April Full and OTA images are up

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Yes, April is .029
Personally, I don't mess with OTA's or side loading. I prefer fastbooting the factory images. Plus, I like the fact that if I jack something up, I can download and install a factory image and recovery all my data from my pc since I back data up frequently. But that's just me :good:
i have latest aosp fastboot images.. my first builds lol.. pm me if u want to try it out :)
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Are you going to nuke my device bruh!? ???

haha ifu pm me, im not postin on xda yet.. need to have it compile into flashable zip andi also want to modify the kernel etc. then i have to get everything on github so i can make sure my source is available..

not bad off first charge tho :) i also am on the build imma end up tossing lol.. dont ever use super opengapps lol, so many useless apks.. i have abuild with pico gapps tho.. basically just the play store lol would prolly be even better on battery


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