[Apr 04] udK 8.0 R2 Vega - WWE+ITA | WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.19209 (Build 19209.1.0.2)

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Apr 15, 2007
A big thanks to all guys of xda-developers for the precious wiki and amazing tools:
  • Bepe for his Package tools and his help
  • Ervius for his package creator and the Kitchen Upgrade
  • tadzio for ImgFS Tools
  • pof for HSPL and RUU Updater
  • Dark Simpson for his HTC ROM Tool
  • Guybrush and still Ervius for support and friendship ;)
  • le55 for beta testing
  • Thanks to all those who have donated, thank you very much for your support!
  • and all others I forget btw thanks
udK 8.0 R2 Vega

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 - CE OS 5.2.19209 (Build 19209.1.0.2)
  • 32MB Page Pool
  • UC v2.0 Compliant
  • HTC Home (5tab)
  • HTC Home applet in Settings -> Today
  • Remote Desktop
  • Bluetooth Explorer
  • .NET 3.5 Compact Framework
  • Bluetooth DUN
  • Adobe Flash Player LE
  • Adobe PDF Reader
  • Office Mobile 2007 + One Note
  • Voice Speed Dial
  • HTC Camera Album
  • Audio Manager
  • Voice Recorder
  • Contact Random Access
  • Enlarge Menu Start
  • Quick GPS
  • RSS Hub
  • Comm Manager
  • Streaming Player
  • Midlet Manager
  • Pocket RAR
  • PIM Backup
  • HSDPA Switch
  • SIM Bluetooth Access (SAP)
  • Connection Setup
  • Windows Live
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • X-Button
  • Bugs
What's new in udK 8.0 R2 Vega?
[!] Fixed word complemention (WWE only)
[!] Removed BCR files (Thanks MickyMax)
[!] Fixed small issue in MMS templates
[!] Fixed adding Video/Photos on MMS Composer
[!] Back to Camera v4
[!] Fixed "Introduzione" that in WWE should be "Getting Started"
What's new in udK 8.0 R1 Vega?
[+] Updated OS CE 5.2.19209 (Build 19209.1.0.2)
[+] Updated HTC Home 2_10_18132020_0 (5 tab only)
[+] Updated BT_FTP 1_2_33300_9
[+] Updated ArcSoft MMS Composer
[+] Updated QuickGPS 1_00_220821_00
What's new in udK 8.0 R0 Vega?
[+] New OS CE 5.2.19202 (Build 19202.1.0.0) - Thanks to NoThrills!
[+] UC v2.0 Compliant
[+] Updated SIM Manager 6.41
[+] Updated Java Jbed 0_0_20080222_3_1
[+] Updated STK Service
[+] ArcsoftMMS 5_0_31_5 full ita (ITA only)
[+] Added RSS Hub
[+] ROM speed improved
[!] Fixed "Press & Hold" Button link
[!] Fixed HTC Album to start in landscape mode
What's new in udK 7.0 R2 Vega?
[+] UC Compliant, WWE only - (Thanks Sleuth255)
[+] Updated AudioManager 1.2.1017.717
[+] Added HTC Album 1.0.1030.720
[!] Fixed MMS Composer mui (Thanks lele)
[!] Fixed X-Button Exclusive List (Thanks lele)
[!] HTC Home Customizer v1.0b5 works
What's new in udK 7.0 R1 Vega?
[+] Updated BT_BPP 1_6_3_R4
[!] Fixed Clear Storage mui
[!] Fixed ArcSoft MMS Composer, v5.0.31.5
[!] Some updates to OEMDrivers & OEMAPPS
What's new in udK 7.0 R0 Vega?
[+] Windows Mobile 6.1 - CE OS 5.2.19199 (Build 19199.1.0.0)
[+] Auto release memory every 12 hours (Thanks to my friend Ervius for this) ;)
[+] SIM Manager 6.38
[+] Audio Manager 1_2_725_711
[+] SAP 3_1_0_0R1
[+] BT FTP 1_2_33038_9
[+] HTC Camera v5.04.29195
[+] ArcSoft MMS Composer
[+] 32MB Page Pool
[+] Reg Tweaks:
        8192 Fily System Cache
        32768 Fily System Filter Cache
        131072 Font/GDI
[!] Patched HTCHome.dll from \HTCHome to \Windows
[-] Network Plugin
[-] WOW HD
[-] Today Music Plugin
  • udK 8.0 R2 Vega
    • WWE - ITA
    • Password: 'htckaiservega' (without quotes)
Suggest Radio:


How to install a cooked ROM.
  • Install Hard SPL
  • Put device in bootloader mode.
  • Run KaiserCustomRUU.exe and good luck.

Final Notes:
  • This ROM is free to use but at your own risk, I take no responsiblity for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by this flashing procedure.
  • Do not try to restore your backups from a previous ROM.
  • Feel free to use this ROM to create your personal own but please do not share it to respect who did the the heavy job.
  • This is an international forum and we are guest here, so speak English.
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Apr 15, 2007

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Jun 18, 2005
So far I'm really liking what I'm seeing. ROM is quite clean and quite fast. I'm going to test out the GPS and the e-mail, etc. I thought I wouldn't like the grassy theme, but its actually a nice contrast to the relatively black phone.


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Jun 18, 2005
So far, using GPS Test, my Tilt picked up about 8 satellites, and Tom tom installed and worked fine on this ROM.

The only problem I'm seeing (which I've also experienced on all 6.1 ROMs except Sleuth) is that when the phone is screen is off (not dimmed but off) they phone doesn't wake up when an e-mail comes in. I don't think this is specific to any ROM but I wish there was a fix for it besides not turning off your screen at all.


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Feb 27, 2007
Excellent ROM! It is now my second favorite and inching close to being my fav. I would like to see some additional apps, though. (Schaps' new long key press with quickmenu, GPSTest, WorldCard, others)

But, what you have is ROCK SOLID and I love the blue dialer!

Congrats and thanks!



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Nov 13, 2007
Great work udK ! :)

Edit : But.... can you add the last release of HTC Album and HTC Camera please ?
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Feb 27, 2007
And add the HTC network plugin that lets you map drives on your home network.

I've also noticed that the battery tends to burn up fast when wifi is on. Then again, maybe it burns up fast with it off. I wouldn't know, as mine is always on.

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Mar 21, 2007

the sound isn't working...flashing back to 6.3

...and waiting for the italian version :D


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Jul 19, 2005
Very nice! I like your boot up screen and your today theme. It's fabulous!

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    Blue dialer skin

    Hopefully someone could help me out. I have been searching for days continously for a blue dialer skin like the one used in udK's roms but was unsuccessful. Could someone please be kind enough to give me a cab of the skin. Thanks, any help is appreciated.