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Jun 9, 2012
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kinda crazy when Snapprefs went dark a lot of alternative Snapprefs tried to take the spot but none of them ever last that long wonder why......

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Is this project still alive? I tried installing the supported snap verison it says to update and wouldn't log me in. i am still not exposed.
that Snap apk is a 4yr old build


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Ever since updates have stopped and if the developer is still working on this module, not sure why this thread is still active. It's been spammed with questions and uncertainty for a long time.

I've moved onto Instagram long ago. Saving nudes was fun when this module was fully functional. Other apps have adopted Snapchat's expiring pictures/videos. It can be done on Instagram as well. ;)
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Apr 28, 2011
Ever since updates have stopped and if the developer is still working on this module, not sure why this thread is still active. It's been spammed with questions and uncertainty for a long time lol

There was a Beta released 2 weeks ago and the rewritten adblocking update for Beta user has just been pushed 10 hours ago. What are you even talking about?

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There was a Beta released 2 weeks ago and the rewritten adblocking update for Beta user has just been pushed 10 hours ago. What are you even talking about?
I was unaware. Just came back to this thread after a long time. It's great to know you're still around! :cool:

You're talking about Instaprefs, and the guy you quoted is talking about Snapprefs (this is the Snapprefs thread). Hence the confusion. :)
I was also unaware of this. Lots of confusion here haha
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Jan 8, 2014
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Thread cleaned.
XDA is not social media where you can post anything as you please. Certain Rules are to be observed here. Cardinal among them is the language you use. A Dev is to be respected since he is under no obligation to you but still provides you with something. If you don't like what is on offer, please move on.


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Jan 17, 2021
That's such a cop out answer and I don't believe asking the developer whether the app is being maintained or not is too much to ask for.

Edit: I'm no developer but failure to provide updates (as in news) seems like poor practice, can't be that hard to jump on whatever platform he uses and make a disclaimer of some kind to status of snapprefs


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Jan 17, 2021
Typical foss community always whining about how open source software is free etc when people ask for support but when genuine questions are raised (in snapprefs case the development status)no one has an answer

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    Snapprefs is a project which offers enhanced features for Snapchat thru the Xposed framework.

    Compatible with Lollipop and SC FULLY

    For the latest updates, add @meszarosmarci on Instagram"snapprefs" on SC.

    Current features are:

    -Custom Stickers


    - Stealth viewing

    - Block typing and presence alert

    - Paint Tools

    ~ Color picker

    ~ Hex color input

    ~ Eraser

    ~ Drawing width changer

    ~ Drawing transparency changer

    ~ Drawing History with HEX output

    ~ Blur NEW

    - Location Spoofing with a map

    - Speed Spoofing

    - Unlimited Viewing Time

    - Looping Videos - Watch them as many times as you want NEW

    - Ability to hide Timer

    - Ability to block Discover so you can save data from your dataplan

    - Custom Filters - Multiple ones at a time! NEW

    - Visual Filters (17) like Instagram

    ~Sharing from gallery*

    ~Saving videos and pictures (Auto save of Swipe-to-Save)**

    ~Custom picture timer duration (3-5-7-10 seconds)**

    ~Saving pictures from chat**

    ~Folder hiding

    ~Custom save location

    ~Hiding best friends

    ~Hiding recents

    ~Screenshot detection bypass for chat messages, images and videos

    ~Unlimited caption text



    • Color(HSV)
    • Alignment(left, center, right)
    • Size(1-250)
    • Style(bold, italic, bold and italic, normal)
    • Rainbow text(makes each letter separatedly colored)

    • Color(HSV)
    • Opacity(0%-100%)
    ~Caption opacity customization

    * = This feature is from Snapshare, but updated for Lollipop.

