[Apr 16] Dutty's WM6.1 5.2.19209 Release [User Guide & ChangeLog in Post 2] UPDATED

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Sep 17, 2006
[Apr 16] Dutty's WM6.1 5.2.19209 Release [User Guide & ChangeLog in Post 2] UPDATED

[Apr 09] Dutty's Official WM6.1 5.2.19209 Release

Before I go on just want to say thanks and credits to:

The Kaiser Community supporters who has stick by me through my Rom cooking and all the beta testers who have tested and gave back feedback. I could list all my beta testers but for what is happening at recent I will not, beta testers you know who you are.

Details as Follows:

CE OS 5.2.19209 Build 19209.dutty’s. [This Rom is UC COMPLIANT THANKS TO SLEUTH]

SPB Benchmark [ Coming Soon ]

Rom Applications Included Below:

Adobe Reader [added 16.4.08]
Adobe FlashLite Player [added 16.4.08]
Arcsoft MMS [Updated]
BT BPP_1_6_3_0 [Updated]
BT SAP_2_02_b0925_r3
BT Ftp_1_2_312471_1

Esmertec Java VM 20080222.3.1 [added 16.4.08]

HTC Album 1_0_1030_720
HTC AudioManager_1_2-1017.717 [Updated]
HTC Bluetooth Quick link
HTC Camera_5_0_4_2915_00 [Updated]
HTC CommManager 6 Buttons [ Shap's STYLE]
HTC ConnectionSetup_1_0_31261_1 [Updated]
HTC Endkey_1_0_31235-1 [Updated] [Mapped to Red end key]
HTC Field Test_2.15
HTC Home_2_0_814_722
HTC Home Plugin [added 16.4.08]
HTC NetworkPlugin_1_0_30468_1 [Updated]
HTC Quick GPS_1_00_919_717_01 [Updated]
HTC Random Access_4_0_1009_721 [Updated]
HTC RSS Hub_1_0_07 [Updated]
HTC Sim Manager_6.41 [NEW]
HTC SymbolPad
HTC StreamingMedia_3_00_1001_711_00
HTC VoiceRecorder_1_10_907716_0

Microsoft NetCf 3.5 RTM
Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Sqlcemobile 3.0 [NEW]
Microsoft voice command V1.6.19209[ NEW]
Microsoft Windows Live [NEW]
Microsoft windows live search


Clear Temp
Gps test
PIM Backup 2.8
Pocket RAR
Total Commander
Group SMS

My Registry tweaks:

Tidy up today screen
Clear type enabled
Live Serach through google
Disable Security Warning for Unsigned Apps & Cabs
Enable GPS in Camera
Single date line hack
Custom performance tweak
Battery performance [ Updated with much better performance on battery deterioration
Lots more cant remember

Please adhere to the forum rules and read and search before posting duplicate questions which there is already an answer.

If you like what I do you can always click below:

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Sep 17, 2006


This most Probably be my last Rom for the Public for now I got important things to do now which I need to cut myself off from cooking ROMs, Thanks for all the support and kindness shown towards myself and my Rom cooking. I will try and provide a Lite Rom for the rest of the gang in due time.

Things to know about this Rom
  • This Rom is the AT&T Official test CE OS 5.2.19209 and new Build 5.2.19209
  • This True 18mb pagepool Rom, Guidefor advance users can be found here:
  • This Rom is also compatible with most or all of the wm6.1 radios including, Niki and Polaris.
  • Microsoft voice Command fully integrated and tweaked out the box with also working incoming call notification
  • Comm. Manager annoying popup should be now fixed
  • OEM Keyboard DISABLED in Rom install cab below for activation for who that needs it.
  • Remove default ringtones and add in three Nice ones and one on default
  • Skype also now works on this new build
  • Radio is not compatable wh this Rom
Change Log [April 16th]

1. Fix internet sharing in comm Manager
2. PCM keyboard now default in Rom [one of the best sips]
3. Added Transcriber
4. added Flash Lite Player
5. added Esmertec jbed java 20080222 3.1
6. added adobe reader
7. added Remote desktop
8. change dialler [This is faster and less problematic also uses less resources]
9. Fic comm manager poping up [ now it shows in task manager just close it, thanks to those who fiquired this out]
10. added few games
11. fix pin pad speed when after soft reset
11. I have added fm radio for people who always wanted to test it, for some reason cab doesnt work to bring up the actual app and I havent time to research why.

Link To Rom:


OEM Default keyboard.cab
duttythroy RTM Help files.cab
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Apr 3, 2007
Folsom, California

Updated AT&T Settings.cab w/ HSDPA enabled by default with TCPIP Tweaks

ATT Settings.cab

[size=+1]Fixed ROM Mirrors from April 16th[/size]

Dutty's Official WM6.1 5.2.19209 + Fixed
Thanks P1Tater

Dutty's Official WM6.1 5.2.19209 + Fixed

Thanks kb9nvh

[size=+1]LINKS to different PagePool ROM's From Dutty's Apr 9th release. These are not the fixed ROM from April 16th[/size]


Dutty's Official WM6.1 5.2.19209 + 32mb pp

Dutty's Official WM6.1 5.2.19209 + 16mb pp

Dutty's Official WM6.1 5.2.19209 + 18mb pp


  • Default_IM_WM5.CAB
    25 KB · Views: 928
  • SIPChange.CAB
    225.9 KB · Views: 961
  • PCMKeyboardEN-0.14.cab
    265.3 KB · Views: 1,095
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Nov 22, 2005
Haha this is rediculous, your a kind of cooking machine :D

Congrats on another release ;)

I can't keep hold on you hehe...



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Mar 15, 2006

I just flashed the previous version. can start all over again..

Could you please anounce it in a small planning???

Thx, d/l now. will keep you informed about the results...


Feb 6, 2008
Dutty, where'd you get the updated version of Biotouch cube that you use in your ROMs...If you do not wish to share it, could you at least point in the right direction of getting it. The version of the cube in your ROM seems to be 2.0.297 and is more customizable (Custom FPS for cube animations) and whereas the other cubes seem to be older and outdated.
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