[APP] WifiKill - disable internet for network hoggers (Android 4.x)

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GoJo ^^

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Dec 2, 2011
Try Arcai Netcut. Don't install one from play store. It's available on https://arcai.com/netcut-for-android/ working on Android 10, moto g power.
Hi, thanks for the tip. Not sure though, this is for when somebody connected to your hotspot or just same wifi..? I don't understand how this could cut connection on same wifi just with button? Anyway, it didn't work, i just tried. Porbably missing something.

EDIT: In fact does work (sometimes).. What's the magic?! Though it can't grab traffic and show visited website, is there another working app/module for this?

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    Well, with this app you can disable internet connection for a device on the same network. So if someone (anyone) is abusing the internet wasting precious bandwidth for a Justin Bieber videoclips you could just kill their connection and stay happy with a full bandwidth just for yourself.

    After a long long delay, I present to you brand new WiFiKill.

    This is an early release so be gentle. New features will come after this code proves to be stable.


    You can download WiFiKill using WiFiKill Downloader

    !!! PRO version !!! requires you to make a donation through PayPal (using WiFiKill Downloader)


    Free version has ads, and is shuts down after 5 minutes. In future version more limitations will follow.

    • grabbing traffic, showing websites visited by grabbed device
    • showing bytes transferred by "grabbed device"
    • showing network names (netbios names) of devices
    • tablet friendly!
    • android 4.x only

    • v2.2 - 03-02-2013
      • Improve grab/kill effectiveness
      • Fixed killing problem due to iptables rules
      • Fixed grab all button behavior and status device count
      • Fixed url list scrolling issue
      • Fixed some devices missing upon start
      • Added udp protocol blocking
      • Fixed Force-Close when device name was empty
      • Fixed Service Fail upon start

    • v2.1 - 25-12-2012
      • VERSION CHANGED to 2.1 to end the confusion :)
      • Enlarge device name input field (thanks m.kucharskov)
      • Add long click on url to open in browser (again m.kucharskov)
      • Add NetBIOS name resolution (network name)
      • Add preference (settings) screen

    • v2.0 - 31-10-2012
      • fixed crappy UI on Samsung devices (yes that switches are normal now)
      • fixed some dependency on play store downloader (which is now available here)



    =================== OLD VERSION [DISCONTINUED] ===================
    Google pulled it from market, so it's available here:



    Project homepage: http://forum.ponury.net/

    v1.7 (05/11/2011) uninstall needed:
    • fixed the counter bug (I hope for the last time)
    • added an option to redirect HTTP traffic to specific IP (caution! this may lead to significant CPU load)
    • now successful kills are tagged by green icon on the left of IP :) (this is not 100% correct)

    v1.6 (03/11/2011):
    • added an option to have sorted list of devices (by IP or by MAC) - see Settings
    • fixed a lag in preference screen
    • Searching is now looking for IP or Name
    • minor changes here and then

    v1.5 (22/10/2011):
    • added an option to assign a name to device's MAC (long-click on the IP)
    • added an option to show the notification status bar
    • added option to set the range of IPs to scan, you can also stop the scan by pressing the search progress bar
    • fixed some strange no-subnet-scan issue?
    • fixed a bug that caused the percent to go over 9000!!!
    • new ICON! the old was ugly, this is simple... meh.

    v1.4 (19/10/2011):
    • fixed a few Force Closes
    • added check-for-updates feature
    • fixed something more... don't remember what it was now...
    • fixed "Vibrate when new IP is found" bug (vibration never stopped)
    • removed unused permissions (I think)

    • added Menu => Search option for devices without hardware search button (sgs2)
    • touching the "searching" progress will stop searching and reschedule it in 30 seconds (useful with large networks)

    • fixed two FC
    • fixed counter bug (I hope)
    • fixed "ALL" toggle (should work as expected now)

    • added reject methods in settings
    • search button assigned to... searching IP's
    • fixed device count bug
    • fixed FC
    • (maybe) fixed a iptables error (in settings disable iptables)

    Thank you and have a good night :)
    Sounds interesting. I'm curious, from a technical side what method does it use to accomplish this, and how long does it keep them off for?

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    I tried it out. Showed all the computers on my network and enabling it blocked the Internet on my computer. I was still connected to the wifi but the Internet didn't work. My brother was playing a game in the basement and when I enabled his I heard him swearing from down there. Pretty cool app.
    So... a small update. I am probably going to work on a new version with my friend after new year. How soon or if it will be available is still not known. We're not even sure we want to release it so basically I just wanted to say that yes I hear you, no I don't know how it will end.
    There might be other problems... We're starting work on totally new release :) so don't want to waste time on this old code.
    PRO version now works kind-of with android 5.0