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Using 2.03 WWE (Shaks.P), it works like a charm! Thanks a lot!
Sorry for the question, but can you reduce the size of the tab slider?


Feb 9, 2007
Question: With the HD Manilla Can I install other Themes that I already Have? Right Now for example I'm using the R&B DJOUB Theme. Will I be able to reload this after Installation of HD Manilla?

Thanks ALi


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Feb 24, 2008

Awesome, this is a fantastic mod. Fast and smooth like no other mod or rom, and that people tab is simple cool with the 3 buttons (call, SMS and Mail) bellow the contact picture, outstanding...

Just a small request if I am allowed
An Agenda tab like this link with a small calendar with separate lines bellow with task or appointments.

See this link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=468636

Great job man :)


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Sep 12, 2008
Nice work Guy! It seems amazing! Just one question before I start install it on my Touch Pro. Is it possible to uninstall as simple as Man_Rus HD_Manila version was? Because that one didn't work with my official 1.90.401.1 WWE Rom.

So the answers for my own questions: this app doesn't work with my Rom (official 1.90.401.1 WWE). I could install it but couldn't load it. I also got the "Unexpected error was occured in Startmanila.exe" message. I tried to run Manila.exe from the programs folder and also to use the loader.exe but same result. For me it was also the same with Man_Rus HD_manila version.

Unfortunatelly I couldn't uninstall the program, but fortunatelly I made a full backup with Spb backup before I installed it, so I could recovery the old manila.

I am sad becose this HD_manila looks very nice and would like to use it very much! :(


Feb 9, 2007
I installed the HD Manilla and it installed quickly and easily...This was on a Cooked Rom form Merdin over at PPCGEEKS. I installed the Fix2 cab also. My only issue is the Landscape Mode.Any updates?

the guitarist

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Sep 6, 2008
Thanks xbmod for the great development of this most requested app :D..

but would you mind telling us what changes will be there in the 2nd version ?



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May 20, 2007
Thanks xbmod for the great development of this most requested app :D..

but would you mind telling us what changes will be there in the 2nd version ?


no other version annouced for now
but because some little bug subsist & we always need a loader
this is not a final release!
so i name it v1.00!

the guitarist

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Sep 6, 2008
aha..ok thanks for the clarification :)..

but i think there's a bug with the city selection menu in the weather tab..i can't click and choose any of the cities..i have to use the d-pad direction keys and the center key to choose..

and i can't update after choosing the city

and the same goes to the settings menu



Jul 23, 2007
Thanks a lot of bring HD manila to us, it's great!

I would like to report that:
- Automatic startup working fine for Dutty 3.6b rom
- Stable and REALLY FAST
- Graphic display proporation not correct for PEOPLE tab and WEATHER tab
- For the Stock tab, some buttons are off screen and cannot be triggered (eg. 1 day, 5 day, etc)

And one more question: how to install those colorful top icons shown in the first post, they are relly lovely! :)

Thanks again for your hard work!
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Jul 29, 2007
i can confirm that it does not work on HTC Touch Pro stock rom (raphael).
rom version: 1.90.401.1 WWE.

i have tried all the tips and trick found in this thread, but no luck.

if someone has it running on stock 1.90.401.1 WWE rom , let it know.


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Dec 17, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Hay.. Thanks alot.. Will give it a try.. But i do have one more request.. I wanna cook this into the rom that I'm using.. So could you provide me with a link to the package ??.. I'm not very good with programming, so it would be hard for me to convert your cab file into a package ?!?!.. But as you have already cooked it into one of your roms.. I thought you might be able to help.. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee.. :-D..


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Jul 13, 2008
so i tried this on my Stock Sprint Touch Pro and i never could get it to load!
any help?


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Dec 31, 2007
Works on CDMA

Just for kicks installed it on a telus diamond, works just fine, needs a little more tweaking and resizing here and there otherwise works great!!

The top curtain is a lil' too big, the customize tabs in settings crashes ever so often causing a loop at the TF3D launch screen (sometimes launches and sometimes not) and the text for messages is small, all which will proly be addressed in version 2


1. Found a fix to the small text issue, I used mUn's ZoomMessagingExtension worked perfect
2. Changed wallpaper and it seemed to fix the problem of the big top curtain
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    this is going to be the third time i ask this question but what are bumps for any way right..

    what happens when going to landscape mode on a raphael/fuze, using this HD manila..?
    would be great and helpfull if to developers works together as this might improve the product.. and as a Raphael user as i've stated before, we're eagerly waiting for landscape support. Hope you guys will work out some great versions..
    Does v1.8 supports Touch Pro on Landscape mode now?

    i believe 1.8 is just a loader that loads the HD manila.. so no it don't support landscape mode... we need to wait until someone makes a HD manila with landscape mode added..
    Well i trully see this as a piece of art and many members here are greatfull.. well as for the landscape mode, yeah seems like it's going to take some time to figgur that out..

    well aren't there any temporarily sollution to landscape mode?..
    well as we've seen tf3d HD manila in landscape mode is a bug... aren't there any ways of making the Raphael launch the normal wm todayscreen on landscape mode?

    what i mean is, i see that there is an application called second today, i wonder if there would be a possibility to make the Raphael lauch that when opened to landscape mode if you guys know what i mean...

    well that was just an idea for alternative suggestion to landscape mode.. you developers are doing a great job and i like what i see.. hopefully we'll see a fully functionally landscape moded version for Raphael..

    (well we all talked about getting landscape mode to tf3d HD but have we talked about getting the functions of HD to tf3d Raphael?.. like adding the other way around..?)
    yes, exactly something like that was what i ment.. an alternative mode.. well it could be launched by sliding out the keyboard, but that would only be a walkaournd until tf3d HD will be launched if it happens.. well the somewhat only prob. would be that tf3d HD buggy landscape will run in the background og the Action screen mode.. but well what are beta testers for right?.. ;)