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[APP/WIDGET][2.3+] Yatse - Full featured Kodi / XBMC Remote and Widgets

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Oct 13, 2007
#Yatse 10.9.0 released.

* Added: Added: Remove the need to import favorites and merge both local and remote favorites to simplify.
* Changed: Another pass at needed changes for Android 12. See forums for solutions to Plugin issues.
* Changed: Many external libraries updates and related changes, as usual if you have issues contact support.
* Fixed: Improved error display when adding hosts.
* Fixed: Improved Plex support for 2FA.
* Fixed: Only offline filter is now working in all categories of Android Auto.
* Fixed: Some other reported issues and always more optimizations.

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    [APP/WIDGET][5.0+] Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast


    Yatse is the only Kodi remote control app you will ever need to fully manage all of your devices.
    It's not only simple, beautiful and fast, but also provides everything you have always wanted to enhance your usage of Kodi, including many features that you never thought you needed or were possible.

    Monthly updates and fast, efficient support allow us to offer more features and have a higher rating than any other competitor since 2011.
    Making Yatse the best original Kodi remote control for Android.

    • Stream your Kodi, Plex and Emby media to your Android device, UPnP, AirPlay, Chromecast, Roku and Smart TV *
    • Cast your phone media to your Kodi, UPnP, AirPlay, Chromecast, Roku and Smart TV*
    • Native support for Plex™ and Emby™ servers*
    • Natural voice commands
    • Full Android Wear and Auto support
    Offline Media* to sync Kodi, Plex and Emby media to your device for offline playing or casting
    • Integrated Audio Player* with gapless support
    • Multiple widgets for fast remote control, now playing details and more
    • Cloud Save* for easy backup and restoration of all your settings, hosts and commands
    • Unlimited Custom Commands to gain access to the most advanced Kodi remote functions
    • AV Receiver plugins* allowing direct volume control of your supported receivers from Yatse

    • Modern and intuitive interface, optimized for phones and tablets
    • Completely configurable to fill all your needs
    • DashClock / Muzei extensions
    • Notifications and Lockscreen controls
    • Quickly find your media with advanced sorting, filtering and global search
    • Detailed now playing with fast control of subtitles (Including downloading and syncing), audio and video streams
    • Wake on LAN (WOL) and power control options
    • Multiple plugins for SMS, call and notification forwarding or starting Kodi remotely
    • Send media from YouTube or browser to Kodi
    • Optimized for speed and low battery usage even on older devices
    • Support themes*
    • Offer an API to remote control Kodi and Yatse from other Android applications
    • Tasker plugin

    And much more, just install and try.

    • Official website: https://yatse.tv
    • Setup and usage documentation: https://yatse.tv/wiki
    • FAQ: https://yatse.tv/faq

    Website: Yatse official website
    App link: Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast
    Yatse 4.3.0 is published
    • Wear support : Full wear application to control XBMC from your watch (Remote / Now playing)
    • Integrated Stream plugin. No more need for a separate application
    • YouTube trailers can now be watched on Android device.
    • Add Norwegian translation (Thanks Erik F. / Rubba24 / Tommyla / Oyvindh / ...)
    • Bug fixes / Performance improvement

    Do not forget to rate the application and G+1.
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    Facebook : http://on.fb.me/13QNm5B
    Twitter : http://bit.ly/XzZGaz
    Google+ : http://bit.ly/1e2iS5z
    Hum yes the Wiki is not fully up to date but I'm alone to do all support / dev and Wiki things so hard to find enough time since this is only a spare time project :p

    The 1st icon is play :p
    The 2nd icon is queue next, so if you have already 10 items in the queue it will add just after the currently playing item.
    The 3rd icon is queue, so if you have already 10 items in the queue it will add after the last one.
    New version 2.9.10 published

    * New thumb system for better performance and quality
    * Export / Import hosts via QRCodes (Can import from Official remote)
    * Rework of most of the views for better quality / speed (Now correctly display images on Nexus 10)
    * Each library view can now have it's own display mode settings (Portrait and Landscape)
    * New display mode : Wall and Detailed Grid
    * New export / import / clear settings
    * Correctly support big and biggest tablet font size settings
    * Bug corrections and optimizations

    Remarks :
    - The thumb cache needs to be cleared.
    - Due to an internal change you need to add again your widgets.

    Facebook : http://on.fb.me/13QNm5B
    Twitter : http://bit.ly/XzZGaz

    You can see a video of Yatse 2.9.10 at :

    Don't forget to rate the app.

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