    ** = These features are from Keepchat, but updated for Lollopop and SC


    Changelog for 1.6.5:
    - Updated for
    - Re-enabled auto-save for snaps
    - Deluxe users now can apply for the GOD mode
    - Fixed the bug which exited the app when pressing back button in the settings
    Changelog for 1.6.4:
    - Updated for
    - Added Visual Filters - You can use Instagram like filters (17)
    - Added Visual Filter manager
    - Looping videos - You can watch videos forever
    - Added Blur tool
    - Fixed Vibration settings
    - Removed Auto-save for Stories temporarily
    Changelog for 1.6.3:
    - Added Marshmallow compatiblity
    - Updated for
    - Increased quality of Stickers
    - You can now have multiple custom filters
    - Vibration feedback added
    - Added button to Shape drawing
    - Paint Tools can be disabled
    - Added root check bypass
    - Removed unlimited replays
    Changelog for 1.6.2:
    - Updated for
    - Added Reddit as the main source for filters
    - Added Lens support for older devices - image only
    - Sticker size limit is removed (by stirante)
    - Added drawing of shapes - long press the opacity button (by stirante)
    Changelog for 1.6.1:
    - Updated for
    - Added Venue selecting for Select All
    - Fixed the Filter Store bugs/crashes
    - Added zoom buttons to the Map
    - Added check for unsupported Snapchat versions
    Changelog for 1.6.0:
    - Fixed every saving error (both video and image)
    - Added Filter Store (thanks to ddmanfire)
    - Removed overlay saving (noone used it)
    Changelog for 1.5.1:
    -Removed Ads from the SC app
    -Crashes should be fixed when leaving the app
    -Performance improvement when taking a Snap
    NOTE: The last snap will not get saved, unless you reopen it by swiping down. God mode is not added yet.
    Changelog for 1.5.0:
    - Added Premium and Deluxe features (unlimited replays, stealth viewing, typing and presence alert bypass)
    - Added saving Sent Snaps
    - Major bugs fixes
    NOTE: The last snap will not get saved, unless you reopen it. God mode is not added yet.
    Changelog for 1.4.9 beta:
    - Updated for
    - Readded Sweep-to-save (thanks to ddmanfire)
    - Added weather spoofing
    - Added Custom Stickers
    - New app layout
    - Added changelog dialog
    - Added Premium/Deluxe IAP reedeming
    NOTE: Please wait until the additional features are declared before buying theseIAPs. Also note that, your deviceID is used for identifying your license.
    Changelog for 1.4.7:
    - Fixed the duplicate saving
    - Added option to enable/disable overlay saving (should improve performance)
    - Snaps are JPGs, overlays are .PNG
    - Added Color History
    - Added Hex color input
    - The lag should be reduced when opening a Snap
    NOTE: The overlays are getting saved more than once, it isn't a bug.
    Changelog for 1.4.6:
    -Updated for
    -Bug fixes and improvements, it is most likely bug-free
    -Added ability to hide Discover from UI
    -Saves images as PNGs as well as Overlays
    Changelog for 1.4.5 beta:
    - Updated for SC
    - Sharing from Gallery has been readded both for videos and images
    - Introducing Paint Tools - you can change your drawing's transparency, width, color and you can erase finely too
    - Fixed the issue when the saving skipped some images
    - Added custom Fullscreen Filters
    - Added 2 more additional screenshot bypasses, you can now screenshot Chats and you don't have to worry about the random notifications
    - Location spoofing from now on has a map and can be launched within the app, no restarts needed to set the location
    - Speed spoofing has been improved, no restart needed to set the value
    NOTE: Sweep-to-save and Recents-Hiding has been removed, more info GitHub
    Changelog for 1.4.3 beta 3:
    - Updated for of SC
    - Added Location Spoofing
    - Added Speed Spoofing
    - Added Unlimited Viewing Time
    - Added ability to hide Timer
    - Added ability to block Discover so you can save data from your dataplan
    - Added Custom Filters
    Bugs: If you open multiple snaps at once the last won't save, sent snaps won't be saved, sharing is partially updated.
    Changelog for 1.4.3 beta 2:
    - Updated saving to work with
    - Readded Select-All and Unlimited Captions
    - Fixed the Screenshot detection bug
    - Fixed the issue where the Snap gets saved after closing it
    Changelog for 1.4.3 beta 1:
    - Updated for SC Saving features (Snap, Story, Chat, Sweep to save, etc), Minimum Timer Duration and Text modifications
    - Sharing from gallery, unlimited captions and select-all is not working yet
    Changelog for 1.4.2:
    - Updated for SC
    - The select-all checkbox now has the same style as the UI
    Changelog for 1.4.1:
    - Removed conflicting preference
    - Updated graphics
    Changelog for 1.4.0:
    -Updated to work with SC
    -Added Directory Choosing
    -Added Folder Hiding
    -Cleaned up the code, removed useless files
    Changelog for 1.3.1:
    Changelog for 1.3.0:
    - Added every feature of Keepchat and Snapshare
    - Lollipop support
    - Support for SC
    Changelog for 1.2:
    - Added a button to launch the customization
    - Updated every feature to work for the latest Snapchat versions (8.1.2)
    - Fixed the bug when changing to the bold caption style you could no longer customize the text
    Changelog for 1.1.0:
    -Added Select-All feature
    -Disabled Text-suggestions in the Caption
    -Now supports Android 2.3+
    Changelog for 1.0.1:
    -Fixed theme for Touchwiz ROMs
    -Added Information section with debugging option and version display
    -Fixed logic when dialog got displayed without items




    P1nGu1n for his awesome work on Keepchat and Snapshare

    manvir for his inspirating SnapColors app

    elesbb for his inspirating SnapChat Full Caption app

    chiralcode for his ColorPicker

    Yoganandh for his color collection

    cketti for his ckChangelog library

    Toni78r for the logo

    ddmanfire for implementing array saving

    And to the translators


    •Latest SC version (

    •Xposed Framework (Lollipop too)


    Note: Obviously, you need root access on your phone.

