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[Apps] Port Huawei Mate 8 / S

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Hello xda yet again I bring you some small apps I've ported to (Any) devices ? (Only Tested on s5 Neo but should work on most devices)

This time. Huawei Mate S & Mate 8 was targeted as a victim :)

So far many apps isn't framework related which made things easier.

Note: ROOT ONLY!!! for now!

What's included
Music Player (Mate 8)
Video Player (Mate 8) Includes video streaming/offline view!
Gallery (Mate 8)

Installation Instructions:
Install with your desired recovery.
Don't want all apps? Remove the apps you don't want from zip and flash.

What's working
Most of the stuff

What's not working.
Music Streaming
Camera Water Mark/Stamp
Swipe down to launch camera in gallery
Set any resolution higher than 8mp . . .
Double press volume down to launch camera

Mate s apps (Camera, Gallery, Video) https://mega.nz/#!SoxC1SaJ!Nl_9_bIba-GoPAVyZxQBKSTg8Opb4SbUUsJVWrDS9pc

Mate 8: (Music, Video, Browser, Gallery)


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Dec 28, 2017
OnePlus 8

How can you turn an app like this into apk that works on non-rooted phones?

I have a Xiaomi mi 5s that has a pressure sensitive display like the Mate S and I'd like to use the gallery app, that can enlarge the pictures by pressing on it hard. And I don't want to root my phone, because I loose features like Find my phone or mobile payment.

I'm not an expert in android development. I thought this would be a fun project to learn things.

Thanks in advance!