** Netflix-Rotation-Color-V1.3 ****************>


    The attached files are modified versions of the stock market V1.3
    I have edited some xml files to add screen rotation while browsing or streaming. I have also altered the loading screens to GREEN, ORANGE, PINK, and BLUE, along with keeping the Netflix RED. The icons are created by me and correspond to the color of the loading screens. Nothing else has been touched.

    >Updated to new version 1.3 (7/20/2011)
    >Enabled Rotation
    >Changed loading screen to Red, Green, Orange, Pink, or Blue
    >Added custom icon with android logo: red, green, orange, pink, or blue.
    Netflix Rotation Enabled Apps V1.2.2:
    Green: Netflix-Rotation-Green-C-V1.2.2
    Blue: Netflix-Rotation-Blue-C-V1.2.2
    Netflix Red: Netflix-Rotation-Red-C-V1.2.2
    New Netflix Rotation Enabled Apps V1.3:
    New Netflix Black: Netflix-Rotation-Black-V1.3
    New Netflix Blue: Netflix-Rotation-Blue-V1.3
    New Netflix Green: Netflix-Rotation-Green-V1.3
    New Netflix Orange: Netflix-Rotation-Orange-V1.3
    New Netflix Pink: Netflix-Rotation-Pink-V1.3
    New Netflix Red: Netflix-Rotation-Red-V1.3
    HTC Vision Spoof:
    Netflix 1.2.2-HTC Vision-b.apk
    For those that cannot stream, please try this app and PM me results. Thanks.
    The current 'HD' Netflix apps floating around xda have been proven to be nothing more than some WM Codec files copied and pasted into an android app. It was proven that they provide NO added functionality and that no changes to the app were actually made [besides rotation]. Use the 'HD' apps at your own risk, and if you have extra space to spare.

    Netflix will soon actually support 1080p streaming!
    "Netflix streaming at full HD 1080p resolution on Android mobile devices could be with us imminently, with the news that Texas Instruments‘ OMAP4 platform has become the first to be Netflix HD certified. OMAP4′s combination of 1080p-capable dual ARM Cortex-A9 cores and the M-Shield security technology were apparently enough to convince Netflix that not only was the platform good enough to deliver Full HD, but in a way that would stop nefarious users from ripping the high-def clips and sharing them illegally."
    For those who had to modify their build.prop to get Netflix to work correctly, try using this apk file instead of modifying your build.prop. You may get a date and time error, just got back into the Netflix app and you should be OK. I've disabled the device check in the apk.

    Got Tired of Doing This.

    This list is by NO MEANS exhaustive. I am doing my best add devices that do or do not work. If you feel that a device should be added, please PM me with the model and ROM that you are using. Thanks.

    If the list says it works, it could be any one of these apks. It is too much to list it out for every device and ROM:


    When browsing your que and any movies, by default you are stuck with portrait mode. When streaming you are stuck in landscape mode.

    Enabled rotation means when you turn your phone while browsing/streaming, the app will change its orientation. i.e. browse in landscape stream in portrait.

    These first three are the files from the first post: I have only enabled rotation in them. Everything else is exactly as it was.

    Thanks to ften for mod-2 and devicecheck disabled versions and thanks to skyjedi for the original.

    netflix-rotation-v1.01.apk: View attachment 605381
    netflix-devicecheck-disabled-rotation-v1.01.apk: View attachment 605383
    netflix-mod-2-rotation-v1.01.apk: View attachment 605386

    These are the original neflix.apks with rotation, custom icon, and the green has been moded to have "Netflix Red" changed to green.

    netflix-rotation-red-v1.01.apk: View attachment 605387
    netflix-rotation-green-v1.01.apk: View attachment 605388

    Please thanks if you like any of these, and don't forget to thank ften and skyjedi for the originals!

    Update V1.01 - fixed the off-center Netflix logo on splash screens.