    1. Download the Xposed Installer APK.
    2. Install the app along with the framework.
    3. Download and install the app from the repository.
    4. Activate the module in the Xposed Installer.
    5. Soft reboot your device.
    6. Configure the settings to your taste.
    7. Press the triangle to launch the text customization.
    8. Click share from Gallery and select SnapPrefs to send a picture from Gallery.


    • Dark/Light/Gradient color choosing

      [*]GeoFilter Tweak

    • Translations
    • Request anything




    Source code can be found on GitHub and is published under the GNU GPL v3 license.



    It is licensed on the GPL V2 which you have already received a million times.


    If you like my work consider donating a cup of coffee for me or the credited devs, they are highly appreciated.

    Copyright (C) 2014-2015 Marcell Mészáros

    Snapprefs is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by the Snapchat Inc. or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This is an independent application.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    SNAPPREFS, Xposed for all devices (see above for details)

    MaaarZ, stirante, ddmanfire, strumen, stamler, P1ngu1n
    Xposed Package Name: com.marz.snapprefs

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 1.6.2
    Stable Release Date: 2015-10-26
    Current Beta Version: 1.4.9

    Created 2015-10-07
    Last Updated 2018-10-17
    Well you guys have finally done it. People have been warned over and over again. Yet they still want to ask for ETA so guess what.

    Every Question you may have when you came here has already been answered so search the thread.

    Thread closed.

    Thread will be reopened when an update is ready to be posted.
    [APP][Xposed][2.0.0beta]Snapprefs - The ultimate Snapchat-utility [] [JB-M]

    2.0.0beta is released on the XPOSED repo

    It is the biggest update we have ever released, in which we have completly rewrote the core parts of the module as well as the applicaiton. Thanks for your patience and not giving up on me while I was missing in action due to my university. If you found any bugs, please post them to our Github issues.

    -Updated for
    -Materialized settings application
    -Added Save Button for Images and Videos
    -Improved image quality for pictures
    -Added Live Story hiding
    -Added Groups
    -Lifted maximum Video Size to 5.3 MBs
    -Removed Autosave for Snaps and Stories
    -Added Chat Autosave
    -New Caption customization UI
    -Added Gradient for Text and Background
    -New Paint Tools UI
    -Custom Fonts
    -Added Story Preload blocking
    -Added selective Story hiding
    -Added manual NavBar forcing
    -Added shortcut from Snapchat's dropdown menu to Snapprefs
    -Added native Snapchat Notifications
    -Saving speed improvements
    -Added hiding from launchers
    -Added video length counter
    NOTE: The name for the stickers have changed to twemoji_2_svg.zip and twemoji_2_png.zip
    Chat Image save has changed, you need to open the image, then long press on it.
    I am on a vacation until the 26th of August, licenses will be only activate after that date. Thanks for understanding.

    Direct download from the repo

    Subreddit for Posting Filters - CLICK ME

    Google+ Community for Requesting Filters - ONLY.


    If you like my work consider donating a cup of coffee for me or the credited devs, they are highly appreciated.

    Q: The Snapchat app force closes, what should I do?
    A: First of all, check if you are using a compatible combination of Snapchat and Snapprefs. (Look further down for the compatible chart)

    Q: I am using a compatible combination, but it still crashes, what now?
    A: Open the Snapprefs app, enable debugging mode, then kill the Snapchat app. Reproduce the issue and attach the log from Xposed Installer -> Log, in a CODE TAG, also cut down the irrelevant parts of it.

    Q: I have accidentally updated the Snapchat app, how can I roll back to the previous version?
    A: Download the needed Snapchat version from APKMANIA

    Q: I'm unable to log in to Snapchat, what should I do?
    1) Uninstall the Xposed Framework, not the Installer app, the Framework. (Kitkat and below can uninstall it from the Installer app, Lollipop and above have to flash the correct uninstaller zip. Finding the correct one will not be assisted here.)
    2) Boot up the device and log into Snapchat.
    3) Backup the data of Snapchat with Titanium Backup
    4) Install the Xposed Framework and you will be logged in. If you ever press the log out button, you will have to redo the whole process.
    4a) If you uninstall Snapchat, restore the backup from Titanium Backup to log back into it.

