[App][Widget][4.1+] LaunchBoard: best app drawer replacement

Which mode do you use the most for launching apps using LaunchBoard?

  • The launcher icon

    Votes: 11 30.6%
  • The homescreen widget

    Votes: 10 27.8%
  • I use both

    Votes: 15 41.7%

  • Total voters
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Mar 25, 2013
You don't have to think much now, just launch apps effortlessly. :)
We are happy to convey you that we have added support for QWERTY upon popular user demand. Go to Play Store and update LaunchBoard to enjoy the new experience. :)
Don't forget to leave a Play store review about your experience, if you haven't yet.

Thank you.

Thanks, devthrob. Appreciate the update. :good:


Oct 16, 2017
@devthrob It's an incredible tool, in miui we don't have application drawer, to find an application becomes a problem, Launchboard is not a replacement for the launcher, it's a great complement to the launcher of miui, it doesn't break with the design and is very practical.
Two suggestions,
1. Customize the size of icons and labels in the results.
2. Exclude/hide applications from results
Thanks for the great job.

You know what? LaunchBoard was actually born out of the frustration of searching through long list of apps in app-drawer-less launchers like MIUI.
We wanted to build something, but we didn't want to build just another app drawer. We wanted to build something that can be used across launchers, so that the app launching experience can be super-easy and convenient in every launcher we use.

Thank you so much for the suggestions. Look forward to seeing new features including the ones that you suggested in the upcoming updates.
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Oct 16, 2017
Hey, please have an option for number pad. I have an app that begin with number : 9gag

You can find all non alphabetical app names by pressing "#" present in the end of second row.

Hope you find this information useful

Please let us know if you have further queries.


Oct 16, 2017
thanks for the novel launcher, @devthrob !
Please consider adding support for QWERTZ by simply switching Y and Z on the QWERTY layout

cheers and keep up the good work

We're glad that you found it useful.

Can you please give some background on how QWERTZ is special when compared to QWERTY? Would be interesting to know.

Thank you


Oct 18, 2017
Well, this app is a nightmare for iOS users. It greatly uses the customization options given by Android, that iOS users can only dream about.

Keep the features coming!


Oct 16, 2017
Well, this app is a nightmare for iOS users. It greatly uses the customization options given by Android, that iOS users can only dream about.

Keep the features coming!

Glad that you liked it. And yes, if there is one reason why people prefer Android over iOS, its customizability.

We'll keep improving our app, look forward for it.


Jun 10, 2013
OnePlus 7T Pro
great app, solves MY Problem!

great app!
I really was upset by the necessity of Google 'groping' my phone while I just needed to search for local apps and contacts.
my even lazier and faster way to launch your app is I've set a swipe action in the regular nova launcher applist button and I assure you it's really neat, effortless and comfy!
BTW: I support the request for icon scaling (but I read you have it, already, in your shortlist).

thank you! :good:
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Senior Member
Nov 19, 2015
lol NOVA has this by just pressing the home button while being on your homescreen, this isn't no new feature.

Who in their right mind would go from using any fully-featured launcher to something like this ..


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Oct 16, 2017
lol NOVA has this by just pressing the home button while being on your homescreen, this isn't no new feature.

Who in their right mind would go from using any fully-featured launcher to something like this ..

Sorry that you did not find anything new/useful in the app.

But, we are confident that using the LaunchBoard homescreen widget provides an experience that no other launcher offers. You can get to any of your app in just one click.
And, there lots of people who love to get the job done with the least number of clicks, rather than having to open something first and clicking 1 or 2 more things to get to the app they want.

Also, another advantage is that this is not a typical launcher, which means that it can be used in conjunction with any launcher. Who wants to use the same launcher all the time? It gets boring. With LaunchBoard, you can keep trying tonnes of different launchers, while being able to maintain a great launching experience with LaunchBoard.

Use the widget, mark frequent apps as favorites, and use LaunchBoard for some time, and if you really don't find it useful even then, we are really sorry, this app doesn't cater to your taste of doing things. You can then always let us know what new thing in the app would make it more useful for you. We ready to hear.

Thanks for sharing your honest opinions.

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    LaunchBoard for android is your perfect app drawer replacement. Launching apps has never been this easy.