    V1 Initial release


    Archos 70 / 101
    o Rooted
    o CM7.0.2
    o CyanogenMod 7 RC4-Liberty
    o Liberated Aria
    o IsaacJ's CM7
    Atrix 4G
    o Greyblur
    o Gingerblur 3.1
    o Continuum 2.3.3
    o Continuum 5.4.1
    o Darky's Deodexed JVH ROM
    o MIUI 1.5.13
    Dell Streak
    o Streakdroid 1.90 (Two problems the movies play is 2x the normal speed and drains battery like crazy)
    o pays 1.2 miui
    o Oxygen 2.0.3
    o ultimate droid 3.3.1
    o Project Elite Version 5, Gingerbread
    o Peter Alfonso's gpa13
    o Peter Alfonso's gpa14
    o Peter Alfonso's GPA15
    o Stock Gingerbread
    o CM 7.0.3 & Deprimed kernel
    o CM 7.0.4
    o Liquid Gingerbread
    o gb. 2.3.3
    o GB liberty v0.4
    Droid X
    o Gingerbread
    o Stock 2.2
    o Liberty 2.0.1
    Epic 4G
    o Cheese Samsprint
    o CyanogenMod (2.3)
    o myn's 2.2
    o Calkulins 2.2
    o CM7 nightly
    EVO 4G
    EVO Shift (Flash 10.3)
    G1 (Dream)
    o virtuous fusion sense 3.0
    o super CM7
    o Cyanogen mod
    Galaxy S (i9000M)
    o darky 10 rc6 / darkcore 2.2
    o Hawkish 2 (2.3.3)
    Galaxy S (GT-9000T)
    o Honey3.3 ROM (gingerbread 2.3.3) with darkcore 2.2 kernel
    Galaxy S II
    Galaxy Tab
    o Overcome ROM v2.0.0 BETA 2
    o boyppc MIUI V2
    o hyper droid latest rom
    o V20 - BOYPPC-SHIFTPDA GINGER 2.3.4 CM7 HoneyComB
    o MIUI ROM
    o Cyanogen Mod 7
    o Hyperdroid GBX
    o Hyperdroid CM7
    o Ultimate Droid 2.3
    o CM7 Nightly 75
    o Stock Rooted
    o SR4.0
    o Stock 2.2.1
    o Stock
    LG P-500
    o Cyanogen Mod 7 Beta 6.5 by Mik_os
    MyTouch 3G Slide
    o CyanogenMod 7.0.3
    Nexus One
    o Cyanogenmod
    Nexus S
    o NS-RC1
    Nook Color
    Optimus M
    o cm7 gingerbread
    Optimus V
    o latest AOSP 2.3.3 GB CM7 Mod 4/27
    o cm_vibrantmtd_full-0.zip
    o CM7
    o HC 3.1

    Xperia X10
    o FreeX10 Beta 4
    o CM7

    Doesn’t Work
    Acer Icona A500
    Archos 43
    Archos 70
    Archos 101
    o rooted
    o Stock
    o Rooted
    Dell Streak 2.2.2
    Desire HD
    o CM7 nightly 78
    o cyangenomod 6.1.2
    Droid 2
    o Stock
    Droid X
    o Stock 2.3.340 / 2.2.1
    o Liberty GB .5
    o Stock 2.2.1
    o Ginger Tazz
    o leak GB Rom
    o Stock
    o Darky's Rom 9.3 / speedmod kernel
    G1 (Dream)
    o cm6 stable
    o Xboarder56's 2.0
    o Cm7
    o CyanogenMod 7.0.3 stable
    o Stock
    o Gingerbread leak
    o Gingertab
    o VEGAN 7-03082011-Experimental- Harmony
    Galaxy S 4G
    o Rooted
    Galaxy Tab
    o CM7
    o Stock
    o CMYXLGO Desire HD 1.0.9
    o CyanogenMod
    o Rooted
    Inspire 4G
    o CM7.0.3
    o 2.3.4 dill's ROM
    o Stock
    o EB 2.2
    Mytouch Slide 3G
    o CyanogenMod 6.1.1
    Mytouch 4G
    o CM7.1 nightlies
    Nexus One
    o Stock
    Nexus S
    o Stock
    Optimus M
    Samgung Galaxy S i9000m
    o Stock Rooted
    o (perfect storm v1.4)
    o Stock
    o BAMF Remix 1.5
    Transformer tf101
    o Rooted
    o Trigger 3.2.
    o Bionix 1.3.1
    o Galaxy Extreme Final 2 (latest rev
    Xoom wifi 3.1
    Xperia Arc
    o 2.3.2 stock

    a lot of devices, and too much to dig through right now with editing build.prop, device check disable, etc...

    Edit1: Added More Devices and ROMS 5/20
    Edit2: Added More Devices and ROMS 5/20
    Edit3: Added a couple more 5/22

    [Netflix Master Hack] TMOUSA HD2 Installation Instructions, Enhanced Video Play

    The New Netflix TMOUSA HD2 Master Hack truly is the best thing since slice bread, enhancing the TMOUSA HD2 video resolution movies/TV episodes play quality, now confirmed ... Plus it register's your TMOUSA HD2 as a supported Netflix Android mobile device on Netflix's website as a [Nexus One]... Another thing, they are no negative side effects to your HD2 while using this hack ...

    TMOUSA HD2 Netflix Master Hack Installation Instructions:

    The Netflix Master Hack can be accomplished via the tool, "Root Explorer", go to system> build.prop, tap/hold on the build.prop file. A drop menu will appear, scroll down to "Open in Text Editor", tap on "Open in Text Editor" and edit the file lines below....

    When you finish editing the file lines, tap on the bottom center "Windows key", another pop up menu will appear, tap on "Save&Exit", back out back to your home screen and "Reboot" your HD2 ...

    PLEASE NOTE: Before editing your build.prop lines, you might want to copy the build.prop file to your SD Card, before editing/making any changes to the build.prop lines, just to be safe ...


    ro.product.model=Nexus One