    Q: UPDATE NOW!!!4!!!?FOUR
    A: Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting. - Joyce Meyer

    Compatiblity Chart

    Snapprefs 2.1.0 -> SC
    Snapprefs 2.0.0 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.6.5 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.6.4 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.6.3 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.6.2 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.6.1 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.6.0 -> SC -
    Snapprefs 1.5.1 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.5.0 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.4.7 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.4.7 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.4.6 -> SC -
    Snapprefs 1.4.5 beta -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.4.3 beta 3 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.4.3 beta 2 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.4.3 beta 1 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.4.2 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.4.0-1 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.3.0-1 -> SC
    Snapprefs 1.2.0 -> SC 8.1.2
    Snapprefs 1.0-1.1 -> versions before SC 8.1.2
    Mr.Yawnie's Custom Stickers

    Welcome to Mr.Yawnie's Custom Sticker Packs -post.
    Here I will share my work for you to use. Current packs include EmojiOne and iOS packs as well as my own extra stickers.

    Instructions on how to use:
    1. Download Snapprefs 1.4.9 or later
    2. Enable Custom Stickers from Snapprefs settings
    3. Download one of the sticker packs from below
    4. Extract the .zip you downloaded, so you end up with 2 zips (twitter_emoji...zip (only on 1.6.5 and below!). On 2.0.0b and above rename the zips to twemoji_2_png.zip and twemoji_2_svg.zip
    5. Copy those two zips to sdcard/Snapprefs/Stickers folder. Create the folder if you don't have it. (HOX! If it doesn't work, try Ext.SD/Snapprefs/Stickers)
    6. Kill Snapchat and open it again
    7. Use the custom stickers (usually in last tab, on the bottom!)
    8. PROFIT (and don't forget to press thanks!)

    How to use two or more sticker packs simultaneously:
    1. Add one custom pack first to sdcard/Snapprefs/Stickers
    2. Go to Snapchat, take the image you want and add the stickers you need from pack A.
    3. Go to file explorer and copy the pack B to sdcard/Snapprefs/Stickers and overwrite the current one (DO NOT CLOSE SNAPCHAT IN BETWEEN!!)
    4. Go back to Snapprefs, and you have the pack B to choose from. Apply needed stickers and you have stickers from two different packs.
    5. Send the snap or repeat to add stickers from pack C.

    - Compiled by myself (Mr.Yawnie)
    - All 872 images featured
    - Source: https://github.com/Ranks/emojione/
    - Download from attachments



    - Extracted, vectorized and compiled by myself [Mr.Yawnie)
    - Currently 91 images featured, nothing more (due to file sizes limitations)
    - Source file: Apple Color Emoji.ttf
    - Download from attachments



    - Only works on Snapprefs 1.6.2+ (size limit bypass)
    - Extracted, vectorized and compiled by myself [Mr.Yawnie)
    - Contains all emojis Snapchat supports + added 33 extra emojis.
    - Source file: Apple Color Emoji.ttf
    - Download from attachments



    Mr.Yawnie's special
    - Base is a unique combination of Twitter and EmojiOne images (to have as much free space as possible for custom stickers)
    - All 872 images featured, of which 45 are my own custom ones
    - You may suggest more ideas for this pack
    - Download from attachments



    Google Noto Color emojis
    - Multiple compressions/edits done by me to meet the file size requirements
    - All 872 images
    - The preview images look horrible (8bit colors in order to meet the file size requirements), but the svg's look clean
    - Download from attachment



    Fffuuu meme sticker pack
    - 30 Fffuuu meme stickers
    - Rest of the stickers are Twitter/EmojiOne stickers
    - Download from attachment



    HALLOWEEN Sticker pack
    - 31 Halloween stickers
    - Rest of the stickers are Twitter/EmojiOne stickers
    - Download from attachment



    CHRISTMAS Sticker pack
    - 39 Christmas stickers
    - Rest of the stickers are Twitter/EmojiOne stickers
    - Download from attachment



    Star Wars pack
    - 109 official Star Wars emojis + 2 Star Wars logos
    - Contains all official Star Wars emojis
    - Source file: Star Wars apk by Disney (copyright owner)
    - I don't own the copyright for the images, but have extracted, vectorized and compiled the pack by myself (Mr.Yawnie)
    - Download from attachments



    Deadpool stickers
    - 148 official Deadpool emojis
    - Contains all official Deadpool emojis
    - Source file: DEADPOOL Movie Emojis apk by Snaps Media, Inc. (copyright owner)
    - I don't own the copyright for the images, but have extracted, vectorized and compiled the pack by myself (Mr.Yawnie)
    -Thank you's to @vegeta_one for the request, as well as for helping with emoji renaming (due to my lack of time).
    - Download from attachments