    Play store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appthrob.android.launchboard

    What do app drawers do? Show you all the apps all at once, how dumb?
    Meet LaunchBoard, and say goodbye to searching through long list of apps & cluttered folders

    Let's admit it: 90% of the time, you exactly know the name of the app that you want to launch. With LaunchBoard, you use this knowledge to avoid seeing unnecessary apps in the process of launching apps

    It's all in the first letter of the app. To open 'w'hatsapp, you quickly press 'w' & you're presented with just the apps that start with 'w'

    Long press apps and mark them as favorites to make accessing those apps even easier.

    There are 2 ways to use LaunchBoard:
    1. Launcher icon
    2. Homescreen widget

    Pin the Launcher icon to the bottom tray of your homescreen. Clicking on it will open Favorites by default. So, if you have marked all your frequent apps as Favorites, they are just a click away. If the app you want is not in your Favorites list, click on the 1st letter of the app in the keyboard to quickly get to the app

    Adding the LaunchBoard Widget to your home screen is the best thing you can do to launch apps. YOU CAN THEN GET TO ANY APP WITH JUST A SINGLE TOUCH. Try it, you'll fall in love with it.

    Use the Theme Engine (Settings -> Appearance -> Theme Engine) to tweak the look & feel of the app. Using Custom themes, you can create & apply any number of themes. Intermediate and advanced level of theming allows you to tweak the colors of every aspect of the app.

    Hope you enjoy this app. Have suggestions? Let us know in the comments

    Follow us at Facebook

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LaunchBoard, App for all devices (see above for details)


    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2017-10-16
    Last Updated 2019-06-14
    How LaunchBoard is better?

    most launcher have a search bar. And also this concept is still less inovative then ZLauncher.

    Thanks for providing me a chance to explain how LaunchBoard can be better than the other alternatives, I'll try my best

    To launch apps using search bar in other launchers, you would need to:
    - click the search bar or swipe down
    - Type in letters until the app you want shows up
    - In most of the cases, the results will be shown on top of the screen (as in Google Now launcher). So you have to stretch your fingers to get to the app

    LaunchBoard on the other hand was built to get work done with as less clicks as possible (perfectly suits those who like to type a lot less)
    If you want to open 'Whatsapp', you just press 'w' and it's readily available to you for launching.

    Here's the most important part:

    To tap the fullest potential of LaunchBoard, you need to do 2 things:
    1. Add the LaunchBoard widget to your homescreen, so that any app is then JUST ONE CLICK AWAY

    2. From LaunchBoard, long press on the apps that you frequently use, and select 'Add to favorites'. e.g. If you add 'Whatsapp' to your favorites list, it will be shown on top whenever you press 'w'. This way, you don't even have to skim through the list of apps to open your favorites.

    Of course, Z Launcher provides a creative cum innovative way to reach apps by drawing letters on the screen. But it's just more fancy than practical. You would feel great for the first few days, but later on, swaying your hands to draw letters would begin to feel taxing when the craze dissolves.

    Try the LaunchBoard homescreen widget to launch apps for 2 days and you're sure to get addicted to it a lot, as it's simple, and just that.
    The best part is that you're not locked down to a specific launcher(as in the case of Z launcher). You can add the LaunchBoard widget and icon to any launcher.
    Just choose a launcher that you like the most, or keep switching between different launchers when bored, but add LaunchBoard to every one of them and have a consistent Launching experience

    Thank you!
    Add an option to change layout to qwerty. Please. :fingers-crossed:
    Thanks for the suggestion, @z1_nile

    We initially didn't opt for QWERTY layout, as it isn't a traditional keyboard where u type in words. U always press just one key, and the app that you want shows up. For this, the alphabetical order seemed to fit more naturally, as not everyone is very familiar with QWERTY, especially old aged ones.

    That said, we'll add an option for QWERTY layout in a near future update if you still insist, as your comfort is what matters the most, and we have the duty to make sure that every single user should be in their comfort zone when using the app.

    Hope you enjoy the other aspects of the app until then.

    We would really appreciate a Play Store review, if you enjoy using the app.

    Thanks again!
    Actually a good idea! There are launcher which do this but adding a widget on my homescreen is actually IMHO preferable.

    There are two things which could be better: The icons for the favorites are to large and waste unnecessary space. Maybe you can make them scalable.

    And second support for icon packs would be great. When use my launcher with a super duper icon pack and then look at the ugly system default icons in your widget...
    Add an option to change layout to qwerty. Please. :fingers-crossed:
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