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Feb 18, 2013
Satu Mare
No clue, sry. Flashed tons of roms and never ran into that kind of problem.

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Same here... The strange thing is though that if I switch back to a TouchWiz rom the wifi works perfectly. On the other side on ANY AOSP based rom it's the same since I first flashed Archi. Switches on, finds network, won't connect.


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Jun 6, 2012
Can you let me what you mean by latest recovery installed. please help me out with it.


You need CWM or TWRP or PhilZ to flash roms. CWM must at least be version as with earlier versions you cannot flash KitKat.

BUT, if you really have no clue of what I'm talking about, you should read more about the basics like rooting, custom recovery and flashing roms.

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Mar 7, 2013
Hi Archi,
I am currently on AD 2.5.3 Stable and wanted to try to AD 3.X. i had downloaded the AD prerelease 2 app and provide the permission as advised by DR cuddles (
However when ever i am trying to download the file for AD 3.X, the AD prerelease app is crashing and it is not able to download anything. Please find the attached logcat which i have recorded as advised by ste22032 (
Could you please advise where am i going wrong...
ArchiDroid User!!!:cyclops::cyclops::cyclops::cyclops::cyclops:

W/System.err( 8623): /storage/emulated/0/ArchiDroid/ open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)

Remove this file, then make sure that ArchiDroid folder has write permissions - 777 chmod.


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Mar 7, 2013
Other things that I tried meanwhile: Flashing ArchiDroid 2.5.1, Flashing ArchiDroid V3 experimental, disabling everything network related in ArchiDroid app. Seems like nothing works. Is there ANY way of getting WiFi working again?

Your broken wi-fi is caused by third-party unsupported tools, like custom kernels. In fact, wi-fi module is kernel-related and you're in the wrong place asking for help, because noone using supported kernels (like AK or Boeffla) ran into this problem.

If issue is global, like BT problem, it's obvious that ROM is the problem, I even state it in the thread. If Wi-Fi works for everyone just not you, then you screwed up something.


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Jul 13, 2008
Could someone F***ing help me already PLEASE?! I'm like invisible or what ...

All I can suggest is to go back to a stock rom to see if it works. Then try again your AOSP. if problem persists change up your kernel (try latest archi kernel or Boeffla as no one is reporting problems with these) . If problem still persists then I don't know what to do.

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May 14, 2013
Any updates

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Nope, Archi has changed phone to Nokia 3310.

Tough stuff. The proper environment for ArchiDroid.


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Feb 18, 2013
Satu Mare
Your broken wi-fi is caused by third-party unsupported tools, like custom kernels. In fact, wi-fi module is kernel-related and you're in the wrong place asking for help, because noone using supported kernels (like AK or Boeffla) ran into this problem.

If issue is global, like BT problem, it's obvious that ROM is the problem, I even state it in the thread. If Wi-Fi works for everyone just not you, then you screwed up something.

First time flashing I used Boeffla-Kernel & after that Archi hoping that this would solve the problem. Doesn't matter anymore anyways cause I found out what the problem was.


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Oct 13, 2014

Completion of beautiful and wonderful
* How can the work of icons.
What are the most settings, ideal for inauguration
And if it is possible to attach video to complete the installation process with thanks


Mar 17, 2014
I have installed the lastest revocery still it says installation aborted.

In my limited experience, this happened when I tried zipping the file with my mac's native archiver rather than 7zip. Did you follow archi's directions exactly in his OP? Which version are you trying to install?

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Aug 13, 2014
Belo Horizonte
Status Bar

Guys, after installing this ROM ArchiDroid my status bar is showing data on CPU, RAM status bar in the center, but I can not find the option to remove it from there. because I want is the clock that position ... Anyone know how to remove it?


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Dec 26, 2010
Hey, mostly @malachow because advisor n.1 :eek:

Google play services drains my battery. I have greenify donate version,but I cant see google play services there. I have unbounce donate too. But only 1h SOT and 40% down, srsly?
I attach BBS and logcat, thanks for advice :good:

EDIT: In disable service I disable "" wanna help me?


  • BetterBatteryStats-2014-10-16_165440916.txt
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    [SIZE=+2]This thread has been created for Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting
    Specific to:

    And it's components:

    ArchiDroid 2.X Development Thread
    ArchiDroid 1.X Development Thread

    Please feel free to share issues, questions and offer help

    If you get an answer to your question, don't forget to hit
    1. Questions/Issues without ArchiDroid version number may/will be ignored. Don't forget to tell us which ArchiDroid (1.X or 2.X) and which version you're using, otherwise don't expect an answer.
    2. All battery questions/tips are allowed ONLY with a full BetterBatteryStats log or screenshot from all it's pages AT LEAST after 5 hours of full deep sleep. We're not magicians and we can't help you without proper information.
    3. Respect all users.

