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Oct 14, 2010
VPlayer NEED testers for DROID X and DROID 2

Version: 0.7.7a7

1. Basic streaming support. When you click a video link (http, rtsp) in somewhere, you may choose VPlayer to open it.
2. Fix audio bugs in 3gp, wmv, etc.
3. More responsible when openning a video.
4. Fix the bug in subtitle sync.


I've developed a media player which can play divx/xvid, rmvb, flv,
you can find it from market by search vplayer

At this time, VPlayer is just an alpha version and only support device with neon support and Android 2.x
VPlayer using FFmpeg, can play almost all video formats, Divx/Xvid, real media, flv, mkv.
VPlayer is almost the best video player in performance.
According to feedback of users, VPlayer acts better than other similar media players in divx, flv, rmvb playback.

Now VPlayer is in alpha version, only basic video playback capabilities. But it made perfect, it takes into account
the use of the various situations encountered, for example, while you are watching video, a call is coming.

VPlayer will continue to improve in the future, some basic characteristics of video player (such as subtitles support)
will be added on asap, and some special features are in roadmap.

The functionality and performance are most important feature of VPlayer. I plan to add hardware decoding and streaming

I try to make it clear, but my English is so poor...
hmmm, I also have to improve my English performance

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Jan 23, 2009
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I'm using it now and i'ts working great. You have the trackball to pause the video. But is there a way to make the trackball fastforward or rewind the video? I know that I can do that with the scroll bar, but it would be nice to use the trackball too?


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Aug 5, 2010
Downloaded it earlier; so far so good. It plays my flvs smoothly, and the app is much smaller than rockplayer. I'll test it out with some different file types tonight.

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