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[APP][XPOSED][5.0-11.x]Android Faker - A Module For Spoof Your Device

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Jan 15, 2016
Hello developer. Thank you for this app. but unfortunately I can't use this app on my own device :(

After authorizing the Android faker app with xposed, my device is constantly rebooting.

After 20-25 reboots my device booted up. :) but i had to delete android faker app :(

my device is redmi 9t

app version :1.5

I am writing this message to inform you about the problem I am having with the app.
bro use the app without rebooting. and if you need to reboot, just disable the application. or change the firmware


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Jan 15, 2016
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro
I buy your premium my Friend, it shows thank You for purchase, I can change id that was only on pro but when I want restore it wrote that I must buy premium... I have root, all magis and lsposed, root ok, safety and cts working OK...


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Sep 28, 2016
Xposed Modules


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Sep 9, 2018
if i change some valures in that, can i get Widevine L1 ? like copying information from a widevine L1 supported device,and using it here?


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Dec 1, 2010
Hi there.
I have a OnePlus 5t.
I need to change battery health value in bms folder. Can that be added in your app?

Please have a look here


Jan 15, 2016
Hi bro. noticed that Faker takes the phone to the bootloop when I turn on the Internet, it looks like this is happening because he is trying to check the license, and I do not have Google services


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Sep 28, 2016
Xposed Modules
Hi bro. noticed that Faker takes the phone to the bootloop when I turn on the Internet, it looks like this is happening because he is trying to check the license, and I do not have Google services
I am working on it i changed whole method of checking license now and adding darkmode ,supporting oneplus device too and some more you have to wait until i complete this new build but its takes time coz its just my free time project so whenever i feel free i am start work on it .😶
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Jan 17, 2013
Hey will it be possible to get a pro version without google services? Because may apps verify the device id,imei via google servers so i was thinking to flash a clean room without gapps but then i will not be able to use pro features so is there any way.?


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Jun 21, 2012
LG K10
Samsung Galaxy J7
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Sep 28, 2016
Xposed Modules
i get bootloop after enable your modul :(
on mi a3 android 10
Yah i address the issue and it take me a long time to find actual resson of this random bootloop but finally i find and fixed it yesterday but i will realease it in couple of weeks coz of busy schedule and i redesigning all module.Thanks for all support and test it;)
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    can someone answer me?
    Do you know what are you talking about?
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    Android Faker

    SPRK_default_preset_name_custom – 1.png

    I started to learn things how xposed framworks works then after learning i m thinking to make my own a module so i got this module idea from different modules like DE and DM but as i see these both module not work in android 11 so i made my own this module Android Faker and its fully support with A11 its a simple xposed module which will help you to spoof your device ids so you can save your real ids from malicious software and prohibit malicious software from accessing mobile phone data.

    The Author and Contributors of Android Faker take no responsibility for any loss of data or damage to your device or any other consequences that arise as a result of using this application Use it your own Risk.


    This Module will Support Android 5.0 +


    -> Edit\Random Value.
    -> Random All Value by 1 Click
    -> Beautiful Material Design UI
    -> Backup/Restore Feature

    Module Can Spoof These Ids:

    -> Imei
    -> Hardware Id
    -> Mac Address
    -> Mac Bssid
    -> Mac Ssid
    -> Bluetooth Mac
    -> Android Id
    -> Sim Serial Id
    -> Sim Sub Ids
    -> Mobile No
    -> GSF ID
    -> MediaDrm ID
    -> Advertisment ID


    -> Rooted Device

    -> Xposed Framework Installed


    @Mikanoshi -help me for make preference readable.
    @C3C076 -for teach me about Selinux security.
    @Massi-X - Thanks for help me in donation package.
    @DE - For inspired me for this module.

    Current Version:

    Download : Android Faker


    Coding and supporting this project costs me a lot of my precious time. If you find this project useful, you are more than welcome to support its development via purchasing donation package and you will get some premium features as bonus.Thanks!

    Info about premium features:

    there are three premium features for now:
    - Backup/restore of settings.
    - GSF ID.
    - MediaDrm ID.

    How to Activate premium feature?
    So After purchase premium package just close Android faker and reopen it and then go in android faker pro and click on "License Valid" and then close both app and reopen android faker and now you will see a dialog "Thanks for purchase" now all premium feature unlocked.
    - Redesign all UI now module look more better
    - Removed some feature coz its cause bootloop in some device
    - Fixed some bugs
    - Fixed License Verification issue now you can purchase pro app from play store
    - Fixed Bugs
    - Added Backup/Restore Feature
    - Added GSF ID
    - Added MediaDrm ID(close android faker for see changes)
    - Added Advertisment ID
    - Added Android Version
    - Added Manufacture
    - Fix Some Bugs
    -Bug Fix Android Id Not Changing
    -Fix Some More Issues
    -Added Both Imei Change
    -Fix Some Bug
    -Initial Release
    Know Bug:
    -Some user report module not work in Oneplus OOS I can fix it but i dont have own a oneplus device for testing so fix for this bug take time.
    -Bootloop in some device after apply in edxposed or lsposed you can fix it just don't spoof Wifi mac address it will fix in next update.

    Want to Contribute?:
    If you have some fix for a bug and you want to help me for fixing that then you can contact me Sure I will give credit.

    Issues :
    If you face any issue in using Android Faker Contact me
    Email :- [email protected]

    About feature requests and bug reports:

    The goal is to have a tool that can protect the privacy of user However, it isn't paid work, so I do whatever I like whenever I like it.

    You can request features in this XDA forum. I will read them, but maybe I will not respond to all of them and they might or might not be implemented.

    You can report any problem you have here.

    Note :- This Module never change real ids or physical device ids so don't ask Stupid Questions Can i spoof my service providers and do anything wrong or right.

    Discussions about donation package are not allowed here, please contact me via email instead.

    Thank you for try this module, if you like don't forget to press thanks
    Hello , may you can add change from this xposed module https://repo.xposed.info/module/zone.bytesreverser.xposeddeviceidmaskerlite
    Manufacturer Serial
    I can add all of this but i was thinking now days people dont need these ids and in some case its cause to bootlope if we will hook SDK_INT or Android Version so thats why i dont add these till now but if lots of people request for this then i will add it definately:cowboy:
    Is it possible to change Android version per app? Some apps have different behaviour dependind on wich android version they run.
    I will try to add such kind of feature in next update if possible btw i will hook sdk and you can use this module in Lsposed so you can apply specific sdk(Android version) for a specific app
    ---New Update---

    - Added Backup/Restore Feature(Restore Only premium user)
    - Added GSF ID(Only Premium User)
    - Added MediaDrm ID(Only Premium User)
    - Added Advertisment ID(Need Reboot)
    - Added Android Version
    - Added Manufacture
    - Fix Some Bugs

    What is MediaDrm?
    So many of you confused what is MediaDrm?So MediaDrm a framwork which will give a unique id to ThirdParty apps so if you spoof anything but still they get user info by this id Specially in new Android Version if you still want to know more deep about MediaDrm then you can read this.

    Note:- Added Android Faker Pro App as donation package on playstore so who want to support this project and some extra feature then you can buy pro feature if you buy pro app it will motivate me to work on this project for futher development☺️.

    Important:- Don't hook Android SDk Untill you are not using lsposed coz its lead to system error some System app depend on SDK so if you change SDK then maybe System App start crash.
    when will the update release sir? im really waiting
    Yah soon keep update;) .