    Helpful users may be rewarded

    From Zero To Hero: Complete Installation/Flashing Guide

    This guide covers everything you need to do, to unleash full power of your SGS3 with ArchiDroid.
    You've obviously heard about "rooting" "flashing" or other strange things. But these tutorials are quite old and it's already much easier to achieve our goals. Instead of flashing old firmwares, using old methods I'll guide you through complete flashing of ArchiDroid.

    First of all you obviously need:
    - Working Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 International Version
    - Working computer with Windows OS

    1) Connect your phone to your pc and give it some time for installing drivers. When it's finished reboot your pc. It's important. After reboot check if windows can "detect" your phone, for example by entering "My Computer" section. It should be available as portable device.
    2) Download newest ArchiDroid .zip file and put it on your phone, I strongly suggest your internal memory.
    3) Disconnect your phone from the pc.
    4) Download attached Odin3 Software and unpack it's content on your pc: View attachment 1879375
    5) Click with your right mouse button on Odin3 executable and select "Run as administrator"
    6) Download latest PhilZ Touch Recovery in .tar.md5 format and put it in the odin's folder or somewhere nearby. DON'T UNPACK IT! File should look like this: philz_touch_4.92.8-i9300.tar.md5
    7) Click on the "PDA" button in odin and select your recovery in .tar.md5 format. Also untick "Auto Reboot" option. DO NOT TOUCH ANY OTHER BUTTONS OR CHECKBOXES!
    8) Turn off your phone
    9) Hold Volume Down + Home + Power buttons to enter Download mode. It should say "Downloading, do not turn off target"
    10) Connect your phone to your pc. It should be shown in Odin's message log as f.e. "<ID:0/003> Added!!".
    11) Hit "Start" button and be patient. It shouldn't take longer than a few seconds. Your phone won't automatically reboot, wait for progress bar to reach the end and move to the next point.
    12) Reboot into recovery by holding combination: Vol-Up + Home + Power. Hold it until you see "Samsung Galaxy S3" logo (about 7 seconds).
    13) Click on Wipe Data/Factory Reset => Clean to install a new rom. WARNING! From this point you'll be unable to load your current system as it wipes everything available (your internal/external card will remain untouched). Please make sure that you're ready for this step and that you have right .zip file available.
    14) After cleaning hit Install zip => Choose zip from sdcard. Then navigate to your location of file and open it. Now you'll be able to set various options in AROMA "Setup Wizard", just follow the steps and ArchiDroid should properly flash and reboot your system after installation.
    15) First boot takes quite longer than usual, I'd say maximum of 5 minutes.

    Notice: This procedure is required ONLY for first flash of ArchiDroid. If you want to update ArchiDroid then simply download latest zip, copy it to your phone, reboot into recovery (or by holding combination above) and select "Install zip". Don't forget to select "ArchiDroid Update" mode to avoid wiping of data. No full wipes are required in order to update ArchiDroid.

    In case of any weird rare problems, or if you want to start from scratch...
    1) Download latest Samsung firmware for i9300, it doesn't have to match your region. Latest = Highest changelist. You can try unofficial Samsung repo for i9300 (with changelist number) or official, without changelist number. It doesn't have to be exactly the newest one but preferably one of the newest (some regions still have firmwares from more than one year ago...). Also try to use XX(EMG4) PDA instead of f.e. UB(EMI1) because XX are international.
    2) Unpack .zip file you've got, extract .tar.md5 file from that, ignore kies file.
    3) Enter recovery and wipe /data. It can also be done through stock recovery (Factory reset) but it's important to turn off your phone after cleaning instead of rebooting it.
    4) Enter download mode after wiping/formatting /data
    5) Connect your phone to your PC and load your .tar.md5 file as PDA in Odin, then start flashing. It can take up to 5-10 minutes because it's a big file.
    6) Let it boot properly, when you're sure everything works repeat custom recovery & ArchiDroid flashing.

    Above steps update low-level parts of your phone, f.e. bootloader, params partition, tz partition and hidden partition. While it's highly unlikely that any of these components would cause problem it's highly proposed to update low-level parts of your phone from time to time, just to ensure everything works properly. Custom roms don't update these partitions, as they're only being flashed during flashing original Samsung firmware via Odin, flashing custom stock roms won't work here. Also you get "maximum" cleaning, because literally you're overwriting everything on your phone.

    If you have any further problems or questions feel free to ask them in this thread.

    [SIZE=+1]ArchiDroid Core[/SIZE]
    Q: When I want to use "Freedom", "AdAway" or other similar app which edits /system/etc/hosts file, it always fails, what's the reason?
    A: ArchiDroid uses it's own built-in AdBlock, which is widely described in development thread. Therefore to prevent issues and slowing down the network, hosts file are permanently blocked from any modifications. This has been implemented to ensure that you know what you're doing before you mess with hosts file. In most common situations, you can point your favourite hosts editor (such as AdAway) to ArchiDroid's hosts file - /system/archidroid/etc/hosts, as THIS file should be edited INSTEAD of original hosts file. However if you really know what you're doing, you know that adding rules to original hosts file slows down the network dramatically and your app can't be set to use other hosts file, then you can unlock original hosts file through ArchiDroid app bundled with ArchiDroid. However keep in mind that I don't support this method, as it's deprecated, obsolete, dirty and ineffective method of setting rules. If you want to do it in proper way, use ArchiDroid's enhanced hosts mentioned above.

    Q: I get "set_perm_rescursive some changes failed" error during flashing ArchiDroid. What's going on?
    A: Simply update your recovery to latest version. Latest CWM, TWRP or PhilZ Touch Recovery work properly. Initial support for this function was added in ClockWorkMod

    Q: Whoa! What happened to colors in ArchiDroid, why they're "blacked out", "dimmed"? I want my stock colors back!
    A: ArchiDroid in default configuration applies custom MDNIE settings, which change displayed colors. Samsung (and AOSP) uses over-satured, plastic, vivid colors, while ArchiDroid uses balanced and natural colors for our super amoled. It's up to you if you like it or not but if you decide to flash ArchiDroid it will come with natural balanced colors. You can change them very easily in Display Options (ArchiDroid 1.X) or in Advanced Settings (ArchiDroid 2.X).

    Q: How to use delta upgrades provided by ArchiDroid?
    A: Simply open any terminal, for example Android Terminal Emulator, type "su" and then "adflash" command. You'll be able to set various options and get exactly what you want. Remember that only "git" mode provides delta upgrades.

    Q: My ROM reboots instantly after finishing first boot! What is going on?!
    A: As you may know ArchiDroid contains two parts. Android (ROM) and ArchiDroid Backend (init.d scripts written from scratch by me), which works "next to" Android itself. ArchiDroid backend applies some good settings for you and if it decides that a hot (or even hard) reboot is required, it performs it. Hot reboot is always required during first boot from full wipe and sometimes it may be needed also after update mode. You don't need to worry about that, it happens only once after flashing and is totally intended. If you want to learn more please read more about "ArchiDroid Backend" in development thread.

    Q: Why this ROM doesn't work with dual boot feature, found in Googy Max, Devil and Siyah kernels?
    A: It does, but only as 1st ROM. ArchiDroid includes AROMA wizard, which is compatible only with flashing as 1st rom. Luckily you can swap it to the 2nd rom after flashing but you always must flash it as 1st. This is known issue with dual boot, as it doesn't work properly with aroma-based roms. ArchiDroid is not faulty here.

    Q: I have a suggestion! Could you please implement it?
    A: ArchiDroid focuses on stability, performance, battery life and out-of-box solution. It gives you literally out-of-box well tweaked and ready-to-go system with nearly everything you'd ever need. However I've already implemented many suggestions proposed by a community, so feel free to let me know if you have a nice idea, I'll tell you what I think and if I'm able to implement it.

    Q: How can I use my own settings for Yank555 Kernel?
    A: You should download full Yank's kernel from his thread and flash it after flashing ArchiDroid. If you select Yank's kernel in aroma then it comes with a preset chosen by me, so you should reflash it on your own.

    Q: Which settings are best?
    A: ArchiDroid offers you a power of flexibility and respects your choice. All default settings are proposed by me, according to my taste and what I think is "the best" for you. In most scenarios you'll be very satisfied with my settings, even if you won't touch anything during flashing in aroma. However you have a freedom of choice, bunch of options to choose from and even a few presets, which give you full choice between performance and battery. For now I can assure you that default settings are already well tweaked and optimized, so I highly suggest staying with them, unless you know what you want :). The same goes with various "magic tweaks" and third-party modifications. I suggest to avoid them or mention them in development thread so I'll tell you what I think about them. Unfortunately most of these "magic tweaks" cause more harm than good.

    Q: I have excessive battery drain! What to do?
    A: ArchiDroid in default installation gives you BetterBatteryStats app, which is extremely useful for finding out what causes such high battery drain. You should launch BBS app at least one time (to initialize cache) and then reboot your whole OS right before going sleep. After boot enter your pin of course and let your phone literally "sleep" as deep as it can, of course with network turned on, because we want to get as close score as possible but without any useless apps running in the background. After night or at least a few hours in such total deep sleep unlock your phone, launch BBS and save log in .txt format. Attach this log to your post and hope for the best, we'll try to help you. All posts regarding battery drain WITHOUT BBS log will be ignored. If you won't provide at least BBS log then don't expect any help at all. ROM itself does not cause any additional battery drain. It literally loses from 0.1% up to 0.3%/hour in deep sleep, with 2G turned on and Wi-Fi turned off. It's your phone and your ArchiDroid. While I can prepare best rom for you I can't control what you do with it. If you kindly ask for finding battery drain culprit - I'll help. If you blame ArchiDroid for battery drain, I'll tell you to change the rom.

    Q: Okay, let me fix it by myself. I can see really big values under RILJ, multipdp and sec.fd.wakelock wakelocks. What to do?
    A: In general these wakelocks are attached to 3G connection. ArchiDroid supports "fast dormancy" function, which improves your signal and battery life during 2G/3G connection BUT it also needs to be supported on your provider's side. Basicly you have a few scenarios:
    1. Your provider supports FD, and you have FD enabled. That's great, you will get better signal and less battery drain compared to non-FD.
    2. Your provider supports FD, but you don't have FD enabled. Expect slightly worse signal and more battery drain compared to above option, but that's not a big problem.
    3. Your provider doesn't support FD and you don't have FD enabled. Same as above, however in this situation it's great that you disabled FD, as you're avoiding excessive battery drain.
    4. Your provider doesn't support FD but you have FD enabled. This is the worst case because you're wasting battery on FD requests, which are never accepted on the provider's side.

    There is no general answer if you should have FD enabled or not. We don't know where you live, we don't know architecture of your city, and we don't know your provider. If you think that 3 wakelocks described above in fact appear in your BBS log then you can try to disable FD and see if situation improved. To disable FD open /system/build.prop through any root explorer and find this part:
    # Fast Dormancy toggle. If your provider doesn't support it then it may be better for you to uncomment this line
    And then remove bolded # from second line, as showed above. If you'd like to enable fast dormancy once again simply comment it out. Reboot is required after these changes. WARNING! These wakelocks are pretty NORMAL if your phone uses 3G. They won't magically disappear, we're talking about excessive battery drain here. If you use 3G often then obviously it will require much more battery than 2G.
    And once again. There's no right answer if you either should or should not have FD enabled. You need to find it out youself.

    Q: This rom is awesome! Can I gain access to any beta versions? Weekly build is too old for me!
    A: Please read GitHub section in development thread. You'll be more than satisfied.

    Q: I see that you have many languages in aroma, could you add my own?
    A: Personally I make only two translations - English and Polish. All other languages are available thanks to appropriate contributors. If you want to contribute to ArchiDroid project and implement your own language then I'm very happy to hear that and I'm looking forward to merge your strings :). You should start with reading dummy.lang, I've attached proper instructions there. It's really easy job but it requires some patience and free time. If you're familiar with github or you want to learn how to use it then I'd be very happy to see a pull request with your language.lang. Otherwise everything you need to do is register at github and edit above dummy.lang file. This will automatically send pull request, which I can merge.

    Q: How can I disable these cpu stats on the top?
    A: This app is called "Cool Tool", you had an option to disable it in aroma. You can also delete/freeze it with Titanium Backup, or change it's behaviour in app settings.

    [SIZE=+1]ArchiDroid 2.X[/SIZE]
    Q: When I switch to ART runtime, it automatically switches back to dalvik after reboot, why is that?
    A: If you have xposed installed then it forces dalvik. You need either to uninstall xposed or stay with dalvik.

    Q: My bluetooth headset doesn't work! I can hear only weird noise or can't hear anything!
    A: ArchiDroid 2.X is based on open-source Android sources. It doesn't have many closed-source drivers, while only a few have been reverse-engineered to provide you with functionality of your device. ArchiDroid 2.X will work only with a few BT headsets and it won't change until Samsung releases proper drivers, what is very unlikely to happen in near future. Either deal with it, or stick with a stock-based rom, for example ArchiDroid 1.X.

    Q: I think that I found a bug. Could you fix it?
    A: First of all, please notice that ArchiDroid 2.X is based on AOSP. Some things may be unfixable, while other are hard to reproduce. If you want to have your issue resolved then you must provide as much information as possible, because if you won't expect answers like "works fine here".
    Some things to consider:
    a) Have you tried full wipe and clean ArchiDroid installation?
    b) Have you tried "Bare Bones" preset during flashing, which gives you clean AOSP installation?
    c) Have you tried to reproduce this issue on latest OmniROM nightly build?

    If bug exists in nightly then it's global bug and either it's unfixable or will be fixed soon (next release). If bug exists in normal installation but doesn't exist on bare bones preset then it may be possible that third-party ArchiDroid function causes issue. In this case I'd be very happy if you could make some basic tests and try to find root of this issue. If bug exists also on bare bones preset but doesn't exist on latest nightly then it's ArchiDroid-specific bug and should be fixed in sources. It's ultra important to provide at least answers to following three questions. If you're advanced user it'd be also cool if you can provide a logcat (if possible) and more specific information f.e. how to reproduce a bug. 99% of the ROM problems are caused by the base, therefore I can't directly fix them and you should forward them directly to the OmniROM. Especially if you can reproduce bug in b) and c) steps.

    [SIZE=+1]ArchiDroid 1.X[/SIZE]
    Q: Camera or Wi-Fi doesn't work right after flashing with custom kernel. What's the reason?
    A: In some rare scenarios it looks like flashing custom kernel in aroma may cause such issues. Users say that flashing stock kernel, first boot & loading camera, and then flashing custom kernel helps, however I couldn't reproduce camera/wi-fi issue, so it's not global bug.
    I've installed this ROM about a week ago, after I got sick and tired of mij slow device.
    And I must say, it's wonderful. Everything works just fine, fast and smooth.
    Only issue I found is that the camera crashes sometimes, but I see you are working on that and it should be fixed in the latest experimental.
    However, I'll wait for the next stable version to be released.

    Thanks archi, you put a lot of hard work in this to keep improving.

    By the way, could someone try to explain in simple language what the Hwcomposer does. I tried to find it here on xda, but I could really find a simple answer that I could understand easily.

    HWComposer is the "thing" which uses hardware (GPU) to accelerate rendering of 2D, mostly GUI.

    I9300 is infamous device for it's broken hwcomposer, which is due to samsung's policy of closed sources and no help for developers. Recently Dhiru fixed it for Nameless ROM Lollipop, and I backported his fixes to AD KK.

    With working hwcomposer, it draws rectangles (GUI elements) much faster due to GPU being available for that task. All common tasks such as drawing, resizing, scaling, interpolating etc. can be accelerated by GPU now.

    The final visible effect is that GUI is now much smoother, it uses less energy, phone heats less e.g. during watching youtube, and battery lasts longer.

    This is still WIP, but due to HWComposer being broken since ages, I had to backport it to stable branch of AD, even if I stated that I'm "done" with KK :).

    You'll read more in the changelog, in a few minutes.
    The volume of people complaining about the recent update highlights numerous things-
    Were not used to issues on any of Archis ROMs, stability is his calling card.
    Not all these issues are Archis, some of them are CMs, read read and read some more.
    Go read the Nameless ROM thread, the he composer implementation posed massive issues for them and just reading through it shows its not as stable as Archidroid.
    How much more can Archi get out of KitKat, would you put up with the current minor? Issues ( for me there's little that comes close to this ROM) so Archi could concentrate on the Lollipop build.

    The problem is, you won't achieve anything without experimenting, and experimenting causes bugs.

    We wouldn't achieve snapiness of AD if I didn't implement my optimizations, and trust me, they weren't bug-free, exfat was segfaulting, kernel was not booting, nothing was displayed on the screen, recent sleep of death issue is caused by that as well.

    The thing is, all of that was fixed, and we can again feel the stability of older version, with the advantage of new things.

    This is normal order of things. Either you experiment, and you go forward, or you stay forever on old, crappy and bugged sources. HWComposer was never working, Dhiru managed to make it so, and I'm now trying to backport it so we can win in long-run.

    You have older versions, you can use them. Nobody is forcing you to update. Moreover, the people that spot the bugs are users, not me, I'm physically not able to catch every bug. If there are not enough feedback on experimental releases, then it goes to the stable. And I'm fixing the bug after someone reports it.

    There are other ROMs if you don't like my philosophy of experimental & stable releases. You can e.g. use CM11, which is frozen since leaving of codeworkx and xplodwild, nothing has been added/changed/fixed since cm-10.2. Are you happy with that fact?
    Logcat! and last_kmsg

    I thing a is the worst archidroid update. Sorry man but sometimes camera doesnt working and videos on youtube didnt play i dont know why i must reboot phone. I flashed latest XEO and i flashed AD again but it doesnt help. I will back to 2.5.3 and im waiting for anything stabler

    this post is pointless...

    Archi wants:

    Archi does not want:


    No logs = nothing happens and no fixes
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